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Chelsea fc

  1. 1.   Chelsea FC  the cup title wins how it has affected the club
  2. 2. Why have I chosen Chelsea FC? Chelsea FC, the only football team I support, forget about those Man U and Arsenal scum. Since I was 3 that was the only football team I knew. As I grew up, I was a massive Chelsea fan... watching players of low standards become rising stars in the team. Special mention to Damien Duff and Gudjohnsen.Posters on the walls of my room, books on the shelf above my bed. The word Chelsea was literally always around me and when it wasn't, it'd be in my mind. Like at home, I had a poster of Frank Lampard and Dider Drogba... well not exactly :( my parents wouldn't get me such things. However as people say the mind is a very powerful thing, it's not that hard to imagine one or two posters on the wall of your room. This is also one thing I have learnt from Chelsea FC, even if you're losing a match between Man City a teensy bit of imagination and a bit of hope and we might draw level of our goals. Despite all my knowledge of Chelsea FC, I'm not as great a fan as those who have followed the team, seen every match and etc. Which is also why I have chosen to dig deeper into the history of Chelsea FC scramble for more facts and enhance my knowledge on something I have been following for literally my whole life. Academically, this is of no use to me but I feel this is quite useful.
  3. 3. What is the Premier League? The Premier League, a league where 32 teams compete to win the league. Each win allows 3 points, a draw gives 1 and a lose gives you 0. It is an 11 a side match with the length of 90 minutes, 45 minutes each half with injury time included. Injury times are when the match is delayed when injuries are made or fouls are made. The teams who are in first and second place are put forward for the UEFA Champions League. The third, fourth, fifth and sixth are then put forward to the UEFA Europe League.
  4. 4. Who found Chelsea FC Chelsea FC was found by a man called Henry Augustus Mears  during 1905. Names have been put forward for the football club but they were invalid. Problems with the building site for the training ground.  That was until one day a man called  Frederick Parker met up with Augustus Mears and talked some business with him. In the end, Henry Augustus Mears declared that the birth of Chelsea FC had just arrived. It was shocking because Chelsea FC was the only football team ever to get into the 2nd division without kicking a ball.
  5. 5. Titles League Titles: 1954-55 2004-05 2005-06 2009-10 FA Cup: 1970 1997 2000 2007 2009 2010 Winner's cup: 1971 1998 Super cup:   1998 Carling Cup: 1965 1998 2005 2007 Community Shield: 1995 2000 2005 2009
  6. 6. Legendary defender: Claude Makelele <ul><li>Claude Makelele the, super defender of all Chelsea. Coming from Real Madrid 2003, he had won 2 league titles and won one Champions league with Chelsea. Even Jose Mourhino, the manager of Chelsea FC at that time declared that he was the most important Chelsea player during that time. He even took part in Petr Cech's clean sheet record of 25 in the 2004-05 spot. It was depressing to hear the present Real Madrid president said that Makelele would not be missed. Due to his lack of speed, stamina and skill. In the past 5 years he has helped Chelsea win titles and Real Madrid had not won a single cup. Makelele moved to Paris St. Germain in 2008. </li></ul>
  7. 7. Legendary Midfielder: Damien Duff <ul><li>One of the only few Irish football players in Chelsea FC, Damien Duff an excellent right winger. His close partnerships with Arjen Robben allowed him to secure 10 goals in the 2004-05 season. His talent was not shown until the 2004-05 league as Chelsea manager Jose Mourhino said that he lacked talent and put him on the bench. However due to Arjen Robben’s injury, he was finally placed as right wing and scored life saving goals for Chelsea. </li></ul>
  8. 8. Legendary striker: Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink <ul><li>Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink, the Dutch striker of the team. Being a legendary striker for Chelsea he has scored 87 goals for Chelsea and has had 177 league appearances with Chelsea. His co-operation with Eidur Gudjohnsen has allowed him to score superb goals and allow Chelsea to reach the FA cup finals. Also Unfortunately, his injuries has restricted him from much movement and he became a substituted. However, he has had star moments where he scores a hat trick. He has become the teams top goal scorer in his team for three times and became the top goal scorer for the whole Barclays Premier League. </li></ul>
  9. 9. Legendary goalkeeper: Carlo Cudicini <ul><li>This Italian legend comes rarely, Carlo Cudicini joined Chelsea FC in 1999 and has been a 2 nd goalkeeper for most of his time there. He played rarely but by the end of his Chelsea career, he had a spectacular 98 clean sheets and had 216 league appearances with them. In 2003, when he began to shine, he was voted for Chelsea’s “Player of the Year” and also won the Golden Gloves award. Unfortunately, his injury had allowed him to drop back and Petr Cech stood up and took his spot. From then on, Cudicini was back as second goal keeper. In 2009 he left Chelsea for Tottenham Hotspur. </li></ul>
  10. 10. Star Midfielder: Eidur Gudjohnsen The Icelandic star Chelsea player arrived into Chelsea in 2000. From there his first year showed a few tricks and did decently during the Premier League matches. It was in 2004 when talent did show and banged 78 goals into the back of the nets. His performance got him and Chelsea 2 league titles! This being one of Chelsea's legendary players who have affected the team and most definitely playing styles. His most spectacular goal would be the bicycle kick which scored the winning goal. Even though he was a striker, he still managed to slot in 60 assists (passes which give other players to score goals). Creating him and Hasselbaink a formidable foe. Not only is he one of the legendary football players of all Chelsea history but he also gained Chelsea’s first league title in ages!
  11. 11. Star Midfielder: Frank Lampard The English football midfielder star Frank Lampard is probably the most successful player in the history of Chelsea. Being the co-captain of Chelsea, he earned three Chelsea player's of the year, being one of the best midfielder's in our generation. He was nominated for Premier League's player of the decade and won numerous league titles and awards for Chelsea. During his career in Chelsea (still ongoing), he has probably won the most awards in all Chelsea history. Having 164 league appearances since his entrance in 2001, he has netted 170 goals and passed 85 assists! With his average goal scoring at 15 goals per season, he is definitely a star player who will go down in the history of Chelsea.
  12. 12. Star Defender: Ashley Cole The English left back Ashley Cole is undoubtly the most useful team member in the team. His positioning in each match are incredible and he is able to do great crosses. Moving to Chelsea from Arsenal in 2006, he has had 149 league appearances for Chelsea. Being a defender, his goal tally isn’t as great as the midfielder’s or strikers. He has gained 2 Player of the Year for Chelsea football club. His amazing stamina is another thing and his co-operation with other team mates allow him to become a rising star in the football team. He hasn’t won many awards like Frank Lampard has but it’s not what you earn which counts. It’s what you do on that green football pitch which really matters.
  13. 13. Star Goalkeeper: Petr Czech Petr Czech, one of Chelsea’s greatest goalkeeper’s of all time. Maybe the best of the football generation we have nowadays. Doing crazy diving saves to keep the ball from being slotted into the back of the net. His head injury proves his dedication to the team. Being transferred to Chelsea in 2004, having appeared for 221 matches, he holds the record of having the most league appearances for a goal keeper in Chelsea. Unfortunately, being a goalkeeper he is retrained inside his box and therefore his goal tally won’t be going up anytime soon. His clean sheets recorded is still maintained only allowing 15 goals into the net for one whole season! He was also awarded the Golden gloves award in both 2004-05 and 2009-10. A brilliant goalkeeper.
  14. 15. Overview A football team needs players, a professional football team needs professional football players. These football players are the ones who go onto the pitch and score the goals. They are the ones who go onto the pitch and save the goals. They are also the ones who go onto the pitch and win titles for the football team. If you think about football quite carefully, they have influenced the entire world. Without football, rugby wouldn't have been invented. Professional sports were introduced by football and they were the first sports with a major sporting career (minus Olympics).