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myofficehub online Timesheet management system is easy to use time tracking software for recording time spent on specific projects tasks, and integrated with Roster system.

Fix the estimated time and cost for a Project. Plan your Staff shifts based on the allocated time and cost. Know the actual time and cost spent on a Project by using this efficient time tracking software.

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Online Roster & Timesheet

  1. 1. Roster & Timesheet
  2. 2. Contents myofficehub Value Proposition Features Management System Benefits Fee
  3. 3. myofficehub myofficehub is your business community that contains information & functionality that acts as “My Office in the Cloud ” & your document, team, task & project management intranet. It has search capability including keywords. •You can use the Question facility to enquire of specialists in various fields 24/7 •You can assign a job to your or our teams, including our team to create your business procedures. •If there is something you need, just ask & we will source it for you. •There is an online virtual typing & research service. All suggestions for improvement including functionality will be seriously & quickly considered. myofficehub seamlessly integrates services & functions, giving you a powerful organisation. My Office in the Cloud
  4. 4. Value Proposition Managing your work force is your most time consuming & costly activity, but also your greatest opportunity. myofficehub Roster & Timesheet Management, means your time & costs are minimized with current information only a mouse click away. It can also be customized to fit virtually any situation. It is a robust, one-stop application, featuring one screen, one-click functionality that is designed to be simple & easy for all users. The application empowers individuals, with more control over their working lives & saves management administration time. It will simplify & automate the way you manage & control your labour, & accomplish significant competencies in accuracy, communication, processing time, management & cost control. Your formatted roster & timesheet may be printed if you wish and/or data exported into payroll. Fast, Easy, Smart Roster & Timesheet
  5. 5. Features •Accurate figures every time •Add notes to convey those extra little details •Approve leave requests online •Automatically assign rosters based on staff skills & availability •Available shifts are driven directly from roster demand •Build Rosters with Speed & Ease – create from scratch or based on your last roster •Change work unavailability •Easily add shifts & the system will auto-calculate your all-important staffing cost •If shifts are overlapping or you’ve forgotten approved leave requests these will be highlighted •Improve staff communication •Increased Management Control •Online submission of timesheets •Reports showing staff details, wages breakdowns, rosters, timesheets & more… •Staff can view & print their personal rosters •Staff can view & request leave & see their status •Time taken to create rosters & approve timesheets more than halved – a huge cost saving!
  6. 6. Management System myofficehub Roster System is a simplified online application to create, approve & manage the staff shift scheduling process. It fits any type of Industry and can schedule shifts for both Project & Non-Project based environments. Roster can handle complex process such as: •schedule shifts to any type of staff Casual, Permanent & Contract •schedule shifts for Daily, Weekly, Fortnight & Monthly •supports both, Time based scheduling and Shift based scheduling •create shifts to multiple users at the same time It streamlines communication between Managers, Team Leaders and Staff members. The Roster system has email notification & approval processes. All the scheduled shifts are notified to the user through emails & text. Staff are also required to accept the scheduled shifts. myofficehub Timesheet integrates with Roster, so that scheduled shifts automatically appear in timesheet to increase productivity.
  7. 7. Benefits •All submitted Timesheets are Approved •Avoids scheduling conflicts •Calculates no. of hours & costs to complete a Task •Compare actual & estimated hours allocated to a task •Controls staff leave through a Approval process •In-time & Out-time can be flexible •Manages staff paid & unpaid leave •Provides staff deployment costs •Reconcile & re-schedule shifts with ease •Reduces unauthorised leave costs •Schedule shifts for all type of staff, such as Permanent, Casual & Contract •Schedule shifts for both Task & Non-Task based environments •Schedule shifts for multiple staff simultaneously •Schedule unlimited shifts •Shift change request option for all staff •Submit timesheet only to the scheduled shifts •Timesheet updated automatically for the scheduled shifts
  8. 8. Fee Per system Roster or Timesheet, per user : One time set-up fee $11 Roster Per Pay $11 Timesheet Per Pay $11
  9. 9. Thank you! & Appreciate any Questions For further information, please contact us. Telephone : +61 (2) 8014 4204 Email : Website :
  10. 10. Thank you! & Appreciate any Questions For further information, please contact us. Telephone : +61 (2) 8014 4204 Email : Website :