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Props and costume list

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Props and costume list

  1. 1. Props And Costume List Prop How To Acquire Where will be planed in the magazine DSLR Camera Borrow from college Guitar Use my own guitar Small images in cover and contents page Flowers Buy from shop Image of the cover star in contents. Costume How To Acquire Usage In Piece Shoot Type White T- shirt Own clothes Clothing of cover star- Sherry Medium close up Jumper with black and white Own clothes Clothing of cover star- Sherry Medium close up/Medium long shot Colourful hair band Own Clothing of cover star- Sherry Close up Black top Own clothes Clothing of other artists Medium close up/long shot Straw Hat/Cowboy Hat Primark (shop)/borrow form friends Clothing of cover star- Sherry/other artists Medium long shot/long shot
  2. 2. Each prop or part of costume was selected carefully, for example, the use of wooden guitar can reflect the music genre – pop country; straw hat or cowboy hat with a natural shooting environment willstand out the country style effectively. Lots of clothes we used are not bought, as we owned something similar to what was needed anyway. Consider that my music genre is pop and country, so some of the clothes I have been chose black and white with mental jewellery(eg. Earrings/rings/necklace),while my cover star Sherry willwear some dark colour clothes as well as some country style clothes (eg. T-shirt with colour flowers) in the magazine.

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