Online Businesses and SEO at a Glance


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123 Web Design Bournemouth provides web design services, SEO, e-Commerce Solutions, web and software developments to enhance your business image and increase your customer base.

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Online Businesses and SEO at a Glance

  1. 1. Call on 01202 237799 WelcomeOnline Businesses and SEO at a Glance
  2. 2. Call on 01202 237799 Search Engine Optimization or SEO• Improve the search-ability of a website in search engines• Receives more traffic and an essential part of marketing businesses online• Focuses on maximizing how search engines work for the benefit of a company
  3. 3. Call on 01202 237799 Backbones of SEO• Keyword research• Link building• Social bookmarking
  4. 4. Call on 01202 237799 Keyword Research Function• Maximizes the power of keywords• Requires intelligent placement of keywords on a webpage• Keywords can be placed on heads and subheads of your website
  5. 5. Call on 01202 237799 Link Building & Social Bookmarking• Focuses on inbound links on your webpage• Process of saving bookmarks to a website and tagging it with keywords• Generates more inbound traffic for your website.
  6. 6. Call on 01202 237799 Thank 01202 23 77 99