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4 sample articles


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4 sample articles

  1. 1. Sample 1Help Yourself to Become a Good Cancer CaregiverGive yourself the tool to reach out for others and become a good cancer caregiver. Prepareyourself for cancer care giving by simply following some guides constructed by experts. Atany time you could encounter this kind of job whether you are a professional caregiver orjust a mere family-member.Get Prepared with Cancer Care givingThere are several cancer patients with different medical needs. The best way caregiverscan do is to get prepared and share a responsibility by educating yourself. Doctor knowsbest, ask the doctor everything and try to consult the internet for more ways on how toprepare you for some cancer care giving. Learn how to manage your time and be organized.Being a cancer caregiver will challenge you with a different level of difficulty. The best wayto become organized is to write everything down. Keep on track of the cancer patient’ssymptoms, medication, schedules and anything that may arise in the future. Keeping thisinformation will provide you the advantage to take a responsible decision regarding anyemergency situation.Delegate Roles to Other MembersShare the tasks to family members to free you from work overload. Research says thatmany cancer caregivers are not prepared for the challenge and the worst thing is that theydon’t get the needed support for other potential role players. Be creative and responsible indelegating the tasks to others for cancer care giving is not an individual task. You can do italone but teamwork is really ideal. Learn how to ask help from others.It is important that when doing this job, a stress relieving activity should be designed tomaintain a shape of team members. If you lose focus and damaged by stress, expect thatyou will have a misfortunate care giving. You may find that it seems like you’re the cancerpatient being attacked and ruined to death. Be careful because no one is exempted fromfailure whether it is due to an accident or just a mere negligence.Successful Cancer Care Giving JobSimply do what you can do. Prevent yourself from overdoing the job. Expect a positiveoutcome if you prepare yourself ahead of time physically, emotionally and mentally.Success does not only lie on the healthy development of your patient but also by the goodrelationship that you had polished way long with your family members.
  2. 2. It will be really sad if your patient goes on the other way. Cancer Caregivers usually, loosesconfidence and feels unfortunate after seeing their client suffer more from the disease. Butyou have to accept it, for so many hard to describe reasons; life has its own way. Nobodycould actually dictate what will happen next.Sample 2Walk the Talk: Effective Foot Pain ManagementWith the fast-paced lifestyles everyone has today, having various body pains like foot painis inevitable. Since many people tend to multi-task. Doing such, many can attest to itsadvantages. However, you cannot deny the disadvantages that come along with it also. Oneof its not-so-good effects is having various body pains that can hinder the way we can ourday-to-day tasks. A very good example is having heel and/or foot pain. Utilizing footsupport like orthotic inserts would be of great help.If you experience foot pain, it can slow you down and even to the point of immobilizing you.Who would want to have his/her daily tasks put into a stop just because of a painful foot?This is when orthotics for podiatry comes in.What is orthotics and orthotic inserts?The study of orthotics in view of podiatry will help you get in your feet and move againwithout the pain. The orthotic inserts are insoles that are specially designed to give supportto the weight distribution of the foot. It is placed into the shoe of a patient. It gives a bigplatform where your feet can rest on and will help to lessen the pain by removing thepressure in your legs once you start walking.Which inserts to use?These inserts actually have two kinds – first is the corrective and the second is theprotective. The corrective inserts are the rigid kinds since it gives guiding and stabilizingeffect. It can be a permanent remedy for pathological condition, or it can be a temporaryremedy to posture adjustment or weight distribution. Meanwhile, the protective inserts arethose that assist the pressure on the foot and are used to treat plantar fasciitis.For sports and athletics, these inserts are used for a particular purpose. It assists athleteswho have a tendency to get sprain and other injuries while on the move. Moreover, whenathletes have injury, the inserts will help as safeguard measure in regaining their strength.But of course, you need to consult to a podiatrist first before using any of it.When your body starts to lag due to various pains like foot pain, an effective foot painmanagement must be applied immediately so that it will not worsen. Manage the foot pain
  3. 3. you experience with the use of orthotic inserts as it will help a lot particularly with yourposture, step, and weight distribution. But do not forget to consult an orthotic specialist orpodiatrist first.Sample 3Real Estate 101: Getting To Know More about the Changing Market“Is real estate investing effective?” “Will it work with my target market?” These are themost common questions that are being asked by the aspiring real estate investors. In fact, anumber of real estate investors are puzzled on how to deal with the changing market. So, ifyou’re one of the real estate investor newbie or wannabes, this article suits your interest.Actually, investing in real estate business will surely work with your target market (in anymarket). However, to achieve your goal and realize the positive effect to your market, youneed to familiarize the basics about your market. Furthermore, appropriate techniques andstrategies must be carefully planned.Real Estate MarketThere are various ways to determine or depict real estate markets such as flat and hot,rising and falling, buyers and sellers etc. Practically, every real estate market is subject tochanges or fluctuations. However, the fluctuating activity of the market will not affect a wellequipped and informed investor in making profits.Basic Strategies to Minimize the Risks of Your InvestmentsStrategies are very vital in every business and investment. Of course, if you don’t want tolose your investment, you need to plan ahead your strategies to safeguard yourinvestments. Some investors might plan complicated strategies for their investments.However, most of the times, simple and basic strategies will do.First, you need to understand the large-scale trend of your local market. Be educated withthe activities from global to neighborhood markets. Study your target market carefully andlearn from them.
  4. 4. Next, you must enlist or consider the help of the professional real estate investors who aresuccessful in their fields. They are capable of enough of sharing some tips and advices foryou. Best of all, they will help you in interpreting the market indicators. These basicstrategies are very essential in making good decisions.The Inventory TrendsInventory refers to the number of properties that are offered for a deal. It is one of the goodindicators of the present market trends. Inventory is affected by various factors likegeography and building restrictions. These factors will lower the inventory. As a result,prices will increase due to high demands. Inventory is also subject to fluctuations due to anumber of causes like seasonal trends. In fact, the inventory’s seasonal drops reflect theaggressive trends of marketing properties, especially in summer and winter seasons. Thus,it’s best to plan for these seasons.Falling MarketsIt’s normal for markets to change, especially in real estate market. Fluctuation is just anormal trend. A number of markets have experienced the flattening, rising and even fallingperformances. If the property value falls down, inventory will rise up. As a result, sellersare highly aggravated to sell their properties even in a quick manner. These are the timeswhen sellers are very strategic. In fact, a number of sellers are desperate enough to disposetheir properties in below the market offer.Plan Your Exit StrategiesSmart investors will always have a plan B or even C if plan A doesn’t work out. It’s veryrisky to guess the future of your investment without any exit plans. Thus, it’s vital toidentify your target market and create a clear and firm plan before making an investment.
  5. 5. Sample 4Eureka 3670G Vacuum Review- Is it The Right One For You?A vacuum that has the power to do a job well done is this Eureka 3670G. This compactvacuum has the ability to pick up dust and dirt alike. It is lightweight and mighty. It isextremely easy to carry and is well appreciated because of its maneuverability.This machine is ideal for quick and efficient cleaning. It works well on carpet and rugs but itworks best on bare floors. The 20 foot cord allows you to easily take the unit anywhere.Storage is not a problem since the compact design enables you to find a suitable place forthe unit. The compact size would be a delight when using this machine for thoroughcleaning in your car.Features of Eureka 3670GThe Eureka Vacuum Cleaner is a lightweight 12 amp canister vacuum. The power suctionis great because it makes cleaning more quick and efficient. It has a power-touch handlewith easy-to-use fingertip controls. Also comes along with a deluxe floor brush.It has a blower port, a 20 foot power cord and is compact in size. Auto shut-off featureprotects against overheating when in use. The onboard tools include an upholstery nozzle,crevice tool and a dusting brush.Works good on oriental carpets and rugs but this machine is ideal for bare floors and hardwood floors.What We Like about Eureka 3670G  Strong Suction power
  6. 6.  Portable (light and compact)  Easy to store away  The cord is of good distance  Good value  Auto Shut-off feature  Power-touch handle with easy-to-use fingertip controlsWhat We Like Less About Eureka 3670G  No HEPA filter  No automatic cord rewind  Not for heavy duty cleaning  Vacuum bags are difficult to findEureka 3670G vs. Dyson DC23If you are on the verge of deciding whether to get a Dyson vacuum over the Eureka vacuumthis might help you with it. With power and compatibility this two might just do the face-offbattle.The Eureka Vacuum Cleaner has made its popularity through its portability and weight,while the Dyson Vacuum cleaner has a very limited canister that it would require constantemptying. Both Vacuum cleaners are suited for small to medium built houses orapartments.In terms of power suction the Dyson vacuum cleaner has very good power suction, yet theEureka vacuum cleaner has the advantage having a 12 amp motor with it.Storing the Dyson DC23 is a bit of a problem since it would most likely consume space. TheEureka 3670G on the other hand is compact and storing the machine is not a hassle.Due to the bulkier size of the Dyson Vacuum cleaner, it is difficult for it to maneuveraround. I’ll give the points to the Eureka Vacuum Cleaner since its compact design makes iteasier to maneuver around the area.
  7. 7. The Dyson Canister Vacuum Cleaner has a shorter power cord while the Eureka CanisterVacuum Cleaner has a 20 foot cord that makes it very easy to drag from one place toanother.Function buttons are located on the unit itself with the Dyson Vacuum Cleaner, but theEureka Vacuum Cleaner has buttons on the handle with an easy-to-use fingertip controls.Dyson Vacuum Cleaner has HEPA filter for people that easily gets allergies airborne. HEPAfilter doesn’t come with the package of Eureka 3670G yet, it is HEPA filter available and itonly comes as an upgradeable option for you.Onboard tools are available for the Eureka Vacuum Cleaner which makes it easier totransition from different types of surfaces. There is only one tool available onboard for theDyson Vacuum Cleaner.The sound of both machines is bearable and there are very little concerns with the noise itmakes. Dyson Vacuum Cleaner is a bit pricey while the Eureka Vacuum cleaner isaffordable.At the end, the Eureka Canister Vacuum Cleaner has the ability to do the cleaning quicklyand efficiently. With the lightweight as a plus, it makes it even better to finish the job at arapid pace.Stars Tell the rated Eureka 3670G 4.8 stars over 5 stars. Walmart gave it 4.5 stars out of5 stars. Ebay rated the same machine 4.5 stars out of 5. This makes the unit one of thehighest rated Vacuum Cleaners in the industry.
  8. 8. Even statistics prove that the Eureka Canister Vacuum Cleaner has the power and theability to provide you a clean area. What’s even fascinating is the price of this device, butwith that it only comes with a one year limited support.Not bad of a deal for its portability would really go the distance. Does the job quickly andefficiently, doesn’t need much for storage and can do pretty much what you want and need.Is Eureka 3670G the One for You?Who would love to clean the house dragging heavy equipment? I’m very sure not me. Themost amazing thing about the Eureka 3670G is its weight that it doesn’t compromise otherfeatures that you need in a vacuum.The power suction is still great in a sense that having 3 shedding dogs is not that big of aproblem. It works very well on the carpeted areas but this unit is ideal for hard wood floorsand bare floors.While you are in the frenzy of vacuuming around the Auto shut-off feature would protectthe device from overheating. The dust bag can secure all the dirt, dust, and pet hair thatwere picked-up. Emptying the dust bag is very easy like ABCs.Keeping your car clean is no hassle. The 12 amp motor, lightweight design, and compactsize combo will surely do the trick.Even though it doesn’t come with the HEPA filter, it doesn’t mean it’s not compatible. Youcan always have the HEPA filter as an upgrade for those who are allergic to certain kinds ofpollutants. The Eureka 3670G is affordable, portable, quick and efficient. It will certainlyget the job done.