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How To Build a Quality Link Profile


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How To Build a Quality Link Profile

  1. 1. Call on 01202 237799 WelcomeHow To Build a Quality Link Profile
  2. 2. Call on 01202 237799 Healthy Link Profile• Needed by websites to be recognized and ranked high in the results pages• Totality of all inbound links that are received by a website• Healthy link profile is composed of links coming from diversified, related sources
  3. 3. Call on 01202 237799 Search Engine Algorithms• Now factor in quality not just quantity of links when ranking websites• Quality of a link can be determined by the kind of source it came from
  4. 4. Call on 01202 237799 Sources of Links• Can also be determined by search engines• Some diversity of sources and not just a couple of Ips helps• Search engines ignore links that come from thousands of sites on a single network
  5. 5. Call on 01202 237799 Advantages of a Healthy Link Profile• Good balance between quality and quantity• Good old quality content is still the best way to show that you are an expert in your field• Good reason why customers should trust you and buy from you
  6. 6. Call on 01202 237799 Thank 01202 23 77 99