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  • very bad ppt no brief description and above all very bad slide
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  • Tittle
  • Erect means to walk up right. So the Homo Erectus were the ones who walked up right.
  • The Early humans used flint to kill animals and to make fire. They made the flint by taking a rock and rubbing it with another rock to make it sharp.
  • Fire was discovered when lighting stuck and the Homo Erectus were first to discover fire.
  • They use fire when they hunt and if they have to scare away animals for danger they also you fire or other tools.
  • The early humans needed food to live and one of the food is meat.
  • The Neanderthal were the first early human to bury there dead. Which shows that they care about there mates.
  • Early Humans Projects

    1. 1. The Early Humans
    2. 2. LUCY'S SKULL Lucy’s was the first full body they have found of a early human. and this is her Skull. The early human have a longer face than use In the last picture will be a face of Humans and a face of a ape just like lucy’s.
    3. 3. WALK up RIGHT
    4. 4. FLINT FLiNt FliNt Flint are the tools the sometimes use.
    5. 5. D I S C O V E R Y O F F I R E
    6. 6. HUNT They have to hunt because they need food to live. HELP
    7. 7. M E A T Need food to eat like MEAT
    8. 8. ICE-AGE In the ice-age they all have to find a warm place to stay. They also have to move because when it is cold the animals have to go to the south.
    9. 9. They had to wear warm clothes so the don’t freeze in the cold with snow. WARMNESS
    10. 10. They have religion and They respect them. RELIGIONS
    11. 11. They Bury Their Dead GRAVE
    12. 12. As you can see in these two pictures, the chin of the human’s one is shorter than the ape’s. The human brain is a bit larger than the apes brain. Human Skull Ape Skull Differents Of The Skull.
    13. 13. NOTES
    14. 14. Thanks For Watching By: Mercedes H. Oh Yoon and Ms. Vlach thanks for helping.