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  1. 1. The Think, Act, Inspire! Team present the
  2. 2. Launched as part ofthe eTwinning Day 2021 Celebrations «Πανδημία να το δούμε ως ευκαιρία», ΚΠΕ Μεσολογίου
  3. 3. “eTtwinning joins everyone and we could learn from others. MB Malta
  4. 4. "eTwinning, for me, is an opportunity to learn about other cultures around the world and how the people from parts of the world live. M.M. Malta
  5. 5. eTwinning for us means seeing many different photos and nature. Dimitra & Antonia, Greece With eTwinning you learn about different countries and meet new people JG, Malta
  6. 6. From eTwinning you learn from each other and learn how to relate to each other. MM, Malta We learn how to appreciate the good things and see the positive things around us. Dimitra & Antonia, Greece
  7. 7. Learning, sharing, enjoying, collaborating, having fun, broadening frontiers… that is e-Twinning for me. (Spain)
  8. 8. We create logos together. Dimitra We learn about life below water. Dimitra
  9. 9. e-Twinning makes us stop to think about the important things in life, disconnecting from our school routine, waking up to new adventures with new people with our same interests and worries. (Spain) eTwinning is a place where you learn new things and about everything and you can see from others people photos etc. MC, Malta
  10. 10. eTwinning means changing our attitudes using friendship cards. Dimitra & Antonia, Greece e-Twinning for me is a way to share our lifestyles with people from different cultures and learn from each other. (Spain)
  11. 11. Through eTwinning we learnt about differ traditions and ways to celebrate Easter Dimitra & Antonia, Greece e-Twinning gives us a valuable opportunity to feel we are part of the same world. (Spain)
  12. 12. We appreciate eTwinning day & collaborate between partners Antonia & Dimitra, Greece Thinking, Acting, Inspiring ...and getting inspired by equals, that is e-Twinning.
  13. 13. (Spain)
  14. 14. eTwinning is learning about different cultures and sightseeing Dimitra & Antonia, Greece eTwinning for me is a 'platform' where I can learn new things and have a taste the experience of school in other countries. I also do research that adds to my general knowledge and learn things that I wouldn’t
  15. 15. have come across if it wasn’t for eTwinning. SD, Malta
  16. 16. Find friends from different Appreciate eTwinning for countries. Dimitra, Greece all the nice ideas & inspiration, Natalia, Greece