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SEO - The Power of Fresh, Original Content


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123 Web Design Bournemouth provides web design services, SEO, e-Commerce Solutions, web and software developments to enhance your business image and increase your customer base.

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SEO - The Power of Fresh, Original Content

  1. 1. Call on 01202 237799 WelcomeSEO - The Power of Fresh, Original Content
  2. 2. Call on 01202 237799 Fresh Content• This is very important for search engine optimisation• Search engines love websites that post regular, fresh, original content
  3. 3. Call on 01202 237799 Do’s of Fresh & Original Content• Post fresh content• Content you publish on your own site must be original• Fresh, original content helps with getting website regularly spidered
  4. 4. Call on 01202 237799 Don’ts of Fresh & Original Content• Dont expect to create a successful website if you are not producing own original copy• Don’t create a website from syndicated content
  5. 5. Call on 01202 237799 More info:• Syndicated content does have its place – use sparingly though• RSS feeds can be a valuable addition to information you provide to visitors• Syndicated content can help to provide even more on-topic information
  6. 6. Call on 01202 237799 Thank 01202 23 77 99