12th Kuala Lumpur Boys' Brigade Weekly Meeting


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Weekly report on 12th Kuala Lumpur Boys' Brigade on 19 March 2011. Reported by Jonathan Yap and Julian.

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12th Kuala Lumpur Boys' Brigade Weekly Meeting

  1. 1. 12 th BB Malaysia 19/03/2011 By Jonathan Yap and Julian
  2. 2. Before the OPENING PARADE 7:55 a.m.
  4. 4. The officers gather us!!! We’re starting the opening parade now !!! Sir Nicholas
  5. 5. Naveen was late and he got 5 push-ups ! 1 corporal , 2 corporal , 3 corporal , 4 corporal , 5 corporal . Permission to get up corporal !!! UP!!!
  6. 6. During the opening parade , we sang the “Angkor Song” and we praised to the lord . Angkor Song… Sound off !!! There’s an emblem fair that is known to all , A sign to help as through , …… Caps off …… Father LORD , ……
  7. 7. After the opening parade we went to the Chapel. Sir Mark lead us to sing and praise to LORD .
  8. 8. Sir Mark I’m so cute!!!
  9. 9. After we sing and praise to the lord , we continued the movie (part 2 of the book of Exodus).
  10. 10. Later that , we had drill……
  11. 11. We started our drill on the basketball court when it started drizzling ……
  12. 12. Then , we had our drill in front of the Chapel ……
  13. 13. We learnt new steps for our drill …… (salute and how to adjust yourself when you are in your squads)
  14. 14. It’s 12:00 noon , and we had refreshments in the canteen . We sang the Table Grace before we ate our food . Be Present at our table lord ……
  15. 15. After the refreshment the rain stops……
  16. 16. We went for our games but some went to do revision for the next week target awards badge .
  17. 17. Time flies , it was time for the closing parade ……
  18. 18. Time for falling in ……
  19. 19. After singing the BB Vesper, we “bersurai”
  20. 20. THE END~ <ul><li>THANKS FOR WATCHING~ </li></ul>
  21. 21. Upcoming events : <ul><li>Target awards badge test </li></ul>
  22. 22. At 8.30a.m Jason, Jia Jun, Mark, Sir Nicholas and Sir Mark gathered in chapel to discuss songs and games for chapel session before we had opening parade. 8.37a.m we started opening parade which consisted of basic drills, morning prayer and the singing of the Anchor Song. 8.50a.m all members entered the chapel and waited while Mark did finalized the praise and worship slide show. At 9.05a.m we started the praise and worship, Mark and Jia Jun chose some pretty foreign songs like John Lennon so we couldn't sing it well so we settled on singing the classic songs like 'Hari Ini'. 9.23a.m we started games! Mark made a game where 1 group sings a song while the other group has to dance to the tune. Group 2 sang 'Twinkle twinkle little star' and group 1 sang 'Negaraku'. In the end it was a draw. At 9.33a.m we continued part 2 of the movie about Moses. We we really absorbed and nobody made a sound when the movie was playing. We watched about what happened after Moses left Egypt with the Hebrews and the miracles he performed like splitting the river in two. 10.37a.m Sir Mark started bible knowledge lessons, he talked about Moses and asked questions like why did the Hebrews keep complaining and what they wanted to do to Moses. We started drill at around 11a.m. It was drizzling lightly so we had drill in the rain but switched back to indoors a short while later. We learnt how to 'salute' and position ourselves on command. Corporal Kati split us up to teach us the moves separately. Sacchi had to do a total of 15 push-ups because he kept getting 1 part wrong but managed to remember in the end . Drill lasted till 12.10 and then it was time for sports! A few of us( Jia Hern, Naveen, Sacchi, Jason and I*Julian) stayed in the canteen to revise for the upcoming target badge exam the following week. At 1.05 we sang the BB Vesper and said a prayer and was dismissed.