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Ancient Greece


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Ancient Greece

  1. 1. Ancient Greece<br />By Tyler<br />
  2. 2. Contents Page<br />Slide 1. Title page <br />Slide 2. Contents page<br />Slide 3. Athens daily life<br />Slide 4. Athens government<br />Slide 5. Sparta daily life<br />Slide 6. Sparta's government<br />Slide 7. Olympic Games<br />Slide 8. Alexander The Great’s personal life<br />Slide 9. Alexander The Greats empire<br />Slide 10. Bibliography<br />Slide 11. Bibliography<br />
  3. 3. Athens Daily Life<br />Women<br />In the Athens daily life the women stayed home, looked after their children, made there food such as bread, cheese and olives and they made their own clothing. The women could not take place in a lot of things here are some of them government, politics, they could not own a block of land and they could not go to the local markets.<br />Children<br />The children who lived in Athens where home schooled by their mothers until they were 6 or 7 years old and the children learned how to write by writing on a wax covered table using a stylus. When the children were born they slept in wooden cradles or wicker baskets<br />Men<br />The men mostly where apart of war and being governments but some men where lazy and luxury. The slaves did everything the master told them to do. If the men weren't married their father controlled them and if they were married there wife did.<br />
  4. 4. Athens Government<br />One of the ways Athens and Sparta were different is because their form of government and the Athens did a vote and Sparta didn’t do a vote on things to decide. The government in Athens was really fair and fairly advanced and the government in Sparta was really unfair. <br />Athens government was ruled by a archons, who were elected by the public. Athens Government wanted to control more and more of the land around them. The Government in Athens made a decision that the woman, children, slaves and Greeks from different states could not vote. <br />In 510 BC the government in Athens created the first democracy and later on different Greek city's started having democracies. City States that weren't Greek like Carthage and Rome experimented with the poor people by giving them more power. <br />
  5. 5. Children<br />In Sparta the boys were grown up to be a soldier. When the young boys in Sparta turned 7 years old they were sent to a brotherhood camp and when they turned 14 they could stop learning to read if they wanted to. <br />Women<br />If the women had baby's the soldiers would come to check them and if they were un healthy they would get left in a room to die or grown up to be slaves. The women had to do heaps of active sports so there baby's would be nice and healthy when they were born.<br />Men<br />Men lived in military camps until they were 30 years old and they could not become a citizen and get married until they were 30. Men mostly exercised every day to come fit and they played war games. <br />Sparta's daily life<br />
  6. 6. Sparta's Government<br />The government wanted to make the men strong and tough. The government really only focused on the war in Sparta. The government made the men grow up as a warrior and to be proud, fierce, capable and the girls had to grow up to be a mother and a warrior. Sparta also had council members that created laws as well as the government. <br />Sparta was ruled by two kings which was a hereditary and a monarch they ruled Sparta until they died if they died people put in a form to try and be the next government you had to be 60 or older to qualify. If the community wanted to make a decision they weren't aloud they only could shout out yes or no.<br />
  7. 7. Olympic Games<br />The Olympic games were first held in Olympia in 776 BC and they stoped for 1503 years and started again in 1896. The Olympic game were first held because it was made in Greek god Zeus’s honour. The Olympic games were called Olympiad in Greece.<br />The Olympic games were open to any men in any city state to participate and the most featheriest place away that men would come from is Turkey and Spain. One main rule was the Women were forbidden to attend to the games. <br />If someone won they would be rewarded a crown of leaves each different city state would be rewarded at crown of different kinds of leaves. Some of the events they used were hoplite, Boxing, Running, Wrestling, Long jump, Javelin, Discus and horse riding. <br />This is the event horse riding<br />
  8. 8. Alexander was born on the 19th or the 20thof July 356 BC and he died on the 11th of June at the age of 32 in 323 BC because he had a fever. Alexander died in Babylon and his birth place was Pella in Macedon. His mums name was Olympia the daughter of Neoptolemus the first Epirus and his dads name was King Phillip and his language was Greek. <br />Alexander had 3 wives their names were Roxane, Statiera and Parysatis. His children were Herakle and Alexander 4, he had Herakles and Alexander 4 with his wife named Roxane and he had no kids with Statiera and Parysatis. <br />Alexander was a king for 13 years, he became a king at the age of 19 and he had the most land than any other king.<br />Alexander The Greats Life<br />This is Alexander The Great.<br />
  9. 9. Alexander The Great’s empire<br />Alexander’s dad King Phillip ruled Greece and he took control of all the Greek city states. Alexander defeated the Persians and took away their land when King Phillip died, so Alexander took over Greece and all the way down in till India. Alexander’s empire was weakened when he died. <br />The orange is Alexander The Greats empire. <br />This is Alexander The Great.<br />
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