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1-22IN BN OCT Newsletter


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1-22IN BN OCT Newsletter

  1. 1. REGULAR POST REGULAR POST 1st Battalion 22nd Infantry Regiment 1st Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division OCT 2009 Fort Carson, CO 80913 TABLE OF CONTENTS: REGULAR 6 SENDS:  Regular Message #1 communication, leadership, performing life sav- Soldiers, Families, and Friends of the Regulars, ing aid, small unit drill, and physical fitness.  HAMMER  GATOR With this being the first Regular newsletter I’m grateful to the FRGs and Family Care Teams since our relocation to Fort Carson, I’d like to for building momentum through their voluntary  BEAR welcome you again to Fort Carson “the best service to our Families and Soldiers. I remain  SNAKE hometown in the Army.” amazed by your dedication and selfless service to ensure Families are kept informed. Please en-  DEALER The past few months were full of excitement, sure that your Families are aware of our Organ-  ENGINEERS with some late nights, but have set our Battal- izational Day on December 11, 2009. There will ion up on a path of long term success. Our first be plenty of activities for the children and some  FSC priority was our reception and integration of great food…along with the chance to see Com-  THE CHAPLAIN'S new Soldiers and their Families to Fort Carson manders and First Sergeants compete in the gui- CORNER and the Regulars Battalion. As Regular Soldiers don race and dodgeball. re-stationed from Fort Hood and new Soldiers arrived from other duty stations, we’ve in- I realize that as we enter into the holidays there vested a tremendous amount of time and or- are increased stressors on all of our Families. ganizational energy to build a cohesive team Some of you missed last year’s holiday season with high morale, a healthy command climate, with loved ones and there’s the prospect of miss- and a strong sense of pride and purpose. ing another next year. I hope that you’ll focus on what’s important now and know that your Sol- As most of you know, we have already entered dier and you are part of a tremendous organiza- an intensified individual training density that tion that prides itself on taking care of one an- includes training on performing lifesaving aid, other. small arms marksmanship, crew gunnery, and leader training. We’re taking advantage of the May God bless all of you, the Soldiers and Fami- abundant resources Fort Carson has to offer to lies of 1-22 IN, our alumni, and the United States better train your Soldiers and their leaders in of America. very dynamic situations…and most of you know why. On the next page, you’ll see that I’ve included our Regular Message #1 that highlights our “Deeds not Words” pending deployment to Afghanistan sometime next summer. Now that we know what our future holds, you’ll see that over the next few months we’ll test and develop platoon leaders, platoon sergeants, and Soldiers within the for- LTC Clay Padgett mation through a variety of demanding events Regular 6 including the “Magic Event”, Squad Leader / Team Leader Certification Course, Tank and Bradley gunnery, and a combatives tourna- ment. Without a doubt, we’ll build esprit de corps and reinforce leader competencies in
  2. 2. Regular Message #1 07 October 2009 This afternoon, the Department of Defense (DoD) announced 1st Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division will deploy to Afghanistan sometime next summer to train and mentor Afghan National Security Forces. This announcement should not come as a complete surprise as we continue to serve our Nation. I’m aware this will create some anxiety in our Families but we must all remember that we’re in this together and communication is the key to success. To quell any rumors, this announcement will not change our current training plan that includes our Mission Rehearsal Exercise at JRTC (Fort Polk, LA) in April 2009. The excerpt of the DoD message is below: The Department of Defense announced today major units scheduled to deploy as part of the next rotation operating in Afghanistan. This announcement involves a combat brigade and combat aviation brigade totaling approximately 6,100 service members. The scheduled rotation for these forces will begin in the spring and continue through the summer of 2010. The summer rotation of approximately 3,300 soldiers from the 1 st Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, from Fort Carson, Co, in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, will continue the ongoing training and mentoring mission of Af- ghan National Security Forces in Afghanistan. In consultation with Afghan officials and NATO, commanders continue to assess the situation to ensure sufficient force levels to best support the Government of Afghanistan, perform counter-terrorism operations, assist with reconstruction, and train and equip the Afghan National Security Forces. I’m incredibly proud and honored to serve with the Soldiers in this phenomenal or- ganization. Never forget that we’re an organization that will thrive in uncertainty through our core competencies and self-confidence. As we head into our deployment cycle, we’ll continue to excel if we take care of each other and our Families. “Regulars, by God!” Regular 6
  3. 3. Volume 1, Issue 1 Page 3 A publication of the Families and Soldiers of HAMMER Company Volume I, Issue I October 2009 ous schools outside the company as we prepare for the upcom- ing deployment in the summer. While the company has other normal challenges, we remain focused on training to guarantee our success in whatever we are asked to do. During October, promotions included PFC Ellis, PFC Michael Morales, PFC Jeff Hoggard, CPL Timothy Van Dresar, CPL From Commander’s Desk Leonard Waters, CPL Richard Newton, SGT Ricardo Cintron, So much has happened since the last SSG Nicholas Haas, SSG David Ogle, SSG Joe Wilson, and SSG newsletter! Whew, where do we start…location? Personnel? Chal- Wesley Brobeck. This month’s reenlistments included SSG Ian lenges? Well let’s just start at the beginning and fill in the gaps as we Strickland and SGT Ricardo Cintron. Additionally, SSG David Ogle go. recently graduated the Unit Prevention Leader course. For those who have not received a correspondence from the With the unit in place, the Fort Carson area has an Hammers before, let me introduce the Company First Sergeant and endless supply of things to do for Families. After a great 260- myself. The senior enlisted Soldier in the company, and sincerely my mile company motorcycle ride early in October (north on Inter- right arm, is 1SG John Lambert. He has been with the company since state 25 to Denver then west and back south to Colorado Springs it arrived at Fort Carson. He was actually on the ground before the through the back roads) we will plan another ride in November. unit began to filter in and served as both the Company 1SG and the We will conduct our next Family Readiness Group Meeting on Battalion CSM. 1SG Lambert and his lovely wife Annette, who re- the last Friday of October, and generally the Friday following the cently volunteered as our FRG Leader, are a great team and a wonder- Battalion’s monthly FRG Steering Committee meeting. Also ful asset for the unit. As for me, I am CPT Dave Holloway and have ahead are the Battalion Organizational Day, which will be held on been the company commander for about 18 months. My wife, 11 DEC, and the 1-22 IN Regimental Ball, which will take place Melissa, and I have had the privilege of working with the Soldiers and sometime closer to the Summer prior to the unit deploying. many of the family members over the past months and have really So far, the company has done great – 1SG Lambert and enjoyed our time as a Hammer Family. I rarely receive a phone call on the weekends, which means our Although we sent some of our equipment ahead from Iraq Soldiers are maintaining discipline and watching out for each to Fort Carson prior to redeployment, the Soldiers and Families of the other. We have seen improvements in marksmanship with the company began their move from Fort Hood, Texas to Fort Carson, rifle ranges we have conducted this month, and have seen great Colorado in June. With the unit move came an abundance of chal- improvements in areas such as our arms room. We are very lenges and new decisions for Families to make. Among many other optimistic as the Hammers continue to work together, grow, and things, Families were faced with changing jobs, changing homes, mak- bond as a team and a Family. With a deployment in our future, ing new friends, finding new places of worship, enrolling in new we work to balance training and work to prepare our men for the schools and colleges, and adjusting to a new climate. Soldiers found days ahead while maximizing the time they have with their Fami- new co-workers, as some Soldiers moved to other units instead of lies. remaining with the company as it re-located. Soldiers also found new My wife and I encourage you to make the most of the supervisors to work for and new subordinates to train - an exercise in time you have with your Family, spend quality time with good reforming and rebuilding the team. And during all the changes, life friends, and for those of you here at Fort Carson, take advantage continued – small victories were won, new babies arrived, and Fami- of all the Colorado Springs area has to offer. Be safe and as win- lies remained resilient and strong. ter approaches, double check what you have stashed in the As we continue into November, we remain focused this trunks and cargo areas of your vehicles. If you haven’t put to- quarter on developing and improving the individual skills of our Sol- gether an emergency kit with warm clothing/blankets, water, diers. We began our rifle marksmanship program this month and will and some food, etc., please consider doing so. continue into the next as we build our Soldiers’ confidence in their 1SG Lambert and I appreciate all you do. Until next abilities shoot accurately over distance. We also have begun an ongo- month, keep the Hammers in your hearts and prayers and we ing Combat Lifesaver Course to hone the company’s medical skills and will keep you in ours. build our Soldiers’ confidence in their abilities to take care of each other. Our platoons and staff sections continue to find new ways to challenge their Soldiers in physical training (PT) as well. Since the area’s landscape is mountainous, leaders are encouraged to take their men off post to local state parks and rougher terrain to build endur- ance and stamina. This slight adjustment in the approach helps weave healthy competition, high altitude training, and beautiful scen- ery into weekly PT. We also continue sending our men to other vari-
  4. 4. Volume 1, Issue 1 Page 4 A publication of the Families and Soldiers of ALPHA Company Volume I, Issue I October 2009 Since the command team is new to nearly half the com- pany, I’d like to take this opportunity to briefly introduce the Gator leadership team, myself and 1SG David J. Stoen and Fam- ily, eagerly serving side by side with your great Family members and ready to assist & support the larger Gator Family that keeps us all going, day-in and day-out! 1SG David J. Stoen originally hails from Decorah, Iowa and From Commander’s Desk his wife of 12 years, Darcy Stoen, is from Waterloo, Iowa. They Greetings Gator Families and Friends both New and Sea- have two kids Ethan (18) who is currently attending the Univer- soned! Much has occurred since our last report from Iraq. We con- sity of Northern Iowa and Katelyn (16) who is a Junior at Star- ducted a very successful redeployment to Ft. Hood, TX, took some mont High School. 1SG Stoen has honorably served in the Army well deserved post-deployment leave, and then undertook the ardu- for 19 years and 9 months amassing a wealth of knowledge and ous task of moving our Families up to Ft. Carson, CO. For the Families experience during the three Desert Storm Campaigns and five that greeted our arrival to Ft. Carson, we Thank You very much for DEA Missions that he conducted with JTF-6 all over the United your warm welcome and gracious hospitality during the formation of States. In his off time, 1SG Stoen enjoys “Bending Steel” at the our new Gator Family and Family Readiness Group. You’ve made us a gym when he’s not camping, enjoying outdoor sports, or watch- better and stronger organization by bringing us on board quickly and ing the Iowa Hawkeyes or Pittsburgh Steelers destroy lesser making our transition very smooth. teams. He and Darcy have quite a flock to tend to, including two dogs, Ranger and Chopper, and four cats, Shaq, Orlando, Jace, From July through August the Gator Soldiers worked tire- and Marley. 1SG Stoen’s motto is “Never fail my comrades, my lessly to help establish our solid base before we began training on wife, or my country!” He lives that every day and has imparted individual Soldier Skills. With a 50% change-over of leadership and the same atmosphere across the company. 1SG Stoen and his Soldiers, the establishment of new systems was paramount to the Family are an outstanding addition to the Gator Family and we future success of our organization. Some of these systems that your should all feel very fortunate to have such a Professional by our Family members were integrally involved in creating were: the new side as we begin our preparations for the ensuing deployment chain-of-command, supply room operations, armsroom operations, to Afghanistan. Welcome Stoen Gators! training room operations, reporting procedures, and administrative paperwork handling for evaluations, awards, and vacation leave. I myself am originally from Brownstown, Indiana where Though this was sometimes tedious and boring work, it was necessary my parents still reside. Since graduating from the United States and your Family members executed the mission flawlessly; a trade- Military Academy in 2002, I have spent 7 years in the Army, mark this company has always enjoyed. serving one year in the Republic of Korea, two years at Ft. Irwin, California, two years at Ft. Hood, Texas, one year in various From September until present, your Family members have schools, and now working on my first year here at Ft. Carson, started individual skills training. This is part of building yet another Colorado. I have been deployed twice in support of Operation strong base from which we will build upon to ensure your Family Iraqi Freedom, from Ft. Irwin and Ft. Hood. Since my arrival members are well trained and prepared for the next deployment in here in late June I have been supremely impressed with the the summer of 2010. This training has focused primarily on five fun- professional work ethic and highly motivated attitudes displayed damentals: Communication, Leadership, Life Saving Aid, Marksman- by these great Soldiers on a daily basis. None of this would be ship, and Physical Fitness. Some of the training events and classes possible if it wasn’t for your outstanding support at home that have included: Basic Rifle Marksmanship, Advanced Rifle Marksman- enables these warriors to perform their tough duties on a daily ship, Combat Lifesaver, Radio Setup/Utilization, Landing Zone Setup, basis. Medical Evacuation, Call For Fire (Field Artillery), and Language Train- ing. The Soldiers have certainly enjoyed getting out to the rifle ranges In Family Readiness Group news, we’ve had two great the most. We’ve concentrated mainly on zeroing the weapon sys- meetings already with an awesome turn-out of Family mem- tems, qualifying each Soldier on their weapon system (hitting 23 out bers. The first meeting was composed primarily of introduc- of 40 pop-up targets), and night firing with the lasers. This weapons tions, my intent for the FRG functions and purpose of the group, training has immensely increased the Soldiers’ confidence in their available volunteer opportunities, fund-raiser ideas, and some ability to engage targets with their sights and laser target designators, general information on H1N1 given by CPT Sacheli, the Battalion which is extremely important as we will soon find ourselves transition- Physician’s Assistant. Rachel, Grace, and Darcy also made some ing into Squad and Team Live Fire Exercises in January and February of great snacks which made the mundane/mandatory information next year. that had to be put out worth sitting through. The second meet- ing/event was conducted in our Company training bay where we
  5. 5. Volume 1, Issue 1 Page 5 held a large barbecue, put out some information about upcoming events, and conducted a very successful fund-raiser that netted $900. Myself and 1SG took a pie to the face for the fund-raiser, where for most who were there that probably made the event all worthwhile. There was also a Bradley Fighting Vehicle on static display for Family members to climb around on and overall the event was a huge success. We hope to see the same turnout and more during our next meeting at the Family Readiness Center on October 28th at 6 PM. In other exciting news, we have promoted a few very deserving Soldiers since our last report. This is representative of not only their outstanding performance but also their willingness to seek higher levels of responsibility in this profession of arms. We look forward to supporting these great Soldiers as they grow in their professional development and continue to be a part of the reason that this company is so successful. Our Gator Family has recently experienced some very special new additions. We are extremely happy for the new Ga- tor Babies and our newest Gator Spouses that have graciously joined our Family. You are all a blessing and we wish you all the Several Gator Soldiers intently watch as very best and pray that your adjustments whether to the Army SGT Kenneth Wayland prepares to launch a pie in 1SG David life or to sleepless nights with a new bundle of joy go smoothly. Stoen's face, a gracious Below you will find our newest members of our stronger Gator participant during the A Company FRG Fundraiser event held Family: during the A In closing, I and 1SG Stoen & Family would like to ex- Company FRG Meeting on October 2nd. press our sincere gratitude for your warm welcome to Fort Car- son and for conducting the difficult move from Ft. Hood, TX. We would also like to send out a special Thank You for your contin- ued support of these brave men that you so graciously offer and support during our country’s time of need. We absolutely could not do it without you! We hope this finds you doing well and in high Gator Babies: spirits. Take care and be safe! Luke Devitt (SGT Michael and Tiffany Devitt) Promotions: Tristen Wayland (SGT Kenneth and Heather Wayland) 1LT Brett Sanborn 1LT Matthew Sleadd Damion Rutledge (SGT Ross and Leanne Rutledge) SFC Robert Jones SSG Bradley Eissens Ashlyn Cadence Salinas (SGT Allen and Trista Salinas) SGT Angel Rivera SPC Richard Bellamy SPC John Bettencourt Newest Gator Spouses: SPC John Bodine Mrs. Jenny Jernigan SPC Jamie Coddington Mrs. Becca Soltys PFC Jeff Lamica Mrs. Lisa West Mrs. Ashley Crutcher Mrs. Nicole Barker
  6. 6. Volume 1, Issue 1 Page 6 A publication of the Families and Soldiers of bear Company Volume I, Issue I October 2009 Promotions: SGT Beal SGT Boolen SGT Dougher Bear Babies: Congratulations to SPC William Fisher and his wife Cynthia who From Commander’s Desk have a new daughter, Sophia Amelia Alexis Fisher, born at 8 lbs on Hello Bear family, Friday 16 OCT 2009. We greatly appreciate your attendance at the 7 OCT FRG meeting and I ask for your continued support. Without the support of our Bear families we will ultimately fail as an organization. Newest Bear Marriages: FRG So far our Care Team consists of one volunteer. We still need more SGT Justin Blake married Mrs. Dana Blake on 18 SEP 2009. help and will publish upcoming opportunities for training. Our next FRG Meeting will be after Gunnery on 18 NOV. The location is up for discussion as FRG members live all over, however there are many New Soldiers: advantages to holding them on Fort Carson. Dawn (FRG Leader) is holding a volunteer meeting in order to hold more lengthy discussions PFC Beckmann than are practical at the main meeting regarding fundraising and plan- PFC Wallace ning.(see below for details) Additionally, we would like to have the PFC Simmons majority of our spouse’s participate in the Suicide Prevention Training PVT Condor October 26th at 6:00 p.m. located at Brigade Headquarters, Room PFC Evans B110. Please contact the FRG chain of concern for more information. PFC Gates Joined the Bear team. Training October has been a busy month due to simultaneous gunnery prepa- rations, necessary certifications, and dismounted Infantry training. The schedule required the majority of Soldiers to train into the eve- ning twice, and again on OCT 27th. A select few, including all officers, are conducting additional training to operate the Bradley Fighting Vehicles. In order to succeed in our future deployment we are execut- ing a somewhat more aggressive training plan than some people are accustomed to. I assure you that the ISG and I are doing so with one thing in mind: the future of our Soldiers and their loved ones. Events: Wednesday, October 28th, 2009 is Bear Bowling!! At Thunder Alley Bowling Lanes located on Fort Carson; Bldg.1511 at 5:00 p.m. Volunteers for planning Pre-FRG meeting October 29th at 6:00 p.m. at the Starbucks located outside of Gate 3 in the King Sooper’s Shopping Com- plex. Dawn Haliburton-Rudy, FRG Leader
  7. 7. Volume 1, Issue 1 Page 7 A publication of the Families and Soldiers of Charlie Company Volume I, Issue I October 2009 Headquarters Platoon Update by 1st Sergeant John Hise, First Sergeant Headquarters Platoon has been heavily involved in turning in old equipment and picking up new equipment. As we grow we lose out XO 1st Lieutenant Muir and gain 1st Lieutenant Fitzpatrick. We have been working to get him to our company since June this year! His experience brings a relief to me and the Company Commander. As for 1st From “Tops” Desk Lieutenant Muir his challenges in the S6 shop will keep him busy. Thanks 1st Lieutenant Muir for all the help you provided not only me as 1st Sergeant but, the Company as a whole, Thanks Again! I want to welcome all family and friends to what I hope will be We have the maintenance and medic personnel who just the beginning of a very good informative newsletter for all family normally are with their companies, Headquarters and and friends of the “Copperheads” C co 1-22. I won’t promise but will Headquarters Company and the Forward Support Com- do my best to provide updates not only in training but your Soldiers pany are now assigned to us which brings our numbers monthly successes as I see it from my desk. I want to thank all of the from 52 to 61 personnel. As for the Headquarters Platoon, families for a great turn out to our first FRG meeting. Captain Watkins I would like to make mention of two additions to our mili- and I are working close together for this tank company to be very tary family. Sergeant Albright’s and Private Fleury’s fami- successful both in training and in combat. My job will be to make sure lies now have new additions to their families the babies all my Soldiers are prepared and ready for the fight and to take care of were the first born here at Fort Carson for our Battalion disciplinary problems. this past summer. In closing, you too have a large part in this monthly newsletter Our supply sergeant has recently went under for making this a success I count on your comments. I look forward to shoulder surgery and is recouping. Thanks to Private hearing from you. Photos of company activities and training events Juarez for filing in and stepping up as the Assistant Supply will be part of our monthly newsletters. This newsletter is separate Sergeant, stepping up and doing a great job in Sergeant Tetidrick’s absence. Sergeant Angus will be attending from the Family Support Group but will highlight training events and Combatives Level III course at Ft Benning in January 2010, provide you a small picture of your husband or son training and will a very difficult course and we wish him LUCK! Congratula- add a little humor to the daily challenges. I hope to have this newslet- tions to Private First Class Coleman for making Specialist ter out not only to the company wives but all family members across this month! the United States, just as my wife and boys are far away this will keep What 1st Platoon has been Doing them in tune with our company. Again, I appreciate any and all input by 2nd Lieutenant Joshua Brooks, 1st Platoon Leader on how we can make this newsletter better for all. TANKS! Since moving to Fort Carson, 1st Platoon has been conducting training at the individual level in preparation for future operations. Training over the previous weeks has included crew responsibilities and maintenance on an Abrams main battle tank, operating the .50 caliber and M240C machine guns, intense physical training focused on improving Soldiers stamina during combat operations and basic rifle marksmanship. On October 8th, 2009, 1st Platoon ran Charlie Company’s M16 / M4 qualification range. Dur- ing those operations 1st Platoon facilitated some 40 Sol- diers from Charlie and other companies firing over 5,800 rounds of ammunition. As a result, approximately 90% of the Charlie Company Soldiers that participated in the range qualified. As we gain new personnel we also lose Families taking part in the open tanks for the FRG meeting September our friends from Charlie Company. Sergeant First Class 28th at the Company Operations Facility. Sotomayor, Sergeant Morales and Private First Class Gar- cia all recently left our Company to the S3 Training Shop. First Sergeant I wish them luck in the 3 Shop!
  8. 8. Volume 1, Issue 1 Page 8 Training in 2nd Platoon by 2nd Lieutenant Tyler Bryant, 2nd Platoon Leader Promotions The calendar has been filled with training and intense prepara- tion for future operations since arriving from Fort Hood, Texas. 2nd platoon has immersed themselves in crew evacuations from an Abrams main battle tank, disassembly and reassembly of a .50 cali- ber machine gun and M240C, sharpening land navigation skills, ba- sic rifle marksmanship, and learning radio operations and reports, all while enduring combat focused physical training. On September 30th, 2009, 2nd Platoon ran the first live fire zero- ing range for Charlie Company. This range gave Soldiers a chance to zero their rifles to ensure rounds will strike where they are aimed. It was the first step to many live fire ranges the company will be con- ducting in the coming months. Above Staff Sergeant (P) Belanger’s wife, Lucy, promoting her husband to In the next few weeks, we will be drawing our platoon’s tanks the rank of Sergeant First Class on September 30th, 2009. I am sure they and begin new equipment training. In addition, we are focusing on are saying it’s about time! Sergeant First Class Belanger, the challenges lay multiple rifle and machine gun ranges. As we continue to receive ahead with bigger responsibilities. equipment and personnel, our training tempo is going to increase in order to ensure our Soldiers are more than prepared for a deploy- ment to Afghanistan. We would like to thank Faith Friend, spouse of Private First Class Calvin Friend, for graciously volunteering to be the 2nd Platoon Fam- ily Readiness Group point of contact. Private First Class Armando Sanchez of 2nd Platoon, from Kettlemen City, California, was promoted from Private on September 30th, 2009 during the monthly Charlie Company Family Readiness Group social. He was pinned by his wife, Debbie Sanchez. Specialist Corry Amelsberg of 2nd Platoon, from Valencia, California, was promoted from Private First Class on August 1st, 2009 during a unit formation. He was Sergeant First Class Mobley, Platoon Sergeant, 3rd Platoon, at the pinned by his first line supervisor, Sergeant Justin Sims. top of the Manitou Springs Incline. 3rd Platoon Drum Roll Company Events by 2nd Lieutenant Hall Wang, 3rd Platoon Leader Third Platoon has been on a roll. We are steadily but surely  Gunnery Skills Test getting started on the path to deployment and everyone is eager for  Columbus Day Holiday the high speed training we have been launching. We have been  Advanced Gunnery Skills Trainer for Certain Crews conducting classes and PT to get us physically fit for missions ahead.  Small Arms Weapons Qualification We just hit up the incline in Manitou Springs, perfect for get-  New Equipment Training begins October 21st ting us ready to climb the mountains and hills in Afghanistan. The trailhead elevation which we hiked up stands at 6,570 feet and we  Company PT Test October 23rd can all tell you that it is easier said than done. Even after reaching  FRG Meeting October 28th the peak, we were not done yet; we still had to take the trail down the backside of the mountain to get down. Of course, we have also been doing lots of weapons training, making sure they are set right. Our efforts paid off when we all Birthday qualified with our weapons on the qualification range even with the Specialist Michael Menchaca of 2nd Platoon, born in Har- sleet and snow falling on us in 34 degree weather. No matter, we lingen, Texas, turned 21 years old on October 13th, 2009. are Soldiers and we handle it all.
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  13. 13. Volume 1, Issue 1 Page 13
  14. 14. Volume 1, Issue 1 Page 14 A publication of the Families and Soldiers of Echo Company Volume I, Issue I October 2009 From the Command Group: CPT Michael Parks, Company Commander 1SG Bobby Simmons, First Sergeant Soldiers from E/1-22 IN BN during the Change of Command from CPT Gar- We want to welcome all family and friends to what we ling to CPT Parks on 08 OCT 09 in the 1-22 IN Motorpool. hope will be just the beginning of a very good informative newslet- ter for all family and friends of the Echo Company 1st Battalion 22nd Headquarters Platoon Update: Regiment. We will do our best to provide updates not only in train- By: 1LT Chris Denning, Executive Officer ing but your Soldiers monthly successes as we see it from our point & SFC Tijerina, Operations Sergeant of view. We want to thank all of the families for a great turn out to Headquarters Platoon has been heavily involved in turning in our first FRG meeting. old equipment and picking up new equipment during RESET opera- CPT Parks had a Change of Command on 8 tions. As we evolve, we farewell CPT Garling and welcome CPT Parks into Command. OCT 09 and our command team looks forward to working close After two successful weeks at the ranges all Headquarters Pla- with the families of our Soldiers to maintain a great relationship toon has zeroed and qualified with their M4 rifles. This will allow during training and in combat. Our job will be to make sure all my them to move into advanced marksmanship training program in the Soldiers are prepared and ready for the fight and to take care of upcoming weeks. This program will ensure that our soldiers are disciplinary problems. trained to the highest standard in the Army. In closing, we would like to let you know that any com- We welcome SSG Trejo and his maintenance team into the forma- ments are greatly appreciated and we look forward to hearing from tion from the Forward Support Company. His team’s personnel add you all in the coming months. We hope to have this newsletter out so much capability into our formation. not only to the company wives but all family members across the As for the Headquarters Platoon, Congratulations to SPC Northcut United States. Again, I appreciate any and all input on how we can for receiving the Army Achievement Medal for his efforts in passing the Arms Room inspection from the Fort Carson installation and make this newsletter better for all. Thank you all! Division inspection. Congratulation goes to SGT Maynard for receiv- ing the Good Conduct Medal for his service this month as well! Past Company Events  Basic Rifle Marksmanship, OCT 09 1st Platoon Update:  Combat Life Saver Course, OCT-DEC 09 By: 2LT Thomas Schlesinger, 1st Platoon Leader  Change of Command, 8 OCT 09 & SFC Christopher Tate, 1st Platoon Sergeant  Columbus Day, 12 OCT 09 First, the platoon would like to welcome SFC Christopher Tate  Civilian Clothes Day for Soldiers, 16 OCT 09 for joining the formation after graduating from ANCOC. The platoon had an exciting and successful past month. We Upcoming Company Events have had exceptional training this past month with our various M4 Rifle Ranges, Army physical fitness tests, and training classes in  Advanced Rifle Marksmanship, OCT-NOV 09 preparation for the Engineer Qualification Tables and Route Recon-  Machine Gun Ranges, 26-29 OCT 09 naissance and Clearance Course in Fort Leonardwood, MO. We are  JIEDDO Conference, 26-29 OCT 09 currently preparing for our upcoming Demolitions Ranges which be  Halloween Bake Sale/ Costume Day: 30 OCT 09 in the first week of November.  Engineer Qualification Tables, 2-5 NOV 09 1st Platoon continues to lead the way for Echo Company. We  Junior Leaders Retreat, 6-8 NOV 09 look forward to our training events and times with our loved ones.  Veterans Day Holiday, 11 NOV 09 Our platoon would like to recognize PFC Mata, FC Anderson, and PFC Smyser for all getting promoted this past month.  Next: FRG Meeting 17 NOV 09 (T) @ 6pm A congratulations goes to SPC Marcoe for getting married on  Thanksgiving Holiday, 26-30 NOV 09 13 OCT 09 to Chelsey Renee from Benton, AR.  Battalion Organizational Day, 11 DEC 09
  15. 15. Volume 1, Issue 1 Page 15 A & O Platoon Update: By: 2LT Jason Kim, A&O Platoon Leader & SSG Minor, A& O Platoon Sergeant A&O Platoon has been training for combat! As our platoon steadily but surely getting started on the path to deployment every- one is eager for the high speed training we have been executing. We have been conducting demolition training classes and Physical Fitness training to get us physically fit for our future missions. In PV2 Mata acknowledges the camera man after successfully zeroing addition to the various M4 ranges that all of A&O has successfully his weapon during a M4 Zero Range. completed, we are proud to announce that we had a 100% pass rate SGT Manley during a E/1-22 Known Distance Range on OCT 09. on our last APFT. Our Platoon has been executing Dig Ranges the the SEE Truck 2nd Platoon Update: in preparation for the upcoming Engineer Qualification Ranges and By: SFC Jubinville, 2nd Platoon Sergeant to assist our Sappers with fighting positions in the field. Second Platoon has had a great month with many promotions, A&O Platoon continues to work hard, maintain our great repu- great training and special days for individual soldiers. With 2LT tation and is gradually striving to meet our goals and expectations in Simon Chung still at Ranger School and is expected to graduate at these coming months. the end of this month, the team is strong with a great NCO Corps at the Squad Leader and Team Leader level. FRG Points of Contact: Second Platoon would first like to recognize PFC Wooten, PFC Leader: Brandi Royer, Singletary for being promoted this past month. Also, the platoon Co-Leader: Liz Plato would like to recognize SGT (P) Harvin for his excellent performance Treasurer: Heather Northcut during the Battalion promotions board. These Soldiers hard work Co- Treasurer- Brittany Moore (Manley) and diligence have allowed them to be promoted to the next level in Secretary- Krista Robertson their Army Careers. Also, SPC Whatley was able to score the highest on the Army Physical Fitness Test with a score of 300. It is through these Soldiers’ service and exemplary behavior that allows 2nd Pla- toon to lead from the front as Sappers. Second Platoon continues to be excited and motivated in train- ing. We believe that if we continue to work as we have thus far, that our hard work will pay off in the months to come. PFC Singletary at Range 13A during the first stages of the Battalion Master Marksmanship Program in OCT 09.
  16. 16. Volume 1, Issue 1 Page 16 A publication of the Families and Soldiers of FSC Volume I, Issue I October 2009 Forward Support Company Training Events:  Company PT Test  CLS Certification From Commander’s Desk  Rifle Marksmanship CPT Rossol’s Commander’s Notes  Food, Fuel, Ammunition, Maintenance Support I would like to welcome each of you into the Eliminator team. I  Change of Command Ceremony am looking forward to working together providing you the family,  Helicopter Slingload Training (OCT 26th) and your Soldier with support throughout our time together at Fort Carson. Take advantage of Colorado’s opportunities and don’t be  Helicopter Medical Evacuation Training (OCT 30th) afraid to ask me or our family support network about the surround-  Machine Gun Training ing area. Colorado has something for everyone through all seasons. As you probably know, we are exceptionally busy leading into the holiday season. As a team, our job is to make sure all our Soldiers October Birthdays: are prepared and ready for the fight and to take care of each other.  CPT ROSSOL, BRYSON 28 I would like for everyone to feel free to get involved.  SGT DAVIS, AARON 33  SPC GONZALEZ, ANGELICA 23 Here are some areas to get information:  CPL HAMIC, THOMAS 29  PV2 CLINGMON, JEROME 23 Points of Contact:  CPT Bryson Rossol (work phone) 719-503-1511 (cell phone) October Promotions: 719-362-6607  Kayla Leever (FRG Leader)  SPC Hamic, Thomas to CPL  Ana Rossol (FRG Co-Leader)  SPC Lewis, John to CPL  Facebook- 1st Battalion, 22nd Infantry Regiment or Regulars By  PFC SMITH, Michael to SPC God  PV2 Robinson, Monet to PFC  Facebook- 1st BCT, 4th Infantry Division or RaiderBrigade  PV2 Tremblay, Matthew to PFC *The FSC FRG Facebook site is currently under construction and  PVT Carter, Michael to PV2 will be emailed to all FRG participants as soon as it is complete. These Facebook accounts are open to ALL family members.  SGT Wiblishouser appeared before the October promo- tion board and became promotable to SSG. Again, I want to thank all of you for your dedication to your Soldier and to the 1-22 Infantry, Forward Support Company team. Please Family Events and Fundraising: feel free to contact us if you have questions or concerns. Happy Family Pumpkin Carving and Painting at Iron Horse Park, Sun- Halloween! day @ 1500. (BYOP “Bring Your Own Pumpkin” ) There will be some pumpkins available for families. Carving utensils and Re-enlistments: patterns will also be available. Chaplain Chip Satterlee is look-  SGT Syroka, Derek ing forward to meeting the families and carving his own pump- kin.  SGT Burse, George FSC Pie in the Face Fundraiser scheduled for Wednesday Octo-  SGT Smith, John ber 28th, in the FSC Motorpool @ 1730
  17. 17. Volume 1, Issue 1 Page 17 Thanks to all who participated in the FSC Leader PT at the Incline!!
  18. 18. Volume 1, Issue 1 Page 18 Chaplain’s Corner: By Chaplain (CPT) Chip Satterlee Friends and Family Members, In the book of Ecclesiastes we read that “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven. . . a time to plant and a time to uproot . . . a time to tear down and a time to build. . . a time to be silent and a time to speak.” I have no doubt in my mind that now is our time, as Soldiers, NCO’s, Officers, and family members to be a part of the 1 st Battal- ion-22nd Infantry Regiment. Each of you plays a critical role to the strength and success of our unit, and I thank each of you for what you do daily for each other, your families, and our country. What an incredible time to be a “Regular”! I truly am honored and humbled to be a part of such a storied unit that is filled top to bottom with such self-less and honorable warriors. We truly are blessed to have such a God-ordained group of young men and women who are ready, willing, and able to accomplish successfully every task and mission that is given them. There truly is “a time for everything. . . under heaven.” Now is the time for us, as Regulars and Regular family mem- bers, to be together to train and prepare for the challenges that our upcoming deployment may and will bring our way. If any of you need help in any area of your life, whether that means strengthening your marriage or speaking to someone about your personal struggles or dealing with any other issue that life has placed before you, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I prom- ise that I will do all I can to get you the help that each and every one of you deserve whenever a problem comes before you. May God continue to be with and bless each and every one of you! Regulars by God Deeds not Words CH (CPT) Chip Satterlee (719) 330-5765