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Electronics seminar topics


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Electronics Seminar Topics and Project Ideas

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Electronics seminar topics

  1. 1. Forums Job Openings Blog Computer Tips Seminars & Projects HomeComputer Science and Information Technology Seminar Topics Elastic Quotas Electronic Ink Embedded System in Automobiles. EPICS-Electromechanical Human-machine interaction Extreme Programming Extreme Programming (XP) Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography Face Recognition Technology Firewire Fluorescent Multi-layer Disc. Fractal Robots. FRAM-Ferroelectric RAM Free Space Optics Free Space Robotics Futex. Gaming Consoles. Generic Framing Procedure Gesture Recognition GMPLS Graphic processing Unit Grid Computing H323. High Speed Data in Mobile Network Honeypots. HPJava. Cellular Digital Packet Data Chameleon Chip Cisco IOS Firewall. Compact peripheral component interconnect Computer Clothing. Computer Human Interface (CHI) Content Management System Controller Area Network corDECT Wireless in Local Loop System Crusoe Processor.
  2. 2. Delay-Tolerant Networks DiffServ. Digital Audio Broadcasting Digital Light Processing Digital Subscriber Line Digital Theatre System Digital Watermarking Dynamic Distributed Intrusion Detection Systems EDGE efficeon processor E-Intelligence. Elastic Quotas Electronic Ink Embedded System in Automobiles. EPICS-Electromechanical Human-machine interactionExtreme ProgrammingExtreme Programming (XP)Extreme Ultraviolet LithographyFace Recognition TechnologyFirewireFluorescent Multi-layer Disc.Fractal Robots.FRAM-Ferroelectric RAMFree Space OpticsFree Space RoboticsFutex.Gaming Consoles.Generic Framing ProcedureGesture RecognitionGMPLSGraphic processing UnitGrid ComputingH323.High Speed Data in Mobile NetworkHoneypots.HPJava.Human Computer InterfaceHuman Id ImplantHURDHVAC Duct As A Communication ChannelHyper Threading
  3. 3. Hyper-Threading technology IDC-Internet Distributed Computing IDS-Intrusion Detection Systems. Imode: inception, presence and impact. In Memory Database Instrument Landing System Intel Centrino Mobile Technology Intelligent Networks Intrusion Detection with Snort IP Spoofing Iris Scanning Itanium Processor Java Card Java Ring. JXTA – A Peer-to-Peer Development Platform LIDAR Light emitting polymers LIGHT TREE LMDS Low Power UART Design for Serial Data Communication MAEMO Managing Security in Mobile Phones MBMSM-Commerce. Micro Display Microsoft Windows Distributed internet application architect Migration From GSM Network To GPRS MiniDisc. Mobile IP Mobile Virtual Reality Modular Computing Motion Capturing MPEG Video Compression MPEG-4 Facial Animation MPEG-7 MPLS NAPI-New Application Program Interface NAS-Network Attached Storage Neural Networks And Their Applications Note Book Computer NRAM Opteron Optical Computing Technology Optical Data Security
  4. 4. Optical Packet Switch Architectures Optical Packet Switching Network Optical Satellite Communication OVIONIC Memory Ovonic Unified Memory 1. Parasitic Computing 2. PCI Express 3. Performance Testing 4. Pivot Vector Space Approach in Audio-Video Mixing. 5. Polymer Memory. 6. Powerline Communication 7. PROJECT OXYGEN 8. Projection T V 9. Protein Memory 10. QoS in Cellular Networks Based on MPT 11. Quantum Computing 12. Quantum Cryptography 13. Radio Frequency Light Sources 14. Raoof 15. RD RAM. 16. RPR 17. RSS : Really Simple Syndication 18. Satellite Radio 19. SATRACK 20. self managing computing system 21. Self Organizing Maps 22. Sensors on 3D Digitization 23. Shallow Water Acoustic Networks 24. Smart Cards 25. Smart FabricsSmart Cards.Smart Pixel ArraysSmart SensorsSoftware-Defined RadioSpace Mouse.SPECTStereoscopic ImagingSubversionSurround SystemsSurvivable Networks SystemsSynchronous Optical Networking
  5. 5. TapestryTele-ImmersionTeleradiologyTempest and EchelonTen Gigabit EthernetTerabit Switching and RoutingTerrahertz Transistor.Third Generation of Mobile Phones.Tripwire.Ubiquitous Networking.Ultra Wide Band.Unicode Supports Solaris Operating Environment.Virtual TypingVIRTUALIZATIONVirus and Anti VirusesVisions of 4G.VNC-Virtual Network ComputingVoCableVoCable.VPN-Virtual Private Networks.Wearable Bio-SensorsWearable ComputersWearable ComputersWeb CommunitiesWeb MiningWindows DNAWindows vistaWireless Application ProtocollWireless Internet Security.Wireless Networked Digital DevicesXML Encryption.IOCPPixie DustImage ProcessingSnake Robots5 Pen PC TechnologyRed TactonTwo Factor AuthenticationCloud Computing 3D ICs 3G vs WiFi 4G Wireless Systems Adding Intelligence to Internet
  6. 6. ADSL - Assymetric Digital Subscriber Line. Aeronautical Communications Agent Oriented Programming AgentOS Animatronics AntHocNet ARM Processor Artificial Neural Network (ANN) Asynchronous Chips ATM with an eye Atomic Scale Memory At A Silicon Surface Augmented Reality Autonomic Computing Bio Chip Biometric Technology Blu Ray Disc Blue Eyes Blue Gene Blue Gene/L BluRay DVD Brain-Computer Interface.1. Multitouch Technology2. Cellular Digital Packet Data3. Sky X Technology4. Wireless USB5. Intel Thunderbolt Technology6. Semantic Web7. Ubiquitous Networking8. Animatronics9. Virtual Retinal Display10. High Speed Data in Mobile Network11. Digital Light Processing12. DiffServ13. AgentOS14. Blu Ray Disc15. Bluray DVD16. Daknet17. Cell Phone Virus18. Border Security Using WINS19. Computer Clothing20. Skinput21. Tablet PC22. Eye Gaze Communication23. Tongue Drive System24. Steganography
  7. 7. 25. Free Space OpticsCellonics TechnologyJava CardNANOTOXICOLOGYSmart DustHVAC Duct As A Communication ChannelGlobal Positioning System- GPSIP SpoofingE-IntelligenceItanium ProcessorHoneypotsVoice MorphingProject OxygenArtificial IntelligenceSwarm IntelligenceAntHocNetEarthquake Detection Using FM RadioCryogenic GrindingPlastic MemoryDigital Theatre SystemWindows DNACrusoe ProcessorFuzzy LogicOvonic Unified MemoryAssymetric Digital Subscriber Line-ADSL Ten Gigabit Ethernet 1. Polymer Memory 2. 3D Password 3. Nano Materials 4. Graphical Password 5. Artificial Passenger 6. Holographic Data Storage 7. Surface Computing 8. Smart Sensors 9. Java Ring 10. H323 11. Cyber Terrorism 12. Smart Fabrics 13. Asynchronous Chips
  8. 8. 14. Managing Security in Mobile Phones15. Self Defending Networks16. Common Object Request Broker Architecture-COBRA17. Chameleon Chip18. corDECT Wireless in Local Loop System19. Firewire20. 3D Searching21. Perceptual Intelligence22. Elastic Quota23. Storage Area Networks (SAN)24. Biochips25. Wireless Mesh Networks1. Location Based Service2. Computational Photography3. Bluetooth Based Sensor Network4. Rover Technology5. Human ID Implant6. Wisenet7. Indoor Geolocation8. Light Peak Technology9. Terrestrial Trunked Radio10. Green Computing11. Digital Smell Technology12. Augmented Reality13. Symbian OS14. Very Large Scale Integration15. Social Engineering16. Flexible Manufacturing Systems17. Iris Scanning18. LIDAR-Light Detection And Ranging19. FRAM-Ferroelectric RAM20. Controller Area Network21. Optical Data Security22. Computer Peripheral23. Sensors on 3D Digitization24. Digital Audio Broadcasting25. Template Matching1. Jini Technology2. Tempest and Echelon3. MPEG-74. Tele Immersion5. Mobile Number Portability6. Wearable Bio-Sensors7. Near Field Communication
  9. 9. 8. Blade Server9. XML Encryption10. Clockless Chip11. Digital Jewelery12. Service Oriented Architecture-SOA13. Extreme Programming14. Voice Portal15. Antisleep Alarm16. Virtual Network Computing17. HTML518. Global Wireless E-Voting19. Frog Boiling Attack20. Wireless Internet Security21. Sixth Sense Technology22. Remote Media Immersion23. MCommerce24. EvoMouse25. Ceramic Fasteners1. Organic LED Display-OLED2. Hyper Spectral Imaging3. Paper Battery4. Adhoc Networks5. Phishing Techniques6. Distributed Garbage Collection7. EPICS - Electromechanical Human machine interaction8. Heart Failure Alert System Using Rfid Technology9. Image Thresholding10. Futex11. IP version 6 - IPv612. Apple iOS13. Resilient Packet Ring Technology14. Slammer Worm15. Finger Print Recognition16. Virtual Mouse17. Nymble: Blocking Misbehaving Users in Anonymizing Networks18. Optical Packet Switching19. Plan For No Spam20. Microbiology21. Multisensor Fusion and Integration22. Bio Molecular Computing23. LDPC Codes24. Anisotropic Filtering25. Distributed Firewall1. Recombinant DNA
  10. 10. 2. Gi-Fi Next Generation Wireless Technology3. Multicore Processor Architecture4. Neural Networks5. Tripwire6. Voice Browser7. Renewable Energy8. Maemo9. LAMP Technology10. Cisco iOS Firewall11. Ant Colony Optimization12. Graphics Processing Unit13. HPJava - High Performance Java14. Data Mining Knowledge Discovery in Databases15. Pervasive Computing16. Aspect Oriented Programming17. 64 Bit Computing18. MPLS19. Multiprotocol Label Switching20. Bluetooth-an Enabler for Personal Area Networking21. Game Engine22. Poke Yoke23. Wireless Electricity OR Witricity24. Autonomic Computing25. Solar Sail1. E Learning Technology2. Windows 83. VMware4. In Memory Database5. Network Attached Storage - NAS6. Security Protocols for Sensor Networks7. Health Information System8. VoIP - Voice over Internet Protocol9. Magnetic Refrigeration10. Packet Switching11. Automatic Dependent Surveillance (ADS-B)12. Spyware13. Delay Tolerant Networks14. Gaming Consoles15. Botnet16. RSA Algorithm17. Co Linux18. Wireless Application Protocol19. Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing-OFDM20. Employee Management System21. Mainframes
  11. 11. 22. Google Apps Engine 23. Mobile Computing 24. Catalytic Converters 25. Reverse Engineering 1. Virtual Campus 2. Liquid Crystal Display 3. Hyper Transport Technology 4. Terabit Routing and Switching 5. Ergonomics 6. NRAM 7. Mobile Communication 8. Shallow Water Acoustic Networks 9. Data Leakage Detection 10. Interplanetary Internet 11. Sniffer for Detecting Lost Mobiles 12. Soft Computing 13. Digital Forensics 14. Callpaper Concept 15. God Particle 16. Vehicle Management System 17. 3D Doctor 18. Telepresence 19. Vedic Mathematics 20. FiWi-Fiber Wireless Access Networks 21. Video Compression Techniques 22. Data Cleaning 23. 3D Internet 24. Marine Pollution 25. SAP SoftwareComputer Science and Information Technology Seminar Topics