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Resourcing Services Proposal - 1300bpo


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Resourcing Services Proposal - 1300bpo

  1. 1. 1300bpo Staff Resourcing Service Proposal 1
  2. 2. Table of Contents Introduction 3 About Us 4 How it Works 5 Features & Benefits 7 Outsourcing your Back Office 14 Example 15 Fee Schedule 16 Q & A’s 17 Payment Terms 18 Note 19 Contact Details 20 2
  3. 3. Introduction Your greatest asset is your staff. But they are also your most risky & expensive overhead, that consume unrelenting amounts of management time. Management & administration of your staff requires specific knowledge in the fields of recruitment, industrial relations, immigration, taxation, incurring risks and costs. Valuable time is consumed by trying to find and maintain permanent, reliable and stable staff. Did you know? Human Resource Management & staff overheads costs up to an additional 50% on top of the staff salary package. Therefore if your payroll is $1M your HR & outgoings could be costing you an additional $500,000. In good times or slow periods, administrative overheads increase (or decrease) as demands for your business change. 1300bpo will grow with your business and remove the burden of staff responsibilities, by allowing you time to concentrate on the development and growth of your business, while we manage your administrative overheads. 3
  4. 4. About Us The 1300bpo team has in excess of 18 years experience as a leader in the provision of skilled personnel from Australia, New Zealand & overseas. We began operations in 1996 to help Australians and overseas skilled workers secure work, offering a salary packaging and a comprehensive payroll service. We partner with a number of recruitment agencies in certain market segments to fill short-term temporary and permanent placements. 1300bpo provide a range of services that improve efficiency, reduce employment & taxation risk and improve your capacity to handle more clients or customers, to increase profitability. We have provided services to tens of thousands of Staff & Contractors nationally. Our philosophy is to provide: ‘Innovative & Value Solutions to our Clients, Candidates & Business Partners…. Daily!’ This is why we are one of the fastest growing Staff & Contractor Management company in Australia. 4
  5. 5. How it Works Once you appoint 1300bpo, you provide a list of your existing staff and their details. The staff are then employed by 1300bpo with new employment contracts that 1300bpo provide. The transfer of the staff's employment is a electronic simplistic, one signature approach. Complete training on our facilities, including staff MBPCloud, which we provide as a link on your website. The MBPCloud can be branded with your own logo and company identity. We then hire them back to you in one simple payment transaction per pay period. Once 1300bpo receives this payment 1300bpo is responsible for all the staff payments. You continue to hire the personnel and/or have us source additional staff. If you have a candidate that requires a visa, we will arrange that too. We also provide salary packaging, promoting staff retention. 5
  6. 6. How it Works 1300bpo 1. Sources Staff & Contractors for your business. 2. Accepts your transfer of existing Staff & Contractors and requests for new Candidates. 3. Hires them back to you. 4. Pays the Staff & provides Salary Packaging to improve Staff benefits & satisfaction levels. 6
  7. 7. Features & Benefits Features Benefits Available to your  Employees & Contractors  Compliant, Consistent & Integrated  Permanents, Casuals & Temps  Our engagement options make you more attractive to work for  Administration & Management Savings up to 50%  Candidates are convenient, accessible & quicker to interview Setup  We transfer your existing staff to us, quickly Recruitment  Advertising  Resume checking  Arranging 1st & 2nd interviews  Centralises Recruitment Management  Online acceptance by you  Fills vacancies quickly, reduced hiring delays  Professional Recruitment Management  Freedom from mundane tasks  Simplified, Streamlined Time Savings 7
  8. 8. Features & Benefits Job Offer & New Starter Process  Position Offers, staff passwords issued to their MBPCloud,  Reduced advertising costs, candidates pre-screened  No expensive background checks  Staff Details form allows police checks & prepares TFN declaration, choice of super form, MBPCloud induction, WH&S induction,  Reduced recruitment costs, Steady stream of new candidates  TFN application for those new to Australia  We or you, source your future candidates, as you decide  Scalability in line with business needs Staffing Flexibility  Additional resources for seasonal & cyclical demands Visa & Migration  Applications completed, checked & lodged  Ensures the best possible outcomes  Experienced professional qualified Migration Agent  Professional & Qualified support  Full range of business, work, sponsorship, permanent residency & migration visas  Seamless service  Immigration department dealt with by us  Simplifies the process  Visas for candidates, existing staff & dependents  Staff retention increased 8
  9. 9. Features & Benefits Payroll  All calculations, compliance & upload of payments  Comprehensive  Management Reports available online  Consolidated invoice  One payment to cover all the payroll per pay period  No administration time or cost Salary Packaging & Expense Claim Management  40+ benefit items available  Attract staff more easily  All expense items covered  Reduced demand for pay rises  Available for permanent, casuals, temps & contractors  Reduced need for recruitment  Available to all staff individually  Reduced overall payroll cost  Expense Claim Administration  Retain staff more readily  Expense items can be claimed from clients  Simplifies leave management process & updates leave accumulation Leave Management  Apply for leave online with online approval by you 9
  10. 10. Features & Benefits Tax Administration  FBT, PAYG, Payroll & Other Taxes calculated & remitted   Compliance with ATO requirements PAYG reconciliations performed & PAYG Payment summaries produced, FBT returns prepared  Effective Superannuation administration  No costly administrators  Reduced WH&S risk &Training Time  No risk of increased premium due to claims Superannuation Administration  Calculations made for each pay & included on Pay Slips  Superannuation remitted as required Human Resource Management  Staff managed & counselled to cover any issues WH&S  Kept up-to-date  Back to Work Programs Workers Compensation  Claim management completed  Payment administration 10
  11. 11. Features & Benefits Risk  Insurance for workers compensation, public liability & professional indemnity as required  Effective Risk Management Fair Work Act  Complaints & audits taken care of  No government or union payroll audits to handle  Contracts, forms & policies kept updated  No staff training required to handle law changes  Reduced business interruption  Effective handling of staff exits Staff Care  Dedicated Staff care team handle payroll, other queries & concerns Exiting  Handle all Staff Termination issues 11
  12. 12. Features & Benefits Invoicing & Contracting for On-Hire Staff  Contracting is online  Cash flow is maximised  Dedicated client services team to Handle queries  Ensures contracts are unaltered  Invoicing Staff time to your clients & customers as required  Fast & immediate professional impression  Margins are accurate  On hire fee matched to the contractor cost  Reduced administration  On hire receipt matched to contractor Payment out  Staff time tracking, invoices clients accurately  One payment for you & your customers for on-hired staff  Timely customer service  Online contracts Management & Administration  Administrative & Overhead Costs reduced  Management Time & Stress reduced significantly  Management costs reduced  Reduce your other costs by up to 50%  More of this time handled by us  Potential outsourcing of other agreed functions  Remove burden of auditing Audit Risk & Costs Removed  No ATO, Fair Work, payroll tax or workers comp audit cost 12
  13. 13. Features & Benefits Legal  No fixed time  Industrial relations risk removed  We attend court or compulsory arbitration  No employment contracts or legal cost  We are the employer or principal  No lost time Additional Staff Services  Financial Planning  Encourages Staff Retention  Personal Tax Return preparation  Helps foreign Nationals  Superannuation Recovery  More money in Staff Pockets Technology  Payroll, salary packaging, staff cloud software provided  No hardware or software cost  Server hardware & software provided  Reduced staff training for software changes 13
  14. 14. Outsourcing your Back Office Administration We can also outsource all your non face to face administrative functions including: accounting, bookkeeping, financial management, payroll, research, sales administration, secretary, PA, software development, website development and more… This increases profits without the need to increase sales by reducing back office costs by up to 50%. Yes 50% ... Yes 50% Reduce back office cost by up to 50% 14
  15. 15. Example Without 1300bpo Sales $3.5M Net Profit $500k Cost of Sales $2M Overheads $1M With 1300bpo Sales $3.5M Net Profit $1M Cost of Sales $2M Overheads $500k Result Outsourcing with 1300bpo decreases overheads Up to 50% Increases profit Up to 100% 15
  16. 16. Fee Schedule Fees are based on the employment or engagement cost including on-costs of the staff member such as insurances and payroll tax & administration. Item Fee Management Fee 10% of Remuneration Package Total + On-costs Sourcing Candidates 10% (one-time) of Remuneration Package pa. Refer Note 1. Salary Packaging Varies depending on the benefit, usually paid by the individual in their package On-Costs Include payroll tax, public liability, professional indemnity & workers compensation as per your WIC code all rounded up to the nearest percentage. Visa & Migration Fees Available on application + Government charges Note 1: Based on database search and initial Ad campaign. May be higher for management positions and second runs. 16
  17. 17. Q&A’s  You say that it costs up to 50% in overhead to maintain staff. Would you please explain? Please just add up the costs of people & their time involved in administering people in your business. Include your accountants, bookkeepers - who do the: payroll; salary packaging; FBT administration; expense claim administration; candidate, advertising sourcing, vetting of resumes and interviewing; and then lawyers involving disputes. Then you add the management time in dealing with staff issues and administrative matters. Then on top you add the overhead & time of that support staff and you should arrive at a similar substantial number.  How can you do it so cost effectively? This is our business, this is what 1300bpo specialises in. Plus we have a proven streamlined paperless systems and a professional team 100% dedicated to getting the job done.  Won't I Lose Control of My Business? We say quite the reverse. By freeing up management’s time from the day to day administrative tasks it gives them more time to work on the business, rather than just in the business. It allows more resources to be devoted to the core of the business that produces the value and the income. By being able to hit the accelerator to the business it provides more power to the management engine.  Won't I Lose Control of My Staff? No. 1300bpo acts on your instructions. 1300bpo employs the staff, but you are responsible for the ultimate decision on all hiring and firings! 1300bpo just do the paperwork. This gives you more time to interact personally and to performance manage the staff. This added management contact is perceived as showing interest and again helps reduce staff turnover. 17
  18. 18. Payment Terms  What are your Payment Terms? Payment Terms are immediate as it is payroll. However if you do need some accommodation up to a maximum of 28 days, you need to tell us at the beginning, so it can be planned and you can complete a credit application. Though we always require sufficient payment to cover net pay, superannuation and our fee. For every 14 days or part thereof, any of your invoices remain outstanding, you are charged 1% plus GST of your invoices outstanding amount, including GST. At the end of your Pay Cycle this is calculated on the outstanding amounts on your Debtors Statement, invoiced and direct debited to your bank account. This amount must be paid. 18
  19. 19. Note A PwC Study has shown that the total cost of ownership of payroll services is reduced significantly, if the payroll service is outsourced. Resulting in a saving of up to 50% of their TCO Integrating time & attendance with payroll leads to a cost efficiency of 14%. Organizations using In-house solutions or hosted software solutions spend on average 18% more administrating these functions than organizations who outsource. Organizations administering these functions in-house with solutions from multiple vendors, spend an average 18% more, then those using only one in-house solution. Organizations outsourcing these functions to multiple vendors spend an average of 32% more than those outsourcing to only one vendor. Providing payroll & HR self-service functionality to employees can result in a 50% lower TCO of workforce administration. Total Cost of Ownership for Payroll Services includes the cost of payroll process, workforce administration, time & attendance, health & welfare administration and other hidden costs. The other hidden costs includes direct & indirect labour costs system maintenance costs. Source: PwC & ADP TCO study, January 2011 19
  20. 20. Contact Details [Name] Resourcer 1300bpo T : 1300 276 266 E : [name] 20