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Mobile Accessories


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Mobile Accessories

  1. 1. Nokia / Samsung / LG mobile phone battery BP BL Nokia A grade high capacity battery BP-6M for 3250 6233 6280 N73 N93 Phones About the product Keep a spare battery at home, in the office or while travelling so you will never miss that important call. This battery has an extended life and using Lithium Ion technology is protected against the 'memory effect'. Lithium Ion Batteries (Li ION) are the most popular cell phone batteries available. Li-ION have replaced NiMH batteries for many phones because they provide following distinct advantages: Li-ION batteries provide 40% longer standby and talk times than NiMH batteries. Li-ION batteries are lighter and more compact than NiMH batteries. Li-ION batteries does not suffer from memory effect . Li-ION batteries will last over 30% longer than NiMH batteries because the cells accept more charge cycles. Note - New batteries should be fully charged and discharged a few times before they work to their maximum capacity. Features • A grade battery • Li-ion rechargeable battery • High capacity for long life time • With safety and stable circuit protection • With CE production certification • With 6 months warranty Compatibility Nokia 3250, 6151, 6233, 6234, 6280, 6288, 9300, 9300i, N73, N93 Why choose A grade battery? A Grade B Grade Cost High Low Talk time Same or more as an original battery Much less than the original battery Battery life Long lasting- Quick to recharge, do Short life, takes ages to charge and not heat up. discharge quickly, heat up
  2. 2. excessively while charging. Tidy appearance, smooth surface Inferior quality appearance, finish is Place inside a without any scratches or jagged not good, scratchy look, does not fit phone edges. Fits perfectly in your phone properly. Metal contacts are made from high- Any metal used, and copper polishing Metal contacts quality copper. So no corrosion at done, corrosion in battery points after contact points. usage, might harm your phone too. Machine made Battery casing made from special Hand made with low grade material Housing material, very strong, not easily and weak casing. damaged, The battery unit can not opened by general means. Increase in size and might explode Safety Safe even after prolonged use. after prolonged use. Fascia case full housing set Nokia N95 8GB About the product This fascia kit will let you change the damaged, worn out or unwanted covers of your phone. Buy now and turn your old phone to brand new. Specification • 100% brand new phone faceplate/housing/fascia/facia • Complete Set - to fit Nokia N95 8GB version only • Perfect replacement for the original housing • Includes all parts as shown in the photo • Produced with high quality material and meticulously crafted • Durable plastic raw-material. • A grade quality • Precision moulded cases to perfectly fit your mobile • Simple installation Package includes • 1x front faceplate • 1x middle cover • 1x back cover
  3. 3. • Keypad • All buttons 4 Colour stylus touch screen pen NINTENDO NDS DS LITE Features • 100% Brand New • Generic High Quality Plastic Stylus 4-pcs Pack for Nintendo DS Lite • Lightweight and portable • Smart and stylish • Easy to hold when use, ideal for non stop gaming • Sturdy plastic tips for excellent performance and agility • Keep your DS lite screen free from scratches and fingerprints Specifications • Dimensions: Standard size • Material: High grade plastic Package includes 4 x Stylus pens