Platform for real-time automated Ad Network Management and Performance Optimization


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Noesis is an advanced technology provider offering a cutting-edge platform for revenue optimization in web and mobile advertising, e-commerce and e-mail marketing.
Carousel is a revenue optimization platform incorporating real-time management of ad campaigns and e-commerce initiatives. The bringing together of years of academic and industrial research in a variety of disparate fields, Carousel is a self-learning tool for high-automation campaign management. It understands the moment by moment successes and failures of a given campaign and reacts accordingly with an alacrity impossible for human-managed campaigns, with proven outstanding results in maximizing revenue return.
Founded in 2008 to launch the Carousel product, Noesis has gone from strength to strength in fulfilling its mission, with a number of successes to date, including GroupM,, and Gucci.

web and mobile ad campaigns performance optimization, e-commerce performance optimization, e-mail marketing performance optimization

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Platform for real-time automated Ad Network Management and Performance Optimization

  1. 1. Noesis and Carousel<br />
  2. 2. Noesis and Carousel<br />Problem<br />You run a bulk of campaigns on your network.<br />You have CPM, CPC and CPA simultaneously.<br />Managing the network is a challenging task, while optimizing it is a nightmare.<br />You have to cope with<br /><ul><li> complexity
  3. 3. uncertainty
  4. 4. variability</li></li></ul><li>Noesis and Carousel<br />Solution<br />What is needed is<br /><ul><li>complexity automation
  5. 5. uncertainty adaptivity
  6. 6. variability real time </li></ul>Resulting problem: your trafficker would need to work 24/7, adapting and reacting moment-by-moment.<br />
  7. 7. Noesis and Carousel<br />Carousel: the genius<br />Carousel operates by itself.<br />It observes what is happening, uncovers untapped opportunities, and gives your system the best possible delivery policy for that unique moment.<br />Carousel learns by itself.<br />It does all this without being told.<br />All in real time.<br />Then, a moment later, it starts again, and so on forever.<br />intelligence  decision  action<br />… over and over again …<br />
  8. 8. Noesis and Carousel<br />Carousel: the technology<br />The key to Carousel is its unique algorithms.<br />It continuously uses the ad server API via web: analyzes data, chooses a new policy for delivering, pushes buttons and moves levers.<br />The ad server continues in its business as usual, but this time simply following Carousel’s instructions. <br />After a minute, Carousel starts again, re-tuning the ad server just like a human trafficker usually does, but with almost no room for human error.<br />Pushing the right buttons and moving the right levers, it makes your ad server much more productive.<br />
  9. 9. Noesis and Carousel<br />Carousel: the business<br />Automating and optimizing traffic on your network would be enough.<br />But Carousel does even more: it opens up new opportunities. You have more chance to match yourcustomers’ needs.<br />It offers non-standard features, e.g. capping and budgeting, unconventional pricing schemes, flexible delivery policies, real-time purchasing advice and many others.<br />Carousel enables new business models and greater profit.<br />
  10. 10. Noesis and Carousel<br />Carousel: the record<br />Our main credentials are:<br /><ul><li>GroupM and 24/7 of the WPP Group
  11. 11. Libero, a major Italian publisher
  12. 12. Gucci, the luxury brand
  13. 13. La Repubblica, a major Italian online newspaper</li></li></ul><li>Noesis and Carousel<br />Case history: GroupM<br />We are managing all the campaigns (CPM, CPC and CPA) on Gold Network, the Italian proprietary ad network of GroupM.<br />The outcomes are excellent:<br /><ul><li>great lift in performance (up to +120% CTR vs. non-optimized campaigns)
  14. 14. great lift in profit (ECPM)
  15. 15. many non-standard features (for delivery control, budgeting, pricing, buying policies)
  16. 16. new advanced reporting
  17. 17. new business models and new kinds of deals.</li></li></ul><li>Noesis and Carousel<br />Case history: Libero<br />In March 2011 we managed all the CPC campaigns of (share 45% of Italian users).<br />Outcomes: almost +30% in clickthrough and ECPM versus the usual performance using their optimizer (a well-known worldwide leader product). Much more versus basic running without optimization.<br />
  18. 18. Noesis and Carousel<br />Case history: Gucci<br />From 2009 we have been performing data mining and business intelligence for Gucci.<br />We give advice used for targeting direct marketing initiatives.<br />A few Carousel algorithms, used off-line, are enough to support Gucci’s marketing.<br />
  19. 19. Noesis and Carousel<br />Case history: La Repubblica<br />In 2009-2010 we managed the “Related Articles” service on, the leading online newspaper in Italy.<br />Outcomes: clickthrough 7% on recommended articles, lift in page views and time spent on site, and consequently in advertising revenue.<br />In this very different scenario, Carousel manages the existing content server, with similar performance results to advertising applications. The next generation application for this is, of course, mobiles.<br />
  20. 20. Noesis and Carousel<br />Company<br /><ul><li>Mission: optimizing online advertising
  21. 21. Heritage: many years of R&D
  22. 22. Strategy: making ad servers smarter
  23. 23. Style: a single ever-growing technology</li></ul>Founded in 2008.<br />
  24. 24. For more information, please contact:Noesis srlCorso Italia 89, 56125 Pisa - Italy+39 050<br />
  25. 25. Noesis and Carousel<br />Appendix: Integration<br />Every 20 minutes Carousel calls your ad server’s API, updating priorities and some other parameters.<br />Delivering impressions is up to your ad server.<br />Without strict real-time, Internet latency is negligible: our servers are in US and deliver campaigns in Italy.<br />You don’t have to develop any code for integration. You give us an account on your ad server and we do the task.<br />
  26. 26. Noesis and Carousel<br />Appendix: Optimization<br /><ul><li>CPM, CPC and CPA campaigns handled together
  27. 27. Optimizing the overall network performance, not campaign-by-campaign
  28. 28. Matching the best campaign for given page, profile, time etc., re-matching in a few minutes
  29. 29. Choosing the best creative in each campaign
  30. 30. Clickthrough rate, conversion rate, ECPM and customer satisfaction optimized together
  31. 31. Self-learning the best policy, no hand-written rule</li>