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Bacterial gene therapy


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Published in: Technology, Health & Medicine
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Bacterial gene therapy

  1. 1. By Nick Huber (@Lil_Huber )
  2. 2. What Is Bacterial GeneTherapy? Bacterial Gene Therapy is when you inject/add bacteria cells to the body to help certain treatments such as cancer and ecoli. BGT is used at hospitals that help speed the process of Cancer victims. Helps replace Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy for Cancer patients. Kills Cancer cells by entering these low oxygen areas to get rid of the cancerous cells.
  3. 3. Ways BGT Has Helped in the World BGT has helped mostly by being a safe and economical way for replacing Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy for cancer sufferers. It has sped up the process of Cancer treatment in sufferer by attacking the cancerous cells and making the tumor smaller and smaller without making patients lose their hair or any other side effects that result of Chemo or Radiotherapy. Although some treatments can help get rid of the Cancer cells alone but some can also just help the treatment of Chemo and speeds up the process.
  4. 4. Treatment Options Bactofection This is the treatment option in which you have the bacterial directly transferred to your genes which is called Bactofection. This process sends the genes from transformed bacterial strands to plasmids in the cells. The bacteria that is used in this process should not pathogenic. This so it can send the information easier to the eukaryotic cells.Usual looking process of Bactofection
  5. 5. Cancer Treatment Work Cancer Treatment has taken a big impact by the use of Bacterial Gene Therapy. All these impacts being in a good way, of course. Cancer, from using this way of treatment, has helped in numerous ways to Cancer treatment facilities. Some of those that have helped are helping speed up the process of the treatment of the tumor or helping in the use of Chemo and Radiotherapy. In this way of treating Cancer cells it does this: The infected gene producing the enzyme needed to break down the Cancer cells is injected into the bacterial vector and it slowly breaks down the cancer cells by way of releasing the enzymes (basically, killing the cells from the inside out). Article on Cancer treatment through BGT
  6. 6. Developments of Bacterial GeneTherapy More and more developments and uses for this kind of treatment are being used every day. Here are a few names of treatments in which BGT helps in the process in killing things such as cancer cells:
  7. 7. Future of Bacterial GeneTherapy The future of BGT is finding other ways to completely replace things such as Chemotherapy, which is effective but has some serious side effects. One process that is “under- construction” in the science field which is called Gene- Directed Enzymes Prodrug Therapy. This is the closest two- step alternative to Chemo. Although this is the most used alternative to Chemo, more and more Enzyme/Prodrug alternatives in the BGT field are being made everyday to help replace and make better and faster alternatives to help cancer sufferers.
  8. 8. Thank You For Watching 