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124th Fighter Wing ORI Smart Pack in half page format. Geared toward deploying wing members.

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124th FW Smart-Pack-2011-half-page

  1. 1. 124th Fighter WingDeployment Smart PackOur mission is to demonstrate the 124FW’s ability to transform from peacetime environment to wartime posture. You are READY! If in doubt, pause and seek assis- Time for some Unit Pride tance Use the buddy system -- Your safety is a priority Remain vigilant THINK before you act --take the Sustain your positive time to do it right “First Class” attitude and your sense of urgency You are an integral part of our warrior team, together, Rely on your core competencies we will achieve an “Outstanding”  Use T.O.’s We are one team, All-in!  � Colonel James R. Compton--CommanderYOUR PAX ASSEMBLY TIME:___________________ (BE EARLY)KNOW YOUR DURESS WORDS! PENCIL IN: (FOUO)CURRENT FPCON;____________________________________________INFOCON:__________________________________________________ICC DIRECTIVES______________________________________________
  2. 2. Table of Contents PageTable of Contents 2Personal Luggage 3Map and Important Buildings 4Base X 4WAA 5PDF 5MOB-BAGS 5CDF 5Your Workflow 6Calendar 8Operational Security 12FPCON 12INFOCON 13Active Shooter 14Information Assurance Security Tips 16Reference 202
  3. 3. Personal Luggage Personal Bag: Deploying personnel report to their unit with a minimum of the items below packed in a duffel bag or soft luggage with rounded cor- ners. See your UDM for any additional packing requirements. MANDATORY INDIVIDUAL MINIMUM TOILETRY ITEMSItem Male Female□ Cream, shaving, 1 Can As Required□ Razor 1 EA 1 Ea□ Deodorant 1 EA 1 Ea□ Soap, 1 Bars/liquid 1 Bars/liquid□ Toothbrush w/ container 1 Ea 1 Ea□ Toothpaste 1 Tube 1 Tube□ Shampoo 1 Ea As Required□ Comb or brush 1 Ea As Required□ Feminine hygiene items N/A As Required Minimum Clothing List NOTE: Prior to deployment all personnel must ensure they have knowledgeof all requirements to include current applicable reporting instructions formandatory deployment items. All Personnel deploying will have (Web-belt,Canteen, Gas Mask in Carrying Case, and Helmet.)□ Bag 1 Each□ ABU Ensemble/Flight suit, w/rank 1 Each□ Occupational PPE As Rqd (AFSC specific)□ T-shirts (applicable color) 3 Each□ Undergarments 3 Each□ Boot Socks 3 Pair□ PT T-Shirt 1 Each□ PT Shorts 1 Each□ PT Soc 3 pair□ PT Athletic shoes 1 Pair□ Conservative civilian clothes(shirt/pants) 1 set□ Bed Sheets (any size) 1 set□ Towel and Wash Cloth 1 each 3
  4. 4. Map and Impor Stow Your Line Badge When Base X East Flightline; Bldg’s 1530, 1529, 1512, 15314
  5. 5. rtant Buildingsn Outside Restricted Area! WAA Wing Assembly Area: Bldg 301 PDF Personnel Deployment Function, Bldg 1500 MOB-BAGS Mobility Bags Issued, Bldg 502 CDF Cargo Deployment Function, Taxiway Echo 5
  6. 6. Your Workflow Leading up to ORI - Ensure you are deployable: - Update Training Records - Update Standard Deployment Folder (SDF) - Bring Gas Mask and Holder - Bring Personal Clothing Bag - Check Paperwork All Members 13 OCT will Wear - Final Cargo prep by individual units - Inspection of Cargo Reflective Belt - Maintenance continues Pre-generation - Complete all training and at All Times medical/dental/ancillary - All Available Cargo Staged - Unit Deployment Control Center Setup - Chalk 1: Cargo In-Check, staged, ready to load - Base Clean Up  14 OCT - Individual Squadrons conduct Unit Assembly Brief - IG Arrival / Inbriefs Phase I Operational Readiness Inspection OCT 15/16 15 OCT - Deployment Order Issued—RST established - ICC, UDCC, DCC, CDF, PDF Setup as required after RST - ICC meeting ASAP after DEPORD - MXG generate aircraft for deployment - Concept Briefing— RST + 3 hours - CDF processes cargo - Deploying personnel process through PDF - Remain in your Chalk until “released” to base X - Bring food (MRE), water, and Airman’s Manual - ICC Meeting, time TBD - Base X stands up operations to receive aircraft 16 OCT - ICC meeting 0600 - CDF & PDF continue processing personnel and cargo - A-10s deploy to Base X for regeneration - Once Deployed to Base X members will wear: Helmets, Web belts, Canteens ICC Meeting, time TBD6
  7. 7. ORI PDF line Every Airman’s Responsibility Bring all required items / don’t bring prohibited items • Personal Clothing Bags / ID & Line Badge / Reflective Belt, Canteen and food in disposable bags • No Personal Cell-phones • Use and wear PPE correctly - BE SAFE • Remain aware of your surroundings • Report any suspicious activity - TAKE ACTION • Be on time • Show up early and expect unexpected delays (flat tires, etc.) • Pay attention to all briefings; wake up any sleeping wingmen • Maintain disciplined OPSEC & COMSEC procedures • Be a team player At Your Unit Get Smart • Know the meanings and applications of ICC Directives (ICCDs), FPCON &INFOCON • If you don’t know the answer, ask your buddy; if your buddy isn’t sure, askyour supervisor • Pick a wingman • Every Airman (officer & enlisted) will have a wingman from the time theyleave the unit until arriving at Base X   At the PDF (Personnel Deployment Function) Know where your wingman is at all times • If using the restroom, make sure your wingman returns • Don’t move from one section of the PDF to the next without your wingman • If your wingman cannot be found, remain where you lost contact and in-form the Troop Commander • Pay attention to the Troop Commander; expedite his/her directives   At the CDF (Cargo Deployment Function) Listen up & move quickly when directed • The difference between a successful increment or busted increment oftencomes down to how quickly an increment can travel from the staging area tothe CDF with accountability and proper documentation • Increment monitor must be present for CDF processing 7
  8. 8. While processing, all members will wear their Web-belt (LBE), Canteen, Gas Mask in holder and helmet. Once at Base-X wear helmet, LBE and Canteen. Standby for Directions. Wear PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) At All Times USAF RANK JEWELRY: Remove in FIRST, LAST NAME areas of industrial work and flight line Fasten Chin Strap When Wearing Helmet Fill Canteen with Wear Reflective Fresh Water Belt Even When not If Required in Battle Rattle Always Carry Inspect Gas Mask Airman’s Manual Making Sure That the Inspection Tag is Current and the Case is Closed Strap SECURED Around Leg8
  9. 9. Reference AFI : 36-2903First Class...or Not at All 9
  10. 10. Calen VisitAttitude determ
  11. 11. ndar to download your own digital desktop backgroundmines Altitude
  12. 12. Operationa Report suspicious personnel in your workarea o• Always lock your workstation and take your CAC when you step away from your desk — NEVER leave your CAC unsupervised.• In the event of real-world or simulated discovery of classified informa- tion on an e-mail in an unclassified e-mail system follow instructions on WHITE card posted next to computer.• If you notice unusual or excessive network activity (cursor on your screen moving around or other strange happenings on your computer) follow instructions on green card posted next to computer. For Official Use Only - (FOUO) FPCON • All safety related issues Alpha - Increased general threat of • OPSEC/COMSEC issues possible terrorist activity against personnel or • FPCON : current, changes & facilities; nature and extent are unpredictable. attainment • Medical issues or emer- Bravo- Increased or more predictable gencies threat of terrorist activity exists. • Aircraft generation progress/acceptance Charlie - Incident occured or intelligence re- • PAX eligibility ceived indicating some form of terrorist action • Frustrated/busted chalks or targeting against personnel or facilities likely. • A-10 deployment • Aircraft regeneration prog- Delta - Applies in the immediate area ress/ acceptance where a terrorist attack has occurred or when • IG conflicts or possible intelligence has been received that terrorist findings action against a specific location or person is imminent.12
  13. 13. al Securityor out of the ordinary requests for information INFOCON 5 - Information networks are fully 2 - NETOPS readiness operational with information assurance condition requiring a further policies in place and enforced. increase in frequency of validation of the information 4 - Increased NETOPS readiness, in network and its correspond- preparation for operations or exercises. ing configuration. Impact to Strengthened security (port blocking, end-users could be significant increased scans) measures of informa- for short periods. tion systems and networks. Negligible impact to end-users. 1 - Highest NETOPS readi- ness condition & addresses 3 - Further increases NETOPS readi- intrusion techniques that can- ness by increasing the frequency of not be identified or defeated validation of the information network at lower readiness levels. and its corresponding configuration. Impact to end-users could be Minor impact to end-users. significant for short periods. 13
  14. 14. Active Shooter WHEN AN ACTIVE SHOOTER HOWTO RESPOND IS IN YOUR VICINITY WHEN LAW ENFORCEMENT• Have an escape route and plan in ARRIVES mind• Leave your belongings behind • Remain calm and follow instruc-• Keep your hands visible tions• Hide in an area out of the shooter’s • Put down any items in your hands view (i.e., bags, jackets)• Block entry to your hiding place • Raise hands and spread fingers and lock the doors • Keep hands visible at all times• Silence your cell phone and/or • Avoid quick movements toward pager officers such as holding on to them for safety As a last resort and only when your • Avoid pointing, screaming or yell- life is in ing • Do not stop to ask officers for help imminent danger: or direction when evacuating• Attempt to incapacitate the shooter• Act with physical aggression, WHAT YOU SHOULD PROVIDE throw items at the active shooter TO LAW ENFORCEMENT OR 911 OPERATOR • Location of the active shooter • Number of shooters • Physical description of shooters • Number and type of weapons held by shooters • Number of potential victims at the location14
  15. 15. Unit Specific Items:Fill with important items for your work area (i.e. TO’s, PPE, etc.) 15
  16. 16. adversary’s, which may be exploited to adv Information Assurance degrade mission effectiveness. deg • Remember, your trash and recycle bin • Rem could be an adversary’s treasure – dispose cou Security Tips of and shred material appropriately. TH 124 of a COMMUNICATION FLIGHT Important 124THVIRUS REPORTING PROCEDURES Phone Numbers 1. STOP! DISCONNECT THE LAN COMMUNICATION CFP Routine Number CABLE/DISABLE WIRELESS! CFP Routi 422-3242 FLIGHT Wing Information Assurance LEAVE SYSTEM POWERED UP! Wing Infor 2. Office 422-6105 Personnel should not click on any prompts, VIRUS REPORTING PROCEDURESor shut down the system. close any windows, VIRU 3. REPORT IMMEDIATELY! Contact the 1. STOP!AFTER HOURS INCIDENT Incident 1. STOP FOR DISCONNECT THE LAN Focal Point Communication FO CABLE/DISABLE WIRELESS! @ 422-5835 Response Line RESPONSE SUPPORT PLEASE CALL CAB RESP 2. LEAVE SYSTEM POWERED MESSAGE INCIDENT (CMI) LEAV CLASSIFIED UP! 2. 422-5835 AND FOLLOWon any 124TH Personnel should not click THE PHONE 124TH prompts, 422-5 Perso close any TREE.CONTACT ANYONE EXCEPT THE COMM DO NOT CAUTION: BE DISCRETE!! COMMUNICATION windows, or shut down the system. COMMUNICATION close FLIGHT 3. REPORT IMMEDIATELY! Contact the FLIGHT FOCAL POINT 3. REPO VIRUS REPORTING PROCEDURES VIRUS REPORTING PROCEDURES Communication Focal Point Incident 1. STOP! DISCONNECT THE LAN Comm 1. CABLE/DISABLE WIRLESS of the STOP! DISCONNECT THE LAN Line @ 422-5835 Response Optional area for local info sticker 1. STOP! DISCONNECT THE LAN Resp Opt CABLE/DISABLE WIRELESS! affected computer system(s) or printer(s). CABLE/DISABLE WIRELESS! 2. DOLEAVELEAVE affected system/printer 2. LEAVE SYSTEM POWERED UP! MESSAGE INCIDENT (CMI) CLASSIFIED 2. NOT SYSTEM POWERED UP! CLASSI Personnel should not click on any prompts, unattended should not click on any prompts, Personnel close any windows, or shut down the system. 3. REPORT IMMEDIATELY!down the system. close any windows, or shut Contact the 3. REPORT IMMEDIATELY! CAUTION: BE DISCRETE!! Contact the 3. REPORT IMMEDIATELY! Contact Communication Focal Point Incidentthe Communication Focal Point Incident Response Line @ COMM Incident DO Communication Focal Point DO NOT CONTACT ANYONE EXCEPT THE 422-5835. Report –NOT CO Response Line @ 422-5835 Response Line @ 422-5835 FOCAL POINT a CMI.” “I have CLASSIFIED MESSAGE INCIDENT (CMI) CLASSIFIED MESSAGE INCIDENT (CMI) When reporting do NOT discuss details 1. STOP! DISCONNECT THE LAN the incident! of 1. STOP CAUTION: BE DISCRETE!! CAUTION: BE DISCRETE!! CABLE/DISABLE WIRLESS of the DO NOT CONTACT ANYONE EXCEPT THE COMM DO NOT CONTACT ANYONE EXCEPT THE COMM CAB affected computer system(s) or printer(s). FOCAL POINT Wired Connection FOCAL POINT Diagram Enlarged affect 1. STOP! DISCONNECT THE LAN LEAVE affected system/printer THE LAN 2. DO NOT 1. STOP! DISCONNECT View 2. DO N CABLE/DISABLE WIRLESS of the LAN CABLE/DISABLE WIRLESS of the unattended affected computer system(s) or printer(s). unatte Cable affected computer system(s) or printer(s). 3. REPORT IMMEDIATELY! NOT LEAVEthe 2. DO NOT LEAVE affected system/printer 2. DO Contact affected system/printer 3. REPO unattended unattended Communication Focal Point Incident Disconnect the Comm 3. REPORT IMMEDIATELY! Contact the 3. REPORT IMMEDIATELY! LAN cable Contact the Communication Focal Point Incident Line @ 422-5835. Report –Point Incident jack Resp Response Communication Focal from the Response Line @ 422-5835. Report – “I have a CMI.” Response Line @ 422-5835. Report – with the “I ha “I have a CMI.” “I have a CMI.” blinking light. When reporting do When reporting do NOT discuss details details of the NOT discuss details When reporting do NOT discuss When repo of the incident! of the incident! incident! Wired Connection Diagram Enlarged Wireless Connection Diagrams (Examples Wired Connection Diagram Enlarged View Wired Connection Diagram Enlarged Only)-Every type of laptop is different. Some Conn Wired View LAN switches are manual, others are a Function LAN View Cable Key (i.e. F2). Look for the Wireless Signal Cable LAN Disconnect the Logo. LAN Disconnect the Cable LAN cable LAN cable Cable from the jack from the jack with the with the blinking light. Disconnect the blinking light. LAN cable from the jack16 Wireless Connection Diagrams (Examples with the Wireless Connection Diagrams (Examples Only)-Every type of laptop is different. Some Only)-Every type of laptop is different. Some
  17. 17. FLIGHT Oh No!!!!!! Assurance Security Tips Information Simple!Inform Follow the WhatTH COMPUSEC: (Computer Security) instructions COMP 124 do • Protect & Secure your CAC at all times – on the• Pro COMMUNICATION white card DO reader. I DO NOT leave your CAC unattended in its FLIGHT next to rea do? availability, integrity, • Protect and maintain your • Pro Information Assurance Security Tips confidentiality and accountability of My computer has a virus! computer! con Informa or information systems. infoI have a Classified Message Incident! down user names and COMPUSEC:write • Do NOT (Computer Security) COMPU • Do • Protect & Secure your CAC at all times – passwords. • Protepas • DO NOT leave your CAC unattended in its Do NOT process classified information on • DO N Do unclassified systems. reader. unc read • Protect and maintain availability, integrity, • Prote COMSEC: (Communications Security) confidentiality and accountability of COMS confi • information systems. Protect classified communication materials. • infor Pro • • Do NOT write down user names and Do NOT discuss classified information. • • Do N Do passwords. with individuals that have a Speak only pass Spe • Do NOT process classified information on need to know. • Do Nnee unclassified systems. uncla OPSEC: (Operations Security) OPSEC COMSEC: (Communications Security) COMSE • Deny undisclosed information to • Den • Protect classified communication materials. adversary’s, which may be exploited to • Prote adv • Do NOT discuss classified information. degrade mission effectiveness. • Do Ndeg • Remember, your trash and recycle a Speak only with individuals that havebin Spea • Rem need tobe an adversary’s treasure – dispose could know. need cou of and shred material appropriately. of a OPSEC: (Operations Security) OPSEC • Deny undisclosed information to • Deny adversary’s, which may be exploited to Important Phone Numbers adve degrade mission effectiveness. degr • Remember, your CFP Routine Number trash and recycle 422-3242 bin • Routi CFP Rem could be an Assurance Office Wing Information adversary’s treasure – 422-6105 dispose Wing could Infor of and shred material appropriately. of an FOR AFTER HOURS INCIDENT FO RESPONSE SUPPORT PLEASE CALL Important Phone Numbers RESP 422-5835 AND FOLLOW THE PHONE 422-5 CFP Routine Number TREE. 422-3242 CFP Routin Wing Information Assurance Office 422-6105 Wing Inform 17
  19. 19. ORI GlossaryACH Advanced Combat HelmetCAC Common Access CardCAT Crisis Action TeamCDF Cargo deployment functionCOMSEC Communication SecurityDCD Deployment Control CenterDEPORD Deployment OrderEET Exercise Evaluation TeamFPCON Force Protection ConditionFW Fighter WingICC Incident Control CenterIG Inspector GeneralINFOCON Information ConditionLBE Load Bearing EquipmentMRE Meal Ready to EatMSG Mission Support GroupMXG Maintenance GroupNETOPS Network OperationsPDF Personnel Deployment FunctionOPSEC Operational SecurityPPE Personal Protection EquipmentRST Reference Start TimeSDF Standard Deployment FolderT.O. Technical OrderUCC Unit Control CenterDSOE Deployment Schedule of Events Page 1 of 1MXOPS Aircraft Generation (load & prep jets for departure)Aircraft Regeneration Reconfigure at Base X 19
  20. 20. Reference ORI Phone Reference Actual Medical Emergency, Fire, Cargo Deployment Function Bomb Threat - 911 Trans Cont Officer 5765 Command Post 5333 Cargo 5980 Ground Safety 5317 Ramp 5980 Security Forces 5366 DVO 6416 ATNAS OPS 6311 ATO 5889 UDCC BLDG PHONE Chaplain 6735 CES 412 5506 SARC 6162 CF 669 3242 JAG 3113 PDF 1500 5643 MOCC 5424 LRS 503 5388 Public Affairs 6157 MXG 148 5516 Vehicle Dispatch 6466 MDG 668 5369 SFS 144 6067 ICC/BLDING 400 OG 146 6165 From off base 422-5333 FW/CC 422-5323 Deployment FW/CV 422-5814 Control Center FW/CCC 422-6993 IDO 5517 ICC Cordntr 422-5390 DCC NCOIC 5887 MXG/CC 422-6464 PDF REP 5895 MSG/CC 422-5555 Logistics REP 5887 INTEL 422-5223 CDF REP 5765 Command Pst 422-5333 Personal OPS Desk 422-5348 Deployment Function PDF OIC 5643 Pratice Phone UP / PDF NCOIC 5643 WAA 6245 DOWN Protocol PAX Manifest 6493 “Duty Section, Rank & Eligibility Identification 6492 6492 Name, Medical 6731 Fmly Readnss 5374 Unsecure Line” PDF ECP 6837 PAX Briefing 6826 Orders Funct. 683120