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حل النشاط الاول


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حل النشاط الاول

  1. 1. www.excite.comSabine | Teachers | Search | Reference | Virtual School | Library Technology Standards Research - Technology Regional Educational Labs Technology Guides and Tutorials Integrating Technology Worksheets Copyright21st Century SkillsLaptops for StudentsTechnology in the classroom promotes an increase in writing skills; better understanding ofothers; and greater problem solving and critical thinking skills. Learn more from these site Edutopia Online: The Big List on Technology Integration - The George Lucas Educational Foundation (GLEF) of interviews, professional organizations, and resources to show teachers how to weave computers into the curriculum Best Practices of Technology Integration - Access K-12 lessons that use technology. Written by practicing teache Fine Arts, Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Special Education, and Technology. Technology Integration: Unit Planning - What does the research say about using technology effectively? This sit technology lesson, construct the assessment, identify instructional resources, and plan for classroom management. Technology Integration - Linda Burkhart provides guidelines, tip sheets, interactive projects, and strategies for K-8 Topics include the one computer classroom, utilizing Web information, assistive technology, and instructional uses o Technology Integration Projects for Students - This site lists various ways to use computers, such as conduct re products, discuss ideas, use multimedia resources, enhance project-based learning, and reform learning. Each categ Technology Integration - This site holds a wealth of information from keyboarding lessons and game templates to camera and software tutorials. Also available are virtual activities, Web page design tips, links to student sites, and h whiteboards. The Benefits of Information Technology - This article by John Kosakowski discusses the advantages of Tools for the TEKS: Integrating Technology in the Classroom - Wesley Fryer offers a variety of articles planning. Planning Lessons that Use Technology - This site offers advice on assessing your technological resourc comfort zone. Understand Your Acceptable Use Policy - This site includes a lesson plan and handout for teaching stud The Traits of an Effective Technology Coach and Signs of a Robust Program - This site discusses the cheerleader, sidekick, or judge. Bringing A Nation Online: The Importance of Federal Leadership - Both the executive and legislativ working to bridge the digital divide. This report examines the data in A Nation Online and highlights the gaps between those Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation: The Digital Divide - This Foundation has become partners with state library access to technology and training. Find out more information on grants and how to help students achieve. Digital Divide Network - The Digital Divide Network provides research, data, and news on technology equity in America
  2. 2. centers in your state. The site also serves as forum for sharing experiences with colleagues around the world.Community Technology Centers Network - CTCNet is a national network of community technology centers that pdigital divide.PBS Digital Divide -This PBS series was designed to raise awareness about access to computers; software and Internet content; and model progthe perspectives of both race and gender.170 Ideas and Resources for Teachers - Integrating Technology into Planning and Curriculum compTech PlanningLinux In Education PortalBerkeley Logo 5.3 released (freeware)Teaching with Electronic TechnologyCollaborative Projects - Collaborative projects often are the most memorable learning experiences for students. But thteachers who are knowledgeable and well-trained, especially if they are online projects. A number of web sites provide proveThese projects have been improved and honed over a number of years and iterations. Moreover, they come with built-in conworld who are working on the same projects and therefore can provide extremely valuable perspectives and enhance the coLearning About Technology - Intel EducationArnold Pulda, Worcester Public Schools, Worcester, MATime Management in the Computer RoomNew York Times Daily Lesson Plan and Archive by New York Times and Bank Street College of EducatWhere the Rubber Meets the Road: Myths and Realities About Technology Adoption Among TeacheIntime - offers educational/technological support to K-12 grade teachers in technology integration in the classroom. View infor free.Online K-12 ProjectsKey PalsMind Tools - Also Check School of Information Science Technology"Excel" in the classroomBell Atlantic Resources for Teaching with TechnologyTeaching with Electronic TechnologyPTI Curriculum Units Online - The Pittsburgh Teachers Institute offers teachers the opportunity to develoThe units, from 1999 to 2001, are designed for all levels of students and cover integrated units in MathemaSciences.CyberGuides are supplementary, standards-based, web-delivered units of instruction centered on core wocontains a student and teacher edition, standards, a task and a process by which it may be completed, teaStaff Development for Curriculum / Technology IntegrationA Hotlist on One-Computer ClassOne-Computer Classroom - Thanks to Janine Scott of University of Southern Mississippi for compiling thiideas for the one-computer classroom. This is a great resource to kick off a staff development period, withcome up with creative ideas for using computers in education.CyberGuides are supplementary, standards-based, web-delivered units of instruction centered on core wocontains a student and teacher edition, standards, a task and a process by which it may be completed, teaTeachers Leaders and Leading-Edge Computer Users: Are They the Same?Online Debate: Technologys Role in SchoolsComputer Labs Versus Classroom Integration Of ComputersSchool Technology and Readiness: A Focus on Digital Learning, CEO Forum on Educational TechnTechnology and Reform: Realizing the Possibilities For EducationFulton High School A+ Schools ProgramEvaluating Technology-Based Curriculum Materials, ERIC DigestThe Troubles With Technology: A Study of Teachers Struggling to Use the Computers in Career-OrDoes It Compute? The Relationship Between Educational Technology and Student Achievement inCurriculum Administrator - Best web curriculum sourcesCurriculum Web Site awards 2001Gradebook Assistant - download Excel templateInternet Learning CenterTechnology in the ClassroomThe National Math Trail an interactive, Internet-based projectCollaborative Projects - hundreds of collaborative projects that have been reviewed and written about at Education World. Educators alisting within this resource.
  3. 3. Making Connections - A new Louisiana sponsored Web for teachers. This project provides links to software products, web site resourcLouisiana Content Standards.Graphic Organizers using InspirationKEY PALS - long list of links to sites for connecting and communicatingInternet E-Mail Resource Page - Teaching readers that e-mail is much more than just sending a messageInternet keypal exchangesTeachers Net - Teacher Chat, Forums, News, and ResourcesEds Oasis Discussion BoardThe Ten Stages to Web-Use NirvanaSelf Directed Learners Cross Cultural K-12 Internet GuideEducation with New Technologies: Networked Learning Community - Developed by teachers and researchers at the Haexplores issues of improving teaching with technology integration, integrating new tools with classroom practice and curriculum, and collaboraCLEARINGHOUSES OF ONLINE RESOURCES FOR EDUCATORS - For a thorough list of online resources pertaininEducational Resources" on The Technology Education Lab site and be sure to bookmark it! This annotated directory has lforums related to curricular applications of technology. Another helpful site to visit is Teachers@Work--in New Zealand--(http://tedatabase of 1,000 useful Internet sites for educators that have been reviewed and rated. Betsy Kelaher ( is an assEDs Oasis - What teachers have been looking for. A comprehensive instructional resource.Microsofts K12 - wealth resources, free downloads, and information for the classroom.Production Studio - NSUs Ed Tech resources through Main Street on the Web - How to use the digital camera, create multimedia, andSabines Designing and Creating a Web - How To for creating and maintain a classroom webPuzzlemaker - Need a sponge activity or extra credit handout for your lesson tomorrow? Want to spice up a newsletter or flyer? This sitecrosswords, number blocks, math squares, and more. All you do is enter information and click the "Create" button, wait a few seconds, then prQuia - learning activities-- This learning game collection provides a fun way to help students review a wide variety of topics in general subjececonomics, and music. Visitors can create their own java-enabled flashcard drills, matching games, concentration, and word search puzzles ucreates the Web pages and publishes them for all to share. This is a handy way to help students memorize factual - Activity - is the home to interactive, GamesSpell Check, and Wacky include Math Baseball, Fun Match, CMiddle SchoolCalling Students Back: Using Technology to Support Engaged Learning This article includes tips for creating an engaactivities, and using online K-12 curriculum resources.Productivity in the classroom-Lessons at a Glance Lessons at a glance is a quick reference for what each of the lessons is abtime allotment, software needed and subjects covered.Hero of the Year Activity - In this Web-based activity by 4th-grade teacher Rebecca Pilver, elementary students research selected Wecommemorative stamp. This is a nice example of how elementary educators can make use of existing Web sites in their interdisciplinary lessoIssues in Technology Integration - Keep up with the latest school-technology issues--or participate in discussions of them. Howyou ensure equitable use of educational technology? How do you meet the challenges of introducing computers to reluctant staff or students?links on these subjects are The Electronic School, Pathways to School Improvement, and The Well-Connected EdThe Learning Connection: Schools in the Information Age - This extensive research report examines, "how educators are gchange and educational values" and "identifies key factors that make the connection work, and reviews major players in the education technolEducation goes into greater detail about lessons learned in the field. Grade Level: Adult/ProfessionalMolding the Web, Profile of Web Inventor Tim Berners-Lee - Scientific American offers a profile of the man credited with inventing the WWorld Wide Web Consortium, or W3C, out of MIT, but more important than the clout or awe these statements inspire is the spirit of the Web emand for evangelizing the real use and power of the Web. Look to quotations like these: "The Web can help people to understand the way that ohumanity of people" "It is important to realize that the Web is what we make it." "If you are worried that your children are going to read low-quaTeach them how to judge information." Grade Level: Adult/ProfessionalICONnect - Learn to Use the Internet as a Curriculum ResourceThinkQuest is an annual contest that challenges Students, ages 12 to 19, to use the Internet as a collaborative, interactive teaching and leTeaching with Electronic Technology - The World Wide Web sites collected on this page reflect my interest in the considerable vaelectronic technology in teaching. I have arranged them in no strict order, but have tried to proceed from the more general and theoretical resoapplications of technology to teaching and learning. Like many other websites, this one tends to change and grow as I find time to revise and umade suggestions and introduced me to additional sites on teaching with technology.Keypals--Intercultural e-mail classroom connections; for teachers seeking partner classrooms for e-mail exchangesbioSURF - This resource from Scott Foresman-Addison Wesley is organized around their book, Biology: The Web of Life, and includes linkcategorized by chapter, and news, community, and career links are also offered for each unit. A "Teachers Lounge" helps educators connect tactivities to help augment instruction. Units include "The Basis of Life," "Genetics," "Change and Diversity," "Monerans, Protists, and Fungi," "P"Human Biology," and "Organisms and the Environment." This is a great example of how the Web can augment a textbook. Grade Level: HighThe Catapult Museum - Small and specialized, this intriguing, well-illustrated Website touches a lot of bases: ancient warfare and mectraps, and basketball shoes. The text describing each type of catapult provides fresh and factual background for a school homework theme. Thvery small topic, shows the power of the Internet to bring information together for study in totally new ways. A school textbook would not havelibrary would involve bouncing all over the stacks.Curriculum Associates - Learning Online, an Internet/activity book program which covers topics in all curriculum areas, and draws on IDistance Education at a Glance... - This outstanding site from the University of Idaho guides educators through all phases of devetopics include an Overview, Strategies for Teaching at a Distance, Instructional Development, Evaluation, Instructional Television, InstructionaDistance, Research, Interactive Videoconferencing, the Web Copyright, and a Glossary. Grade Level: College, Adult/ProfessionalSix Paths to China - Building on his original WebQuest, Searching for China, Tom March has fully revised this popular site to provide meffective use of the Internet. Tom also created "Six Paths" to China which incorporates five more Web-based activities on the topic and standsthe article Working the Web for Education .
  4. 4. Tales From the Electronic Frontier - In this exceptional WestEd publication, ten teachers share "actual classroom experiences usin Each story is followed by questions and issues, making this an ideal resource for teacher preservice or inservice instruction on classroom use Grade Level: College, Adult/Professional Content Area(s): Education (Teaching and Learning, Educational Technology), Technology (Intern American School Directory - Schools wishing to create Internet pages can use GeoSystems Map Quest software to add maps, and f and students. Integrating the Internet - find primary resources, projects, a weekly newsletter, units of study, and a tutorial to help you plan projects a Scholastic Technology Guide - QED Education Network, a service for educators. The service offers forums where educators can de information and teaching strategies, news stories of interest to K-12 educators, a teacher registry, and offers for products and services. The Web for Educators -- Resources for Making the Most of the Web Levels of Technology Implementation - A Framework for Measuring Classroom Technology Use In Search of the Giant Octopus - A research team, which traces its projects start to the clean-up of spilled oil in Prince William Soun information and color photos around the knowledge it gathers. Being in touch here with scientists at work lets younger students learn that the o shells out of his den on to a midden pile, while those in the grad school can note that the biggest crab in the Octopus dofleini diet is the Telmes called "On Rocky Shores" with educational projects for K-12. A sample: the "Lifes a Beach" puppet show, starting Olivia Octopus. The Roman Forum - Here is a place to learn not only all about the history, religion, daily life and major players in the Roman Forum from high school class in Hengelo, the Netherlands, and is an exhibit of excellence for what students can contribute to cyberknowledge. The studen correspond with them by email. They were coached by three teachers: of Latin and Greek, of English, and of German and Computer Science. Harnessing the Power of the Web for Classroom Use: A Tutorial Reasons to Use the Internet in Your Classroom Microsoft in K-12 Education WebCT -- A tool that facilitates the creation of sophisticated World Wide Web-based educational environments Bat Thematic Unit - Use this site to get ideas for a thematic bat unit or find a fun Halloween activity for your elementary students. Sectio books, etc.), projects & activities (be sure to try the BatQuest!), art, science, conservation, literature, environment, sports, and even a Bat Quiz plenty to do at this site. Created by students of CSU Haywards Educational Technology Leadership Graduate Program. Grade Level: Elemen The "Professional Cartoonists’ Index site" - The site includes current, updating cartoons from twenty four of the best editorial car MacNelly, Mike Luckovich, Signe Wilkinson and Mike Peters. The most compelling use of editorial cartoons is to interest students in discussion like scavenger hunts, tic tac toe and cartoon bingo, which engage students as they explore and interpret the symbolism in cartoons. We includ handouts. I’m hoping that English and Social Science teachers, who seem to make the least use of their school’s computer labs, will take adva is kid safe and RASCi rated. Grade Level: Elementary, Middle School, High School Telecommunications In The Classroom: Keys to Successful Telecomputing Answers to Commonly Asked "Primary and Secondary School Internet User"Questions - User Services Area of t questions most commonly asked about the Internet by those in the primary and secondary school community, and to provide pointers to sourc Hewlett Packard E-Mail Mentor program - This e-mail project facilitates mentor relationships between HP employees (worldwide the United States. "HP employees motivate students to excel in math and science and improve communication and problem solving skills. In a pursue their unique interests and link these interests with their daily school experience." Grade Level: Elementary, Middle School, High Schoo Welcome to the ideas page -- Teachers will want to look at this site Project OWLink -- A collaboration between Rice University and Texas area public schools that attempts to create new models for teachin Includes online lessons, resources, schools on the network, and training materials. WEB66 - Designed to facilitate the introduction of this technology into K12 schools. CCCnet -- Computer Curriculum Corporation, Two-way communication medium for educators Lightspan Partnership The Puzzle Depot - This site is devoted to "puzzles, board and logic games, skill contests and trivia as well as related books and softwa crosswords, riddles and word puzzles, logic and strategy as well as board games." Grade Level: Elementary, Middle School, High School AskERIC - Educational Resources Information Center The Teachers Lounge - Teacher resources Virtual Classroom - Eastern New Mexico UniversityCopyright K-12 PRIMER ABOUT COPYRIGHT LAW Music Law Copyright Topics on ECPLaptops for Students Teaching Today: Making the Most of Laptops in the Classroom - Laptop training is the key to success. These tips tel students organize their files. Learning With Laptops - Click Why Laptops? to find ten reasons why laptops promote a positive shift toward more p
  5. 5. for a Successful Student Laptop Program and Third Year Laptop Program Reflections provide implementation guideliTechLearning: Observations, Reflections, and Research of a Laptop Classroom - Switzerland Point Middle School incommitment to their laptop program. The teachers feel it "creates new possibilities for every student that go beyonEdutopia: Laptops for All or Laptops - The introduction of laptops to The Mott Hall School gave teachers "a wondercurriculum and confront the digital divide."The Electronic Classroom: Integrating Laptops Into Multiple Subject Areas - Read the student and teacher testimonlaptops. Learn how these users were able to perform research and find resources for their assignments. Discover thehow easily the laptop can display data.Laptops and Learning Resources - Gary S. Stager asks, how does your school measure up?