Content Management System


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Online document management system, with 1000+ documents to fulfill your business needs

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Content Management System

  1. 1. LibraryAn online document management system, with over 1000+ documentsto fulfill your business needs; from Forms to T&C‟s
  2. 2. Library1000+ standard business documents in MBPCloud Master Library.If one is not available, just lodge a request and it will be drafted.Documents are split into different types with specific codes for ease of identification.Upload your own documents into your secure Business Library.Move, Delete & Archive your documents.All documents are securely password protected & accessible via at work, home or while travelling.Clicking Library icon in home page directs you to the below page.
  3. 3. LibraryWelcomeBrief description on how “Library” App works.KnowHowKnow how “Library” App works.Master LibraryA library of master standard organisational documents, for your reference.All documents are fully custamisable to suit your business.The master documents you wish to use are copied across to the Business Library.Clicking “Library” app icon in home page directs you to the below page.
  4. 4. Master LibraryClick any category (menu) from the Master Library list to view all standard business documents thatfall under that specific category.Click to view standarddocuments under this category
  5. 5. LibraryFor example, if you click “Information Sheets” menu under Master Library, you will be directed to a page asshown below that lists all standard information sheets.Click document from list to view.Click to view
  6. 6. LibraryDocument Edit StepsInformation on how to custamise standard Master Library documents.
  7. 7. LibraryBusiness LibraryYour library of standard corporate documents that you wish to use in your business.These may be altered Master Library documents or your own business documents that you originated.Click to view/add documentsunder this category
  8. 8. LibraryTo add a new document to your Business Library, click on a menu (category) to which you want to add thedocument.For example if you want to add a questionnaire, click „Questionnaires‟ menu under Business Library.You will be directed to the below page. Click „Add New‟ button.Enter document details, share with users (not mandatory), select services subscribed for, attach document,and Save.The document gets listed under that category under your Business Library.Attach documentShare documentwith usersDocuments addedAdd new document
  9. 9. LibraryPersonal LibraryLibrary of your personal documents.These may be altered Master Library documents or your own documents that you originated.Securely store your documents in an organised folder structure.Clicking “Personal Library” menu directs you to the below page.“Create” icon – create folders & sub-folders. Enter details such as folder name & description, period during which folder should be available(if required) & Save. Once saved, the sub-folder will be added in your folders list.
  10. 10. LibraryFolder Create PageFolder CreatedCreate subfolderDelete folderEdit folder details
  11. 11. Library“Upload” icon – upload your personal documents to folders created. Choose folder from dropdown to save document, enter document details such as name & description,choose document type from dropdown list, browse & attach document, and Submit. Once submitted, the document gets saved in the chosen folder. To view versions of a document, click “Versions” button alongside that document.Document Upload PageDocument UploadedSelect folder tosave documentSelect documenttypeAttach document hereView document versions
  12. 12. LibraryReplacing a document with a newer versionYou can replace a document with a newer version by maintaining the record of the previous version(s).To upload newer version of an already uploaded document, click “Edit” button besides the document toreplace; in uploaded Document List.Here, click on the “Replace Attachment” button besides the attachment.Attach the newer version, and click “Update” button.Click to uploadnew version
  13. 13. LibraryYou can view all versions of a document by clicking “View” button of the document in the Document List.You will be directed to the „Document History‟ page that lists all versions uploaded for that document.You can also view all document versions through the “List” page (explained latter in this presentation).Click to view
  14. 14. Library“Search” icon – Search Stored Folders & Documents. Choose entity to search by selecting from respective check-box. Enter entity name to search. The search result will be displayed in grid below.Select entity to searchEnter entity nameSearch result
  15. 15. Library“List” icon – View all your saved Folders & Documents. Clicking “List” icon will list all your saved folders. Click a folder from the list to view all documents saved under it. Documents can be Moved between folders, Archived and Deleted. To action a document, select document from grid by ticking respective check-box. Then select action to perform from dropdown list and click “OK” button. You can also view versions of an uploaded document through the Version “View” button.Click folder to viewdocuments under itselect documentto actionView documentversionsSelect action to performon selected document
  16. 16. THANK YOU!For further information please contact us:Telephone : 1300 276 266Email :