The Power of Mobile Websites


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The Power of Mobile Websites

  1. 1. The Power of MobileApplications:And Why Every Company should have oneK. Patrice Williams JDChief Branding Strategist123 Target Marketingwww.123TargetMarketing.comWebsite & Logo DevelopmentMobile Applications
  2. 2. TargetMarketingtoGrowYourBusinessSalesTHE POWER OF MOBILE APPLICATIONS
  3. 3. TargetMarketingtoGrowYourBusinessSalesReach more Customers with Mobile?Is your website difficult to read on a Smartphone?57% of smartphone owners search on their smartphones every day4. Now is thetime to get a mobile-friendly web site for your business!Check out these Statistics:• 95% of smartphone users search for local businesses on their phone1• 1/2 of those people will contact a business they find1• 52% of people say a bad mobile experience makes them less likely toengage with a business2• More than 80% of businesses experience increased business with mobilemarketing31 Google Mobile Ads Blog – Smartphone User Study, 20112 Google GoMo, 20123 PR Newswire, “84% of U.S. Small Businesses Using Mobile Marketing See Increase in New BusinessActivity,” 20124 Google – Our Mobile Planet: United States, 2012
  4. 4. TargetMarketingtoGrowYourBusinessSalesMobile Websites and Mobile ApplicationsBoth are accessed on a handheld device(Android, iPhone, Blackberry) and tablets.What’s the Difference?
  5. 5. TargetMarketingtoGrowYourBusinessSalesMobile WebsitesIf your goals are primarily related to marketing or publiccommunications, a mobile website is almost always going to makesense as a practical first step in your mobile outreach strategy.• Broader accessibility• Compatibility• Cost-effectiveness
  6. 6. TargetMarketingtoGrowYourBusinessSalesWhen does a Mobile Website Make Sense?If your goals are primarily related tomarketing or public communications, amobile website is almost always going tomake sense as a practical first step in yourmobile outreach strategy.• Broader accessibility• Compatibility• and cost-effectiveness.Immediacy – Mobile Websites Are InstantlyAvailableA mobile website is instantly accessible tousers via a browser across a range of devices(iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, etc). Appsrequire the user to first download and installthe application from an app marketplacebefore the content or application can beviewed - a significant barrier between initialengagement and action/conversion.Time and Cost - Mobile Websites are LessExpensiveMobile website development is considerablymore time and cost-effective thandevelopment of a native app. A presence ondifferent platforms(Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry) requiresthe development of multiple apps.Support and SustainabilityThe investment considerations of app vswebsite don’t end with the initial launch;properly supporting and developing an app(upgrades, testing, compatibility issues andongoing development) is more much moreexpensive and involve.Compatibility – Mobile Websites areCompatible Across DevicesA single mobile website can reach usersacross many different types of mobiledevices, whereas native apps require aseparate version to be developed for eachtype of device.
  7. 7. TargetMarketingtoGrowYourBusinessSalesMobile Applications•Interactivity between users•Gaming•Regular Usage•Functionality
  8. 8. TargetMarketingtoGrowYourBusinessSalesWhen Does an App Make Sense?Interactivity/Gaming – for interactivegames an app is almost always going tobe your best choice.Regular Usage/Personalization – If yourtarget users are going to be using yourapp in a personalized fashion on aregular basis (think EverNote) then anapp provides a great way to do that.Complex Calculations or Reporting – Ifyou need something that will take dataand allow you to manipulate it withcomplex calculations, charts or reports(think banking or investment) an app willhelp you do that very effectively.Native Functionality or ProcessingRequired - mobile web browsers aregetting increasingly good at accessingcertain mobile-specific functions suchas click-to-call, SMS and GPS.However, if you need to access a userscamera or processing power an app willstill do that much more effectively.No connection Required – If you needto provide offline access to content orperform functions without anetwork/wireless connection then anapp makes sense.
  9. 9. TargetMarketingtoGrowYourBusinessSalesMobile Website vs. Mobile ApplicationMobile Website• The obvious characteristic thatdistinguishes a mobile website froma standard website is it’s designedfor the smaller handheld displayand touch-screen interface.• Access the Mobile Website on thephone browser. Like anywebsite, mobile websites candisplay text content, data, imagesand video.• Mobile-specific features such asclick-to-call (to dial a phonenumber) or location-based mapping.Mobile Application• Mobile Apps are actual applicationsthat are downloaded and installedon your mobile device from device-specific portals (Apple’s AppStore, Google PlayStore, orBlackberry App World) in order tofind and download apps for a givenoperating system.• The app may pull content and datafrom the Internet, in similar fashionto a website, or it may download thecontent so that it can be accessedwithout an Internet connection.
  10. 10. TargetMarketingtoGrowYourBusinessSalesLearn MoreTo learn more, simply complete the form below and we’ll be happy to follow-upwith additional information, including:• Needs Assessment• Cost Estimates• Questions & Answers123 Target Marketingwww.123targetmarketing.comWeCare@123targetmarketing.com707-557-7007