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Term 3 history presentation


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Term 3 history presentation

  1. 1. Term 3 History presentation Shyra Shahrin
  2. 2. The Holocaust
  3. 3. • In this picture it shows naughty Jewish children tormenting the non Jewish children.
  4. 4. • Jewish children were given ugly faces and mean nasty looks which is stereotypical because it expresses how much the German population dislikes them.
  5. 5. • It is also a form of propaganda to try and make more non Jewish German citizens to follow Hitler because he is protecting their children by exterminating the Jewish population.
  6. 6. • Signs are put up around cities to try and put the Jewish people out of the industry, because the Jewish people were very smart and are good businessmen.
  7. 7. • Trust was a big issue between non Jewish citizens and Jewish because of fear of poisoned food or tampered clothes but those were just rumors.
  8. 8. • This put lots of citizens on Hitler’s side and lots of Jewish business men out of production.
  9. 9. • The Hitler youth is a large group of young non Jewish German citizens that are trained from young to one day become the new improved Germany.
  10. 10. • The Nazis target the youth because they are easily manipulated. At the Nazi schools the children are “brainwashed” to hate Jews and other non German people.
  11. 11. • By doing this the children grow up not knowing the truth and they believe that those lies are real, and it is much harder to manipulate them as adults.
  12. 12. • These shoes are properties of those many men women and children that were exterminated at Auschwitz. This just shows how many lives were lost in the process of WW2
  13. 13. • These are the gates that open up into the brutal concentration camp.
  14. 14. • The Nuremberg rally is an annual rally held by the Nazi party. These were large Nazi propaganda events to help in Hitler’s rise to power.
  15. 15. • Films were made in honor of these events and one of the most famous videos was The Triumph of the Will.
  16. 16. • The swing youth was a group of anti- Nazi youngsters that liked the mix of jazz and blues.
  17. 17. • These kids like to play their music around but Hitler assumed those kinds of composition was inferior because it was not German.
  18. 18. • This memorial plaque is a memorial for all those lives lost at the Auschwitz concentration camp. It shows us the extent of Hitler’s rein and how many innocent lives were lost.
  19. 19. • It is also a reminder of what terrible thing happened during the war and that history should never ever repeat itself, however for some people, have not received the message.
  20. 20. • Incidents such as the Cambodian, Rwanda and Russian (Armenian) genocides are just some examples
  21. 21. • The Nazi youth rebellion were groups of young children that rebelled against the Hitler youth and Nazis.
  22. 22. • They devised plans to stop the Hitler youth from expanding but they were caught and sent to jail and killed.
  23. 23. • In the Cambodian genocide, a terrorist group called the Khmer rouge dominated the big cities and towns. The leader was called Pol Pot. Together they eliminated all the smart and educated, weak, sick and old.
  24. 24. • Pol Pot’s intentions were to try and create an illiterate country that would never be able to outsmart him in any way.
  25. 25. • In the Armenian Genocide that happened in Turkey, millions of Christian Armenians were killed. At that time, the leaders of Turkey were mainly Muslims
  26. 26. • Armenians were a racial minority in Russia at that time
  27. 27. Different viewsTo those who where on Hitlers side, they view the Holocaust differently from how most of us view it nowadays.
  28. 28. • They probably thought they were doing the right thing, exterminating all the ‘bad blood’ that was bringing the country down.
  29. 29. • They didn’t know any better because they were mislead. Most of them were probably getting a lot of satisfaction out of the war.
  30. 30. • Hitler confused them, forcing them to differentiate between non- Jewish Germans and Jewish Germans. Clearly they were all the same except for the way they dressed and how they chose to live their lives (under Jewish circumstances
  31. 31. A lesson learnt?• In conclusion, I do not believe that these incidents should ever be repeated after what the world had witnessed during the holocaust. Obviously we have not learnt our lesson because genocides such as those that occurred in Rwanda and Cambodia all occurred after the holocaust. Killing human beings because they are different or are minorities is wrong and justice should be served. However many of these leaders were never caught and sent out on trial. Everyone should be treated like equals and racial segregation and discrimination should never be held against someone