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Libr book search process


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how to locate a book

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Libr book search process

  1. 1. • I first asked where the book catalog was and she informed me that it could be found on any computer.
  2. 2. • The first thing she said I must do is go to • This takes you to the catalog where you can search any book in the library
  3. 3. • She told me I could type a subject, author, or title into the search and it would pull up everything the library had. • I typed in accounting and almost 12000 items were available • We chose the first one on the list to look up
  4. 4. • She said once you pick an item, everything you need to know about how to locate the book is listed. • Floor • Book number • Call number • Author • Publisher
  5. 5. She said to look for the following things in this order every time. 1. Is the book available 2. What floor is the book located 3. What is the books call number
  6. 6. • Once you go to the floor the book is on you must look at the first two letters of the called number. • You must locate the row that the item you are looking for fits in. • I asked how to know where the specific row was and she said that the rows start on the left of he floor and go in alphabetical order to the right • My call number was HF5635 G37 • My book was located on the right side of the floor. • The item fell under the HF5549.12-HF5657
  7. 7. • Once I found the correct row I had to locate the specific book • I asked how to locate the right shel and she said you have to find the shelf with the same 6 numbers/ letter as the call number • Then you must locate the book on the shelf • The last three numbers in the call number is the specific book number • The letters are in alphabetical order so I went until I found G and then went until I found G37.
  8. 8. • Once you find the book she had me double check to make sure the call number on the book was the exact same as what we picked from the catalog.