The diary of William Smitherson


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The diary of William Smitherson

  1. 1. The Boston MassacreThis was on one theNewspaper. I hope this getsresolved soon
  2. 2. The workday today was bad. I can still remember moving to this new America. Even though weare in a different country that doesn’t mean that we should revoke the crown. My shop in Phillysells the finest British goods that money can buy.AHA. The so-called Americans have finally gotten a taste of their own medicine. They sitthere like what they have done has gone to a good cause. Now they have angered the king andthey have lost some of their men. Even though the massacre lasted only 20 minutes. TheAmericans were harassing the British soldiers with clubs and snowballs. Throwing it at them.What else would the crowns army do when there is a mod trying to kill them? If I were thesoldier I would have finished the last of the crowd off to secure their loyalty to the throne. Whyshould we keep pests alive when all they do is sit there and annoy us? I say that these people.Men and women alike. All who do not feel like the crown is in them. Should die. I am a man ofgod and I do not wish for them to take this personally but they should not put up a fight againstthe crown because they shall not win.They are starting to revolt. They aren’t buying British goods anymore. I can hardly pay all ofthe bills. Sometimes I have to hunt to find food for myself. I hope this bows over because then Iwill finally be right. Once an “American” came up to me. He was my neighbor. He asked mewhich side I was going to go on. I was loyal to the crown and I spoke my mind and I told him. Hesaid that there was going to be a revolution soon and that I should side with the “Americans” Itold him for as long as I breathe through this body that I will not be anything to do with theAmerican. These bloody Americans will taste their own medicine. I am thinking about joiningthe British force and fight against the bloody traitors.
  3. 3. The tea actMy brother John drew this.He was there at the time.
  4. 4. The day is June 10th 1774The slow workday today was harsh. As I worked in my office it was slow and painful. It has been a whilesince we have won the war against the French. We have to pay for what the British have done for us. Mybrothers and sisters want to start a war with the British. Well then they will have one. “No taxation withoutrepresentation” was what the crowd shouted as they stormed the parliament building. It was brutal. Manyof the guards surrounding have been killed. Hung by the very rope that the British crown has gratefullybrought to us. "Taxation without Representation" was a slogan very popular amongst the colonists as thiscould also be interpreted as, “Give us rights!" or "Make us Independent!”.The sugar act, the quartering act and the stamp act we British men should proudly pay for the BritishFrench war. Why should you bite the hand that feeds your country? Why would you call the British nameslike lobster scoundrel. Those spoiled brats call themselves Americans and they drink the British tea and theBritish cloth and everything. They use the Britain for their own needs and they do not have enough respectto call themselves British men.The “Americans” have started to boycott British goods. Who cares about the tar and feathers? If you areBritish, be proud of who you really are. Stamps here stamps there, this is what I want. When this happens,we will stop being taxed for our debts have been paid. For now we must pay back for the war against France.Our proud British men have fought for us sacrificing their lives and these Americans need to pay for theseslives. Do they not think that sacrificing their life for a cause you didn’t start hath no rewards?But sometimes there are limits to what can be done. The colonists are out of control. They dressed upand stormed the harbor then of all things they grab all of the tea off of the ships and they throw it in thedamn ocean. We could have bought the tea and be closer to ending all these taxes. Why would you ever dothis? All it would do is anger King George III. Why start a war you cannot win? I was walking home to mycottage when it all happened. A group of citizens were dressed up like the Indians and they shoved me tothe ground shouting Red Lobsters get out of our country. How would this help in a revolution? Why wouldyou do something that would have no affect on the future? Now we have these Americans “declaring theirfreedom” Declaring their own acts trying for independence. They want to cut off from the British. But I say ifthis gets worse we will cut them off.
  5. 5. Why not die?This is a flyer that stupidAmericans were handingout.
  6. 6. Today is July 4th 1776,The Americans have really done it now. They have just brought hell upon earth. They have signed all ourdeath certificates. I see no point in fighting a war that we cannot win. I have seen what they did toworshipers of the British crown… They have hung them. I need to hide myself away from these people.This so called Declaration of independence should be burned. The Continental Congress should all bekilled for creating something this evil. If anyone is to see this journal in the future let him or her know thename Thomas Jefferson and let him or her hate. He should be known as a Devil. The man personallyresponsible for writing the declaration of independence. They have been disgraced; they have declared theirindependence from Brittan. They have made the final blow. If this doesn’t start a war. I don’t know what will.I have been one of the rare few that have seen this declaration of independence. I think that personally JohnHancock is stupid. He signed his name the biggest and boldest at the top so that King George III could read itwithout his glasses. I think that there were at least 50 signatures on the damn thing. The Americans didn’tjust do this for independence. They did it for a message. They made this mean something. And if this doesn’tget them killed. I would like to be the one to do the honors.Oh the horrible things the Americans have brought upon us. Just a fortnight ago I had to sell my shop tobe able to buy food for myself. I have seen countless cases of in-human cannibalism, death and murder. Theonly thing good about this is that the Americans are slowly realizing what they have done. All this chantingand storming for nothing. They have brought shame upon themselves and their families. They storm theBritish buildings shouting about war. While they have nothing to fight for. They can’t fight for home whenhome is a small hut outside of the British houses. The funny thing is that theses Americans have chosen thebest bravest farmers they have. HA. That’s like fighting an eagle with a snail shell. It’s impossible. I pray thatthe British will win the war. It’s the only hope I have left. If I die and you see this in my journal. Bring it to theking of England so he knows there is still hope.
  7. 7. Loss and defeatMe fighting alongside myBritish brethren.
  8. 8. Today is Christmas day.They killed him. The stupid useless Americans shot my Brother. This battle better be worth it. John Smitherson better godown in history for what he sacrificed for Great Britain. We were far outnumbered. The surrounded us from every cornerled by the damn George Washington. I was one of the lucky ones to get away, I was captured and I got away by killing theofficer and running . I am currently living in new york with the British Soldiers. It is the greatest honor that I can achieve,working with the British to defeat these Americans. Even though we lost this battle. There is no chance that the Americanswill be able to win. LONG LIVE THE RED COATS. DEATH TO THE CONTINENTAL ARMY.I am glad that the British army has sent backup, hired German soldiers. Thank god for the Hessians. They make the warsthat we have a little bit easier. Even though I lost my dear brother I am glad that this battle lasted only 45 minutes. I lined upwith my men and we shot the Americans. It was brutal. I was shot in the arm but luckily enough I was able to keep it. I haveseen what they have done to the survivors of bullet shot. They are disfigured, often missing or had to saw off limbs. Thosepour British souls. Sometimes I see some of them in battle with me and I think why would they still battle when they havenothing more to fight for. If that was me I would have to quit and probably get killed in the process.I see no point in fighting. I have seen too much blood. God will never forgive me now. I wish with prayer that this war willend. I have too much blood on my hands. I am not sure if I should stay alive. I have too many thoughts about all those I havekilled. If I am not killed in battle I might have to end it myself. I fear of this day. The day of my death.Many of the Hessians got drunk and were partying when the Americans attacked. We lost many brave souls. We arerunning out of soldiers, fast. The Damn French are still helping the Americans with the war. Sadly we are loosing more andmore battles. The survivors have little to no food. We still have hope though. The Americans are facing the same problemsthat we are. We are both suffering from famine and we both have little hope. All I pray for now is for George Washington todie and for the war to end. I wonder why the British ever fought the Americans. If they never fought and let them have theirfreedom then they would have many more British men and they wouldn’t be in a debt because of the war and now becauseof this we are fighting an increasing force. I now have little hope of winning this war. God help us all.
  9. 9. LifeA painting I made of my estatebefore the war.
  10. 10. Today is September 4 1783They did it. They actually did it, It has been quite a while since the declaration of independence had been passedand the war has started. People are starting rumors that a man names Benjamin Franklin was the man who endedthe war but this isn’t true. I have lost my loyalty with the British but no matter what will ever happen I will never beloyal or a part of the Americans. I will move back to Britain if that is what it comes to. How DARE they callthemselves an independent country? How DARE they forget the roots that they have planted here? HOW DARETHEY FORGET WHO THEY REALLY ARE!!! But isn’t that why we are all here. To be free. Isn’t that what the peoplewho first came here on the mayflower meant to do? To make a country better than Great Britain. No. It wasn’t.Their job was to spread the joy and wonders of the British royal family and the Great Britain itself. But no. Why dothat when there is so many more possibilities. Like hanging your own brother and pillaging the British soldiers foreverything that they have ever owned.On the brighter side of life. I no longer have to fight in a war and the Americans have no idea that I was ever inthe British army so I can sit here peacefully knowing that there isn’t a target on my back. Not just yet anyway. I thinkI am the last of the Smithersons ever since John died in the war.George Washington resigned of being the commander of chief once the war finished because he did notconsider himself eligible of being a leader anymore and wanted to go back to his civilian style of living. What amockery. The man commands an army of more than a thousand soldiers and then after the war is over he resigns.That is like a shot through the face for Britain. I can’t wait to see what happens to them when the king finds out. Ihonestly don’t want another war. But if that is what it comes to. That’s what’ll happen.Things are slowly changing back to normal. A dear friend of mine who is now selling American goods now ownsmy shop. He is helping me pay American taxes with some of the money that he is earning. Hopefully I can pullthrough this because I don’t know how much more I can take…There are more like me. More loyalists. Hopefully we can try to take this country back. Maybe do something thatwill change the course of history. Maybe. It will have to count though. For one man to die. Is for another man to live.