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Pay ateention

  2. 2. First store under observation ----- > SPLASHBEFORE GOING INSIDE• attractive entrance• welcoming ness shown by always open doors• label and font appealing (simple in black colour)• showing that simple products (clothing mainly) available at cheap prices) ONCE YOU ARE IN • The allegiant designed outlet (combination of black and white colour) • clean and shining floor with not very high ceiling. • soft music playing in the background but changes according to the merchandise collection (target market basically) • quite and calm environment ( only kids if present make noise) • they know the exact amount of merchandise to arrange with perfect security (guards and scanner) • unique lighting system dim in the morning ,bright at night!!!
  3. 3. Contd ---- > splashPERSONAL•Friendly and coordinating staff•Less then 3 min to get connected•No personal things can be consumed by them only uniforms (neat andtidy formals)•One per customer , roughly aged near 20 or 21•Treat all customer equally without any traditional system PRODUCT •Wide product range •Each allotted different section in store •At eye level trendy (latest fashion) products •Products arranged mostly according to price (high cost up lower once down) •If sale then sale item are arranged before the normal rating product to •grab customers attention. •My first love in this store was the accessories.
  4. 4. Contd ----- > splashCUSTOMERS•Rough age range (20 to 30)•Not all there for buying… the actual buyer spend 2 hours max whileothers just a hour or half.•Families or couples seen the most.•Ratio of buyer to that of time passing buyer can be 50:50 OTHER OBSERVATIONS: the presence of trail room only for men not for women , leaving a bad impression behind. comfortable sitting arrangement. good quality products. all making it over all a better place for buying daily consuming clothes and accessories.
  5. 5. Second store under observation ------ > HAMLEYSTHE OUTSIDE VIEW:• a bird eye view gives us interpretation of lots and lots of fun•Appealing look•open entrance with one staff member arranged to be any famouscartoon character.•Font size again is normal but a bit different as compared to splashits more funky (red in color). ENVIRONMENT: •The floor is not actually floor ,it’s a race track in half of the store and in the other half it’s a track like we usually see in fairy tales movies. •The ceiling is usually not that attractive but certain items like trees and many creatures touching the ceiling makes it pleasing for eyes. •Lighting is always bright , maybe relating fun factor (activeness). •Kids moving around makes it noisy but overall not very crowded. •Music , mainly kids related music.
  6. 6. Contd ----- > hamleysPERSONEEL:•Sales person makes contact with you as soon as you entre.•Treat every one with friendly nature.•Uniforms are common , they just show us how the store products can be used(like newly arrived products are displayed on the door steps by sales persons).•The ratio of sales person to customer can be 1:1. PRODUCT: •Hamleys arranged their products according to the trend like if new movie comes its characters will be displayed first. •They have created different sections ( stuff toys, cartoon characters , babies etc) at eye level I saw most of the famous products. •First look attention grabbing items can be the stuff toys (specialty). •Till now I have not seen sale on any of my visit.
  7. 7. Contd ------- > hamleysCUSTOMERS:•Their main target market is kids (toy retailers).•Mostly are just visitors ,those get attracted by the outlook of hamleys.•Buyers are usually less in numbers , may be 1 out of 4.•Kids are most seen in this store so we can expect more of families to be aregular customer of hamleys. OTHER OBSERVATIONS: •They also attract their target market by giving hamleys labeled balloons at the door of outlets. •They have creative setup, sitting arrangement . •Sales person can be seen using Scotties for having a round of outlet. •Not only fun toys they also sell scientific (educational) toys.
  8. 8. Third store under observation ------- > SNOG.BEFORE ENTERING:•No boundaries (door are not present) means an open store•Inside a big mall so less space.•The label snog is written in white color in normal comic sanswriting style.•Showing nothing but chemical free nature of their product ENVIRONEMENT: •Soft music in the background •Colorful lightings arrangements on ceiling which changes time to time for attracting customers. •Floor is white, clean an tidy. •It’s an yogurt and ice cream parlor type store , environment is usually noisy because of its location near the food court but at Mirdiff its noisy mainly due to small are.
  9. 9. Contd ------ > snogPERSONEEL:•The sales staff is located near the cash counter.•Cooperative and gives us better idea (for new customers as to which flavor is good).•They treat every customer in the same traditional way.•No extra service is given.•Uniforms are must and I personally like it (black and pink).•They themselves are not allowed to eat any flavor without paying.•Age range will be around 20 to 25. PRODUCT: •Product category is hybrid one (ice-cream also and yogurt too). •Focus is on natural way of having fun 9 chemical free that’s why using yougurt0. mainly attracting diet conscious people. •All the flavors are arranged at eye level (not many flavors they have) •Products are arranged according to the preferabiltty of customer ,more over toppings (particularly different then normal once are also arranged). •I was attracted by the fact of yogurt involved in ice cream
  10. 10. Contd ------ > snogCUSTOMER:•Every age group is see at this place.•young., old , with family ,bachelors etc all can enjoy this healthy sweet product.•I havent notice any one who just came to visit the outlet, yes many came but whenthey tasted as a trial, they were bound to have snog.•It takes less than 30 mins for each customer to finish his or hers order…. More overless than 5 min is taken to deliver the order. OTHER OBSERVATIONS: •The sitting arrangement is very attractive (mushrooms like structure). •It’s a plus point for them because most of the outlets do not provide this facility. •They have different size (according to persons feasibility). •They provide with extra services too like special packs (so it doesn’t melt) for those taking the product home.
  11. 11. Fourth store under observation ----- > E MAX.BEFORE ENTERING:•Emax has many stores in the UAE but my focus will be on the one in Mirdiff.•Not at all attractive outlook, although doors are absent but at least consumers likeme doesn’t get attracted.•The label is big and black and red in color, good for the store that they enjoy a bigsurface area. ENVIRONMENT: •Usually seen crowded with customers. •Very noisy atmosphere mainly because being an electronic retail shop they have allowed consumers to use music machine according to there mood ( to play the theme music according to consumers). •Un prepared high ceiling leading to a bad impression. •Floor is carpeted in spite of that not really clean. •They are always seen to be bright (normal lighting system).
  12. 12. Contd ------- > E MAXPERSONEL:•The store is seen to have too many sale persons ( aged across 20 to mid 30’s).•They have good communication skills and unless they are not busy else where it takeonly them 5 mins to make good relations with the customers.•They do treat different customers differently.•The ratio of salesperson to customers can be like 50:50.•It is very appreciative to use their store products (mobile phones etc).•More over uniforms are must.
  13. 13. Conted ------- > EmaxCUSTOMERS:•Every age group is seen inside the store, all those who need something orother related to electronics.•Mostly families are seen.•Not all those who visit the store has a intention of buying many of thecustomers are just there for checking market price of products.•The ratio of actual buyers to the visitors can be 60:40. OTHER OBSERVATIONS: •Sales persons are seen to give away balloons with their store name on it (motivators for kids to be in store). •They do not have any sitting arrangement for tired customers. •Usually offers are not disclosed like other retailer , only consulting sales person can help customers to know abut that. •Sales person also give away there personal opinion for customers help but synchronizing needs to be done (mobile department sales person doesn’t know about camera department).
  14. 14. Next store --------- > Carrefour.BEFORE ENTERING:•Outlook of over all store (architecture) attractive, grabbing morecustomers towards it.•Name of store labeled in big bold font and attractively designed inblue color.•Being a convenience product retailer the label indicates aboutpresence of everything under one roof. ENVIRONMENT: •Ceiling is very high and its uncovered (all the lighting arrangements and things needed to install them can be easily seen) not really attractive. •Floor is clean (shiny white tiles). •Color combination use for the store is dark blue and white. •Usually crowded and bit noisy too. •No particular music seen in background, but a particular Carrefour type smell is common. •Lighting is normal (for day as well as night).
  15. 15. Contd ------ > CarrefourPERSONEL:•Hardworking sales persons always ready to help.•But are less in number.•Carrefour is big and spacious, customer to salesperson ratio can be 4:1.•They are allowed to consume things from the store.•Not all are seen in uniforms (or may be I am not aware of different uniforms theywear). PRODUCT: •Wide product range (from convenience product to every other thing). •Different section allotted for all products.•With In each section they have arranged the products according to price range same like splash.•Price tags are not readily available because of extra merchandise and less sales person (customers can cause damage to the product). •Inside security is not very good. •Eye level shelf is reserved for consumer most bought products. •My first love is chewing gum at the point of sales counter.
  16. 16. Contd -------- > CarrefourCUSTOMERS:•Mostly every one from age 10 to 40 or above that can be seen in this store.•Families or singles .•Not all come with an intention of buying but they end up buying anythingfrom point of sales .•Maximum 4 to 5 hour one can spend , for me its too much I only need onehour not more than that. OTHER OBSERVATIONS: like they give after sales services for repairing any thing. •Security at the entrance s very good (sealing bags etc) but inside we see many tampered products left which shows low security level. •Sometimes they do get out of stock. •Over all a better place for shopping (everything inside one roof).
  17. 17. Last store under observation ------ > BABY SHOPBEFORE ENTERING:•The window is designed to attract mother not babies.•Doors are present.•And label of brand name is in normal sized fonts ,not too big not too small nut allsmall letters are use may be because it is baby shop.•Spacious and large surface area. ENVIRONMENT: •Clean floors and ceiling of white color. •Wall are painted with different cute stuff for babies. •Usually when no sale it’s a very quite place with slow songs but as soon as season of sale emerges it turned out to be a messy and loud place. •Children noise is common. •Lighting effects are bright for night and dim at day. •A very good odor is observed. •Only one main cash counter (makes it messy and crowded during sale times)
  18. 18. Contd ------- > baby shop.PERSONEL:•Sales persons are seen less in number.•Very poor sales service (we actually have to search for on sales person for getting anyinformation about the product).•They cannot consume any product of the store (it not of their use).•Uniforms for those at cashier is seen and it keeps on changing :s PRODUCT: •They sell all required products for babies (toys , clothings etc). •Every category is allotted different section. •Products are arranged according to price. •At eye level reasonable priced products are seen. •I got attracted by toys in the store. •They do not have any point of sale products. (as far as I observed). •Normal level of security is also seen (one guard and cameras).
  19. 19. Contd ------ > baby shop.CUSTOMERS:•Mainly females with kids are seen ( families).•Kids are their target market but mothers are catered by them.•Age limit is between 20 to 30’s.•Not all come with intention of buying but buyers are seen more in number.•Others just rome about may be to get an idea of prices of research (like us).•Its up to the need, I have seen people taking 4 hours in the same shop ( when sale ison).•I can maximum stay there for one hour.
  20. 20. My favourite observationsHamleys and the Snog