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Guinea Bissua Talent 21 project


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Guinea Bissua Talent 21 project

  1. 1. By: Donna Tran and Melissa Vargas
  2. 2. LocationWestern Africa, North of the Equator, bordering the North Atlantic Ocean, between Guinea and Senegal12⁰ N/ 15⁰ W
  3. 3. Political Maps of Guinea-Bissau
  4. 4. Place Landforms: Bijagos Archipelago, flat savannahs, and rain forests Bodies of water: Cacheu River and Geba River Natural Resources: Fish/ Timber Language: Portuguese/ French Population: 1,596, 677 (of 2011) Life Expectancy: 48.6 years Type of Government: Democratic Republic, multi-party since 1991
  5. 5. Elevation Map of Guinea-Bissau
  6. 6. Movement Exports: Fish, Shrimp, Cashew Imports: Food, Machinery, Transport Number of TV Stations: 3 Number of Internet User: 38, 346 Transportation: 9 airports, and two are paved Roadways: 2,146.83747 miles total Paved: 599.623201 miles Unpaved: 1795.76275 miles Railways: 1, but it doesn’t carry passengers. It only transports resources from the ports to the mines and vice versa.
  7. 7. RegionWestern Africa region, near the Atlantic OceanClimate Zone: Tropical SavannahAverage Temperatures: 79⁰ - 82⁰ FYearly Rainfall: Exceeds 78 in
  8. 8. Comparison of Regions Guinea- Bissau is in a tropical savannah climate zone. New Jersey is in a humid continental climate zone. In Guinea- Bissau, it rains most in July and August, while in New Jersey, it rains most in spring (April-May).
  9. 9. Guinea-Bissau’s EnvironmentalProblems Only sixty-one percent of the country’s water sources have improved. So, that means that Guinea-Bissau’s water isn’t all potable. Only twenty-one percent of the country’s sanitation facility access have improved. So, that means that the citizens can’t properly clean themselves and they’re not able to always flush their “waste” down a proper toilet.
  10. 10. Environmental ProblemsContinued Between 1990 and 2010, Guinea-Bissau lost 8.8% of it’s forests. That’s quite a lot of deforesting.
  11. 11. Solution Here is a link to Operation WellFound, which is raising money to help Guinea- Bissau with putting proper toilets and capped wells with pumps for clean water in the communities.