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What autistic people want you to know about working with us


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Presentation given at 24th Annual CASE conference for supported employment in Montreal on June 12, 2019. By Kelly Bron Johnson from Completely Inclusive and Bruno Hache.

Published in: Recruiting & HR
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What autistic people want you to know about working with us

  1. 1. What Autistic People Want You to Know About Working With Us Kelly Bron Johnson from Completely Inclusive and Bruno Haché
  2. 2. Intro ● We’re both autistic self-advocates interested in making workplaces better places for autistic people ● We both speak French and English and can answer questions in either language ● We’re open books! Ask us anything! Anonymous questions are also accepted and you can ask us by email. ● We use identity-first language: disabled, autistic
  3. 3. From Hire to Fire ● Recruitment Process Understand that telephone interviews can be rough Eye contact Avoid jargon and sarcasm, use plain language “Tell me about yourself” Focus should be on how well someone can do the job, not how well they interview.
  4. 4. Onboarding ● Onboarding needs to be longer with more regular feedback ● Don’t forget we’re autistic!
  5. 5. Daily Work ● Focus, focus, focus ● Invite us ● Prepare us ● Ask us for feedback
  6. 6. Meltdowns in the Workplace What they look like and what you can do
  7. 7. Fire/Quitting ● Give us time and privacy to process, but also fair warning. ● Don’t assume we “should have seen it coming.” ● We leave when we don’t feel like our full potential is being used.
  8. 8. Common Accommodations ● Allow us to wear sunglasses inside or work in the dark ● Allow us to wear noise cancelling headsets or ear plugs ● Standing desks or bouncy chair ● Remote work ● Flex hours ● Stim objects (shiny, spinners, stress balls) ● Closed office ● No hot desks ● Predictable routine or structure ● Deadlines
  9. 9. Questions? Contact us: Kelly Bron Johnson Bruno Hache -