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Social media analysis agenda


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My Social media analysis agenda for Pizza hut

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Social media analysis agenda

  1. 1. Social Media Analysis Agenda Advertising Media Planning Liu Qiongying
  3. 3. Introduction Pizza Hut is the world's largest pizza chain monopoly enterprises, its identity is characterized by the appearance of the roof as a significant sign of restaurants. In more than one hundred countries around the world, every day to receive more than 4 million customers, more than 1.7 million pizzas baked. Pizza Hut restaurant in turnover and number, and quickly became the world's leading pizza restaurant chain enterprises. Pizza Hut is the world's largest restaurant group - Tricon Global Restaurant Group, Yum in more than 100 countries with more than 32,500 family restaurant chain, is a global food and beverage industry leader in multi-brand collections.
  4. 4. Pizza Hut “pizza and more” The history about the Pizza hut Pizza Hut began with two brothers borrowing $600 from their mom to start a pizzeria. What started out small has now become the biggest pizza company in the world. And every step of the way, they have remained committed to making the best food and providing the highest level of service. In 1959, the first franchise unit opened in Topeka, Kansas. Almost a decade later, Pizza Hut would be serving one million customers a week in their 310 locations. In 1970, Pizza Hut was put on the New York Stock change under the ticker symbol pizza. Following the opening of the first international restaurant in Canada in 1968, Pizza Hut restaurants quickly appeared in Mexico, South America, Australia, Europe, the far East and Africa. They like coming up with great-tasting products and exciting promotions because, at Pizza Hut, they concern about that they always known what’s most important for
  5. 5. the customer. They know what the customer want and they make it faster and easier to get it! The feature: Happy Pizza Hut restaurant tightly around the "joy, leisure, fashion, taste, taste," the theme to pleasing decor, comfortable design, well-trained staff, coupled with different flavors, nutritious pizza, pasta, tempting snacks and fresh salads and other dishes served customers love it. Happy Pizza Hut restaurant is the one that suits your friends, family gatherings, people enjoy the comfort ideal place for happy hour. Pizza Hut offers a variety of products and offerings, including Pizza, Pasta, Wings, Sides and desserts. They also offer a specialized catering menu for larger events. Pepperoni Lovers Pizza Double layered mouthful of pepperoni on just about every bite Meat Lovers Pizza Piled high with all your favorite meats, including Pepperoni, Ham, Beef, Pork Sausage, Italian Sausage, and Bacon Cheese Lovers Pizza What’s better than a classic cheese pizza. With a massive, melted layer of real authentic cheese topped with any of your two favorite toppings (if you want!) Veggie Lovers Pizza Mushrooms, red onions, green peppers, tomatoes and black olives Super Supreme Pizza An absolute feast of pepperoni, ham, beef, pork sausage, Italian sausage, red onions,
  6. 6. mushrooms, green peppers, and even black olives! Supreme Pizza Pizza Huts signature blend of pepperoni, pork sausage, beef, mushrooms, red onions and green peppers. Pizza Hut Wings Buffalo Burnin’ Hot Buffalo Medium Buffalo Mild Lemon Pepper Honey BBQ Spicy BBQ Garlic Parmesan Spicy Asian Pizza Hut Sides & Desserts Stuffed Pizza Rollers P’Zone Pizza Breadsticks
  7. 7. Cheesesticks Herseys Chocolate Dunkers Cinnamon Sticks
  8. 8. Pizza Hut Facebook fan page Pizza Hut advocate "for the passengers crazy", "the customer is our only" concept, to create a "Happy Holiday", "relaxed intimate and trustworthy" dining atmosphere and culture, through the use of Facebook platform to promote their pizza, but also release new product information, and how to make delicious pizza, and through joining some of famous films to attract more people to log on the fan page, and they concentrate on everyone’s daily life, share some interesting pictures and the fantasy moments when the fans eat the pizza. We decide to analyze the fan page of the Pizza Hut. Pizza Hut has 10,800,996 Likes Their Facebook page updates frequently and at least five times at week! We’ve categorized its content by means of: • Personal - posts that are made by Pizza Hut including photos, restaurant pictures, and the like. • Informative - posts that include recipes, how-to-guides, and facts. • Interactive –share the photos and reply quick. • Promotional – Use some activities and show the discount messages.
  9. 9. The good : This is a interactive example. This picture was drawn by the fans. They drew this picture to show their feeling to the Pizza Hut. This has garnered a positive response and Pizza Hut continues to establish an intimate relationship with their fans, users, and food lovers. When I see this picture for the first time, I want to but the pizza right now. Because of the funny story, Pizza Hut successfully attract more people’s attention and increase the pizza’s selling amount.
  10. 10. The good: This picture show their technology in making pizza. And the “over stuffed” attract a lot of people. Although this picture is easy to understand the meaning, but it shows their improvement to others. It’s a good choice for customer to buy this kind of talented pizza. When the customer see it , they will think it’s amazing.
  11. 11. The bad: This robot is attractive and he looks full of energy. But the customers don’t like it, because it is not a realistic. We just imagine we can use robots everywhere, but actually not. The fan page try to show their power and creative, but the answer is wrong. We can see the reply on the bottom. Some customers want a lovely girl but not the robot.
  12. 12. Pizza Hut Facebook Analysis Conclusion In conclusion. I think the fan page for Pizza Hut is good. Because they establish an intimate relationship with their fans, users, and food lovers. Clung to the needs of people , a lot of very creative images released created by the pizza. Timely interaction with fans is that they find a good way to communicate with fans. Actually, they invite their fans to show their daily picture and draw the interesting picture to make funny. This is a good way to attract people and it is good for selling. Also, they concentrate on the customers and fans feeling, and they will reply the comments fast, so it’s the reason that they have a good relationship with fans. They also use some models for ads. But some of it looks a little bad. They like to use dogs and cats in their fan page, but the people show don’t like it a lot because some information is a little boring and have no actual content. If it can be changed to a girl or the friendly guys it is more useful.
  13. 13. Pizza Hut Competitors of Pizza hut Domino , Domino's Pizza is an international pizza restaurant , headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA , in 1960, founded by Tom Monaghan , Patrick Doyle chief executive officer . 8,758,144 likes Papa John's Pizza is the world's three major brands, has a long history of food culture . In order to produce a fresh and delicious , unique taste of pizza , Papa John's use of authentic materials, unique technology and high standard production requirements cake body , get the customer's unanimous approval . Papa John's since 1984 , opened its first pizza restaurant has been consistently adhere to the brand 's commitment to "better Ingredients , better pizza ." Today, Papa John's has been widely recognized by the public , has become synonymous with high-quality pizza , and in Europe, Asia , America, Middle East, India and other places have opened more than 4,000 chain restaurants .
  14. 14. Domino Facebook Fan Page The good: To show the smell picture will let customer think more about it, and they will imagine how delicious it is. Meanwhile, lots of people do this, so this is a opportunity to share each person’s idea. It’s a good way to interactive and communicate with fans. If I were a customer, I will buy the Pizza right now because the person looks enjoyable.
  15. 15. The bad: May be the aim of this picture tend to show how the pizza important for the guys. The fan page doesn’t lose one thing, a person is driving , it is good or bad if he eats it. This question I consider everyone wants to know. And the pizza looks not very delicious also. As far as I am concerned, safe is more important then eat the pizza..
  16. 16. Papa John's The goods: The picture looks warm, If you see someone smile to you, you will have an information in your brand. So this picture show the man likes it. And this kind of delicious pizza will let others think so too. Sometimes, small thing makes big effect. The bad: In Papa John’s Pizza we can’t see a lot of sharing by the fans and the
  17. 17. company, but they like to send this kind of message. They don’t have contact with the fans very often. This sentence is too easy and no attractive, I think they should create more.
  18. 18. Pizza Hut Insights Similarities: this three brands are all share their own pictures about the delicious pizza. They all have their activities and they use facebook fan page to communicate with their fans. They will send the new product on the fan page to attract people to buy. Differences: To be the truth, I think the reason why the Pizza Hutis the top of the pizza’s brand is that they pay more attention to the fans and customer services. They will reply the comments very fast and give more freedom to their fans to share photos (especially for their drawing about the brand). And the fan page looks more colorful and more charming. And Pizza Hutuse the poster of the films to contact with the fans, they try to have some powers in the film page, so the fans can see what the brand do to have more influence. Domino is more concentrate on the pets pictures not the fans. Maybe in the future they should concentrate on the quality of the picture and make their fan page more meaningful and attractive. The Papa John’s is more concentrate on the video they make, in their fan pages, just a little share about their fans picture. And their picture for the delicious pizza has a lot of the same, I hope they can create more ideas about showing the different pizzas not the same one.
  19. 19. Pizza Hut Recommendations Personal Each food dishes should be include in each status. Informative They will give the news regularly, in this fan page, you will see warmly family, kindly smile, delicious food, funny pictures and their power in their create activities. They will have at least twice a week interaction with each fan. Promotional Objectives clearly point to the young man, white-collar workers and families, their consumption patterns are also friends, family dinners, Romantic based . Here's the main consumer group to the young family, fashion, popular elements of Pizza Hutcovered with joy in the background. No choking fumes, no nasty mosquitoes, there are only clean tables, chairs and bright windows, mood naturally comfortable pleasure.