The boy in the striped pajamas final project


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The boy in the striped pajamas final project

  1. 1. -Setting -Characters -Background of the author -And a plotline…
  2. 2. Bruno’s house The concentration camp
  3. 3. Bruno- The main character In the book. Has black and shiny hair. Shmuel- A small Jewish kid. Even though they wouldn’t allowed it they became friends.
  4. 4. Bruno’s dad- Bruno’s dad works in the SS army and got promotion to be a director in Auschwitz …
  5. 5. John Boyne The author of the “Boy in Striped Pajamas”…
  6. 6.  Born on 30th April 1971, Dublin is capital of Ireland  Age: 39  Educated at Trinity College Dublin  An author of 8 novels including this story  His novels are published into 42 languages.  This book had been sold more than 5 million copies.  His “Noah Barley water Runs Away” reached no.1 on the Irish Bestseller Chart in October 2010
  7. 7. Bruno Gretel Shumel Bruno’s family moves to out-with away from Berlin because of her father’s job Bruno’s Dad gets promotion Bruno Meets Shumel. (Climax) Bruno goes exploring about the fence Shumel comes to home and Bruno gives him food and Literauan Kolter asks him if Bruno knew him and Bruno lies to him that he Shumel’s Dad is missing Bruno dad is took away by the soldiers.
  8. 8. The Boy in Striped Pajamas  This book is about a boy who lives in Berlin and his name is Bruno. He moves to the place called Auschwitz because of his Father’s Job. At Auschwitz Bruno finds out that he has nobody else to play with, so he decides to go exploring to have some fun. While exploring he finds the boy named Shumel who lives at the other side of the fence. After a few days Bruno finds out why they are separated through his sister Gretel but he didn’t know it perfectly. One day Shumel told Bruno that his father was missing. And after a few days Bruno and Shumel starts looking for him together because Bruno was going back to Berlin soon. When he went over to other side of the fence.
  9. 9. Thank You for watching For more information…