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Why you should be using retail display systems


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Although the uses of retail displays are endless, check out what they are and some examples of how your business could use them!

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Why you should be using retail display systems

  1. 1. Retail Display Systems By 12-Point SignWorks
  2. 2. What are Retail Display Systems? O You know when you get your haircut and they have all of the products displayed on glass or acrylic shelves? Remember the plastic brochure holders in the waiting room of your dentist’s office? How about the free-standing directory at the mall? All of these and more are architectural retail displays!
  3. 3. How are They Made? O Most retail display systems are simply a combination of 3 things: O Metal cords or rods O Acrylic or glass panels O Metal screws or grips Here are some examples of grips, cords, and rods used to make the displays. Photos courtesy of Albion
  4. 4. This design is very simple but effective and clean. Photo courtesy of Albion.
  5. 5. Interested in getting a display for your business? Contact us at: Follow us!