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PACT Contract Management System

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MBP PACT Contract Admin Portal - Department

  1. 1. Welcome to MBPCloud’s PACT Contractapp Admin Portal
  2. 2. MBPCloud Admin PortalThe Admin Portal is provided in MBPCloud in order to perform thefollowing actions:Actions AppAdd Edit Delete – DepartmentAdd Edit Delete – BranchAdd Edit Delete – PositionAdd Edit Remove – ApproversAdd Edit Delete – StaffAdd Users Renew your account – SubscriptionAccess Control – PermissionAdd Edit Delete – Location
  3. 3. MBPCloud LoginOn the Portal Login page, the Username (email address) & Password of registeredusers are entered to access MBPCloud services.
  4. 4. MBPCloud LoginWhen you login to MBPCloud for first time, this business details form will appear foronly once. To proceed further, please complete this form.Select type of yourcompanyBased on yourrequirement, select anyone option.Click submit button.This option will appear onlywhen the country is chosen asAustralia.
  5. 5. MBPCloud LoginWhen you login to MBPCloud for first time, this business details form will appear foronly once. To proceed further, please complete this form.Select the requiredContract.Select your required service.Select the type of T&C.Select ‘Yes’ to use MBPContract and No to attachyour T&C.Click Add button to set thisservice.When the contract stage is completed forInternal Recruitment & Labor on Hire thecandidate information will be emailed tothese members.
  6. 6. MBPCloud AdminPortalOn Successful completion of the form the following home page will be displayed. Inorder to view the Admin Portal please click the admin app.Click here to view theAdmin Portal
  7. 7. MBPCloud AdminPortalAll the functionality of MBPCloud PACT Contract will work only after completing theAdmin setup process. This setup is explained step by step in this document.
  8. 8. MBPCloud AdminPortalPlease follow this cycle to complete this hierarchy based set-up:1.Add Department2.Add Branch3.Select required Department & add Position4.Add Staff5.Assign Approvers for the DepartmentTeam.6.Provide Permissions for the Staff’s.7.Add LocationAdmin Setup ProcessFlow
  9. 9. Add DepartmentBased on the selection of your ‘Organization Structure’ in Client BusinessDetails Form, the pre-defined apps will appear . To add a new department,click on the ‘Department’ app in the home page of the Admin portal.Click Departmenticon.
  10. 10. Add DepartmentUnder ‘Department’ section, enter the department name to be created andclick ‘Add’ button to add the department.Click add button, to adddepartment to the List.Enter requireddepartment.
  11. 11. Add BranchUnder ‘Branch’ section, enter the branch name to be created and click‘Add’ button to add the branch.Click add button, to adddepartment to the List.Select the requireddepartment.Enter the requiredBranch.
  12. 12. Add PositionTo Add new Position click the Position icon from the Admin portal. Under‘Position’ section select the Department from the drop-down list & enterrequired Position name & click ‘Add’ button to add the Position.Click add button, to addPosition to the List.Enter Position name.Select Department from drop-downlist.
  13. 13. Add StaffTo add new Staff, click on the ‘Staff’ app in the home page of Admin portal.Under ‘Add New’ section, select the required Department from the drop-down list, enter the Staff name to be added & click ’Add’ button to add newstaff. Select Role as Client Admin if the staff will be anapprover, if else choose client user. These rolesare explained more detail in the later part of thisdocument.If the Staff is Approver for aDepartment select Approver.Select Position from theDrop-down list.Enter Staff Name.Enter Password , Emailaddress & click create buttonto add the staff.Enter the Rate of Pay perhour, this rate of pay will becalculated during TaskAllocation.
  14. 14. Assign ApproversPlease go through this Module list to assign the right approvers for therelevant process.Module Role ProcessTimesheet Client Admin Select this module to Staff who will approve all theTimesheet for the staff can be Team LeaderManager.Internal Contract Client Admin Select this module to Staff who will approve all theContracts by email can be a Manager.Contract ManagementSystemClient Admin Select this module to Staff who will approve all theContracts through MBPCloud can be a Manager.
  15. 15. Assign ApproversTo assign Approvers, click ‘Approver’ app in the home page of the Adminportal. To list approvers in the Manager drop-down list, set the role of theapprovers as ‘Client Admin’ in ‘Module’ field.Select Module based on therequirement.Select the required DepartmentTeamand click side button to move thedepartment to the SelectedDepartmentTeam section.Select approvers emailaddress.If two levels of approvals is requiredselect check this box to set a finalapprover.Click Add to add theapprover to the list.
  16. 16. Provide PermissionsThe ‘Permission’ app is used to restrict access apps and sub-menus bydifferent staff members.Select required Sub menu.Select requiredApp.Select required Staff Roleand Staff.
  17. 17. Provide PermissionsExample: In the previous slide, Lawrence (staff) was provided access toview PACT & Starter app and was provided limited access to use ‘PACT’app. The screenshots will give you a visual explanation of this feature.Lawrence can see only theassigned Apps.Lawrence can see only the assigned Sub-menu for the Timesheet App.
  18. 18. Add LocationUnder ‘Location’ section, enter the location name to be created and click‘Add’ button to add the location.Click add button, to addLocation to the List.Enter requiredLocation.
  19. 19. SubscriptionsIn Subscription section, the admin can perform the following actions:1.View the status of all the Subscriptions2.Add users to your account3.Pay pending payments4.Renew your account
  20. 20. View all SubscriptionsClick on ‘Subscription’ app in the home page of the admin portal.Complete details of your subscriptions can be viewed in this section.
  21. 21. Add usersUsing ‘Add User’ button, you can add more users to your accountusing this portal.Click here to add moreusers to your account.
  22. 22. Add usersEnter required No of Users, Subscription Period, select required Billingcycle and click on ‘Continue’ button which will take you to PayPal sectionfor the payment. On successful completion of payment, additional userswill be added to your account automatically. The current payment detailscan also be viewed under the subscription section.Enter no of users.Select required billingcycle.Click Continue button.
  23. 23. RenewUsing Renew option, you can renew your subscription using the portal. TheRenew button will appear before 15 days of subscription expiry.Click here to renewthe subscription.
  24. 24. RenewComplete the appropriate fields & click continue button to complete thepayment process.Enter No of requiredusers.Select the required subscriptionmonths from the drop-down list.Select the Billingcycle.Click Continue buttonto proceed forpayment.
  25. 25. THANK YOU!For further information please contact us:Telephone : 1300 276 266Email : support@mbpcloud.com