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mise en scène textual analysis


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mise en scène textual analysis

  1. 1. mise en scène textual analysis Ciara and William
  2. 2. com/watch? v=cMCYP_w8zmw Greys Anatomy season 5 finale
  3. 3. framingIn 1:58 the framing is horizontaland in the foreground there is thefloor, mid ground the twocharacters: alex and Christina aretalking but in the backgroundtherere hospital supplies and anurse. Another example is in 0:39in the mid ground there is thecharacter owen and in the background a medical machine. Thesetwo examples are creating thehospital environment.
  4. 4. CompositionIn 1:15 the subject is the twohands, it takes up most of theshot in a diagonal. In 2:05 thetwo subjects are Christina andAlex and they are balanced inthe shot as they are bothequally in the shot. There is ause of rule of thirds, this allgives the audience a view ofthe reactions and theimportant moment.
  5. 5. costume codesThe costume codes used scrubs, lab coats,gowns. this is conveying the charactersposition and identity in story. scrubs and labcoats are connoting they are doctors, but thegowns mean they are patients. Alex is wearinghis own clothes which indicates he is notpersonnel in the hospital or something hashappened to make him dress normally. Also heis wearing dark colours which typicallysignifies that he isnt a very happy person.
  6. 6. lightingThe lighting is very neutral and white whichconnotes that its a sterile very cleanenvironment
  7. 7. camera anglesThere is not muchto say about anglesin this scene, thereare mostly levelshots to the headand at the end ofthe scene there is abirds eye view shotScreen shot 5:16screen shot 5:18
  8. 8. soundtrackThe emotional music that matches the moodof sadness and intensity starts at 2:25 minuetsinto the scene, this music matches the sceneand the mood that is conveyed. And in thebackground of the heart monitor which addsthe surprise when Issy suddenly dies.
  9. 9. editingThere is a cut betweentwo different stories,Issy and Alex, John doeand Grey. At the endwhen Issy is supposingsdieing there is a blureffect which is put on toconvey the message thatshe is not in the realworld, she is in a worldof her own.Screen shot 4:38
  10. 10. generic conventions on seriesThe generic convention of this series ishospital drama with love, suspense, death anddespair.