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1-22IN BN Newsletter NOV

  1. 1. REGULAR POST Volume 1, Issue 2 1st Battalion 22nd Infantry Regiment 1st Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division NOV 2009 Fort Carson, CO 80913 REGULAR 6 SENDS: TABLE OF CONTENTS: (AAM) and a knife bearing the battalion crest.  REGULAR MESSAGE #2 Friends and Families of the Regulars, We had an Afghanistan leadership professional devel-  HAMMER This is our second newsletter for the Regulars since opment (LPD) with the 10th Special Forces Group on our relocation to Fort Carson. If you are new to the 23rd of November to provide insight from the experts  GATOR unit, let me welcome you to Fort Carson the best of the mission the battalion will take in the near fu- hometown in the Army. I can honestly say that your ture. The LPD focused on the development of and  BLACKHAWK Regulars are going to be successful in the upcoming joint operations with host nation forces.  SNAKE deployment because of the intense training we are doing. The past month of training was critical to the Over the next few months, the battalion will again test  DEALER long term success of the battalion. and develop platoon leaders, platoon sergeants, and Soldiers within the formation in preparation for the  ENGINEERS Recently, the battalion conducted training to include Joint Readiness Training Center (JRTC) rotation at Fort physical fitness, lifesaving aid, small arms marksman- Polk, Louisiana. The rotation is designed to test and  FSC ship, Bradley and tank gunnery, and leader training. refine the combat abilities of the battalion and move  THE CHAPLAIN'S We are taking advantage of the abundant resources us closer to the battalion vision of being a lethal for- that Fort Carson has to offer to educate and train mation comprised of professional and compassionate CORNER your leaders and Soldiers. warriors, supported by ruggedized Families, capable of executing full spectrum operations and winning re- Our Bradley Gunnery has been successful in training gardless of the mission or directed theater of opera- new crews to hit targets as far out as 1400 meters. tions. Our training has been focused to empower Sol- You probably heard the loud 25mm during the be- diers to thrive and excel in the mission we are soon to ginning of the month. The Tank companies have undertake. gone through preparation of crews and equipment for gunnery and are looking to build lethal crews on We are grateful to the FRGs and Family Care Team for their smoothbore 120mm cannon and coaxial ma- building momentum within the Regular formation chineguns. through their dedication to the Families and Soldiers. Their contributions illustrate the care and concern that The battalion held a Junior Leadership Marriage will carry the companies and its Soldiers during the Retreat to strengthen marriages on the 6th - 8th of future deployment. We encourage you and your Fami- November at the Great Divide Lodge in Brecken- lies to participate in the Battalion Organizational Day ridge, CO. The sixty couples from the Regulars took coming up in the Spring. part in marriage training, skiing, a date night, and spent quality time with their spouses. In closing, we are an organization that will thrive in uncertainty through our core competencies and self- We recently held the Battalion Magic Event at Fort confidence. I could not be more proud of being a Carson on the 13th of November. The Magic Event member of such an outstanding organization. I am was focused on the platoon leader and platoon ser- proud of the Regulars and they truly live by our motto, geant teams within the battalion formation. This “Deeds not Words”. one-day event was designed to build esprit de corps and reinforce leader competencies within the five We are going to be successful with the love and sup- fundamentals: leadership, communication, perform port that you provide to your Soldier. May God bless life saving aid, small unit drills, and physical fitness. all of you, the Soldiers of 1-22 IN, and the United 2LT Robert Modlin and SSG Nicholas Haas (HHC, States of America. Medical Plt) took first place and the winning team was presented with an Army Commendation Metal (ARCOM) and a bayonet with the battalion motto “Regulars by God, Deeds Not Words.” The second Deeds not Words!!! place team, 2LT Adrian Tilston and SFC Patrick Niles Regular 6 (B Co, 2nd Plt), received an Army Achievement Metal
  2. 2. Regular Message #2 07 December 2009 On December 1st, President Obama announced his plan to send an additional 30,000 U.S. troops to Afghanistan. While this announcement of a surge of forces to Afghanistan was expected, I understand this has created new concerns in your homes. While our exact mission is yet to be confirmed as senior leaders shift forces in Afghanistan, there are 3 definite things we do know. 1. Due to the increase in the Army over the past 2 years, there will be no need for fifteen month deployments. 2. The ongoing Army transformation efforts also ensure that our Soldiers will have at least 12 months at home between deployments. 3. The policy of stop loss is continuing to be phased out. Our country has once again asked the Army to bear extraordinary burdens but the Regulars have never and will never fail to answer our call to duty. Just as the battalion’s Soldiers and their Families did so well in Iraq, we will again rise to every challenge for this next deployment to help the Afghan people continue to recover from 30 years of war. I am supremely confident in your ability to succeed in any mission because every day I see a formation of fantastic Regu- lars that continually set the bar higher. Thank you and your Families for all your hard work and dedication as we continue to honor the legacy of this great battalion. “Regulars, by God!” Regular 5
  3. 3. Volume 1, Issue 2 Page 3 A publication of the Families and Soldiers of HAMMER Company Volume I, Issue 2 November 2009 participating in the next one myself. From Commander’s Desk Several Hammer Soldiers were promoted this month which is November 2009 was a month of change for Hammer Company. CPT always good for the morale in the ranks. It shows if you try hard Holloway passed the guidon and mantel of command to CPT Michael and live the army values you are rewarded for your dedication. R. Garling on 17 November 2009. Leading up to this event was a lot of SPC Bohannon was promoted to SGT in the medic platoon. PFC work. All the property in the company, which totals over 50 million Ball and Potter, the two individuals who keep my arms room dollars, had to be physically seen and inventoried by CPT Garling. The straight and weapons function were promoted to Specialist. XO, 1LT Banuelos, created a schedule of layouts to allow all equip- ment to be seen by the incoming commander. The arms room took The medic platoons had another success story this month. 2LT two full days to inventory, and ended up being an educational experi- Modlin and SSG Haas participated in the Regular “Magic Event” ence as SPC Potter, SPC Ball and new commander played with the and took first place. From 0430 till 1800 at night was a full day sights and equipment to figure out how it all works as he checked off testing their physical stamina on an obstacle course, 10 mile road serial number after serial number until all was accounted for. It took march, and run up a hill. It also tested them mentally with over 9 days but in the end we now know where everything is as a weapon assembly, buddy team life fire, and first aid skills. They company. won the coveted Regular K-Bar which they proudly hang in the office. Good job Medics. On the 17th of November 1SG Lambert formed up the company in the motor pool bay for a 45 minute ceremony attended by the Brigade Finally a little about me; I’m very proud and excited to take com- commander, COL Martindale, LTC Padgett, and other distinguished mand of Hammer Company. I was formally the commander of officers and NCOs. CPT Holloway gave a heartwarming speech thank- Echo 1-22 IN and wanted to stay in the BN after I changed com- ing everyone for their loyalty to him and scarifies they have made. mand. When approached to take over a second company I Following that CPT Garling had sandwiches and chocolate cake in the jumped at the opportunity and volunteered for it. A lot of peo- conference room for everyone in the company. ple asked if I was forced into this assignment knowing how chal- lenging it can be with so many moving parts going in different The other big event this month was the 1st Annual Regular's Combat- directions. I volunteered for it and I'm here because I want to be ive Tournament. Eight Soldiers from Hammer Company participated here; I want to lead Soldiers. I can't even express how excited I in the event. Three of them ended up in the finals in their respective am to take on this assignment and look forward to working with weight class. SPC Garcia from the Mortar platoon put on a spectacu- Hammer Soldiers and Family members. I look forward to seeing lar fight showing amazing self control and disciple in his weight class. you all at the next FRG Meeting to help plan the future of the SPC Cromwell and SPC Rodriguez from the Scouts put on quite the company. show grappling with each other in the finals. The crowd got very into the fight with lots of hems and haws as the two went back and forth. -HAMMER 6 In the end SPC Cromwell emerged the victor. This was a great event for the esprit de corps of the Hammer Soldiers and I look forward to
  4. 4. Volume 1, Issue 2 Page 4 The PT Test, tests the physical and mental endurance of Soldiers with the push-up, sit-up, and run event. Hammer Company took theirs the week before Thanksgiving, here are the results: SGM Moser sprints the last 20meters of the course to cross the finish line first, just seconds ahead of SGT Gezymalla; but where is MAJ Alfeiri? SSG Brobeck of the FECC demonstrates the proper way to execute the push-up for test takers in the racquetball court in Garcia Gym 1SG Lambert proudly holds the guidon during the 17NOV09 Change of command ceremony in the BN Motor Pool. Soldiers of Hammer stand behind him as part of the traditional ceremony MAJ Anderson leads by example in the sit up event struggling to squeeze the precious last few to help improve his score MAJ Alfeiri give running advice to SGT Gezymalla before sprinting CPT Holloway proudly passes on his guidon after 18 months of the 2 mile course service as the HHC /1-22 IN BN Commander
  5. 5. Volume 1, Issue 2 Page 5 A publication of the Families and Soldiers of ALPHA Company Volume I, Issue 2 November 2009 Greetings Gator Families and Friends! This month, I observed several things in A CO This last month has been filled with a vast amount 1-22IN. In the end of Oct. we sent three Soldiers to of Individual Training which culminated in a competition SFAUC training, conducted by 10th Special Forces called Gator Scrimmage that took place on November 24th. Group: SSG Cyran, SSG Waeltz, and SGT Hudson, all Note the winning squad is listed by name in the newslet- three were successful, and will have a lot of material ter: Congratulations to 2nd Squad, 1st Platoon, Job Well to teach the Company. We also conducted a Gun- Done! During this event, your Family members put their nery, where we had 7 Bradley crews qualify on their whole heart and soul into the train-up, planning, and exe- Bradley. We had three crews that were distin- cution which included: Perform life saving aid on a casu- guished among the 14 crews. I believe that the Com- alty, Operate a radio, Call-in a request for a MEDEVAC pany is glad that gunnery is behind them. This then helicopter, Setup a landing zone, Conduct a tactical com- bat foot patrol, and Qualify on a weapon system. Most brings me to the Battalion Magic Event that was con- Soldiers were also treated with a Helicopter Ride and Air ducted on 13 Nov 09, which involved all PSGs and Insertion by a UH-47 Chinook, which we called our “Aerial PLs from the Companies. The feedback that I re- Reconnaissance.” During the air insertion into a mock Af- ceived from the PSGs' and PLs' was very positive. ghanistan village, Air Force F-16s were flying over head in They sure were very smoked after the competition, support of your Family members’ mission. This is the but were glad to have gone through the challenge. most realistic, combined forces training I have seen in my The next major event that occurred in November time thus far in the Army. I am extremely proud of how was the Battalion Combatives Tournament, A CO 1- well all of your Family members performed throughout 22IN had a very huge showing with three champions this entire arduous event! It is very evident and reassur- out of the six weight classes. In addition, just as im- ing that all of their preparation for Afghanistan is right on portant was the support that was showed by the track. whole Company which definitely demonstrates how During December we will be conducting most of this Company has come together and supports one our training in-doors as we start to lay the groundwork for another. Finally to end the Month, we participated the Collective Training that we will be conducting from in the Gator Scrimmage, an internal competition January through April of 2010. This first quarter dealt among the Squads within our Company which illus- mainly with the Individual Soldier Training and this next trates that we are a very competitive Company, even quarter will consist mainly of Collective Training where we amongst ourselves. We always strive to do better, will build on these skills as the Squads and Platoons start be better, and strive for excellence. As the First Ser- conducting training missions and operations together. geant, I am very proud of all the Soldiers and their There are many excellent simulators here at Ft. Carson Families. I wish everyone a very Happy Holidays, that enable Soldiers to experience realistic situations and and hope we all take the time to really look at what enter the “crawl” phase of training without having to de- we are thankful for. ploy to the field. Continued on page 2…
  6. 6. Volume 1, Issue 2 2 Volume 1, Issue Page26 Page Commander’s Corner Continued... The Platoons can work out small issues and establish operating procedures in a simulated environment instead of figuring out these solutions in the field which might serve to decrease valuable training time when our already scarce training resources are available. Some of these simulators available to us are the Warrior Skills Trainer (simulated vehicles on patrol), Engagement Skills Trainer (simulated personal weapons during a dismounted pa- trol), and the Language Skills Trainer (where Soldiers start to learn Pashtu). I believe these simulators will prove very beneficial as we enter our more advance stages of training. I hope that this newsletter finds you all doing well and I hope you all have a great Holiday Season. Enjoy your time off during Christmas and New Years and take this well deserved break to reset and recover before the intense training picks up in January and February. Thank you all very much for your continued support of these brave men that you so graciously offer and support during our country’s time of need. Take care and be safe! Alpha Company Soldiers, shown here exiting a CH-47, participating in an Air Assault Mission during Gator Scrimmage Promotions: Newest Gator Spouses: SPC Chaires, Stephen (2nd PLT) Mrs. Jennifer P. Cox. SPC Garlick, John (2nd PLT) Mrs. Maria Gomez Mrs. Andrea Williams SPC Gomez, Jose (3rd PLT) SPC Schoelkopf, Richard (3rd PLT) SPC Lenderman, Chase (3rd PLT) Gator Anniversaries: SPC Shaver, Casey (2nd PLT) 1SG David and Darcy Stoen SPC Flores, Robert (2nd PLT)
  7. 7. Volume 1, Issue 2 Page 7 Over the last few months the men of 1st Platoon, Alpha Company have been honing their individual skills. They have been to numerous ranges and have qualified on every weapon system we have with approximately 25% of 1st Platoon qualifying expert on their respective weapon. The entire platoon completed a grueling stress shoot that was designed to closely simulate the fatigue a Soldier experiences during combat. Two of our Soldiers, SPC Meeks and SPC Latta performed so well that we’ll be sending them to sniper school sometime in the coming months. This past month our mounted section completed the Bradley Gunnery tables. Only on crew in the battalion, manned by gunner SPC McIntosh and driver PFC Powell, earned the mark of distinguished crew by scoring 938 points out of a possible 1000 points, and were named “Top Gun” of the battalion. In the coming weeks the men of first platoon will continue to train to defeat the enemy on the field of battle. We will con- tinue to improve our proficiency with our weapon systems, with the goal of 100% of the platoon qualifying as expert. We will be form- ing a weapons squad that will provide 75% of our firepower. First platoon will be learning to utilize the weapon squad’s extensive fire- power and at the same time will be exhaustively training on their battle drills until they are instinct. Finally, in the coming weeks and months first platoon will continue to improve upon their already high physical fitness level with intense battle focused physical fitness training. SPC Fredericks qualifying on his M249 Squad Automatic Weapon during A Co’s Machine Gun range
  8. 8. Volume 1, Issue 2 Page 8 2nd Platoon, Alpha Company of the 1-22nd Infantry Battalion, 4th Infantry Division has continued to conduct individual training in preparation for collective training and future deployment in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. Training has focused upon rifle ranges from close combat engagements under enhanced stress conditions to known distance shoot out to nine-hundred meters. Additionally, two Bradley (M2A3) crews qualified after shooting a week and a half long gunnery. While conducting training on Fort Carson, the unit has also sent SSG Waeltz to attend additional specialized training in military sidearm from the US Army Special Forces. The Second Platoon has also promoted two Soldiers: Garlick and Chaires while reenlisting SPC Bettencourt for another six years. SSG Wealtz, 1st Squad Leader, 2nd Platoon, supervises a Soldier during an Alpha Company Stress Shoot
  9. 9. Volume 1, Issue 2 Page 9 Greetings from 1LT Greg Galeazzi and SFC Adam Morrison! As the leadership of 3 rd Platoon, Alpha Company, we would like to take this opportunity to update you on our status as a platoon. With 35 Soldiers and growing, 3 rd pla- toon is developing into one of the finest platoons in the US Army. We have spent this most recent training quarter working to develop the individual skills of every Soldier. Perhaps the most emphasized skill was becoming proficient in our abilities to use our assigned personal weapons. Whether that be an M4 Assault Rifle, M249 Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW), or the powerful 240B Machine Gun, we as a platoon have fired thousands of rounds and are confident in our abilities to employ such weapons. Other individual skills which our platoon has been working on include map reading, radio operations classes, first aid, and how to set up a landing site for helicopters. We are also sending groups of Soldiers to courses such as the Master Gunner course, classes to become Combat Life Saver (CLS) qualified, and oth- ers to train with 10th Special Forces Group, or for foreign language training. While this quarter we have focused on training our Soldiers on individual tasks, the upcoming training quarter will seek to develop the squad and platoon as a team. We will use the individual skills learned in this quarter as a foun- dation to build our squads and platoon into a strong, intelligent and fearless fighting force. Our goal is to be fully pre- pared for our upcoming deployment to Afghanistan in summer 2010. We understand that there are difficult times ahead, and that your loved ones will be away from home for a long period of time. I can promise, that we as platoon leadership will work with our superiors to ensure that your men here in 3 rd platoon will have as much time as feasibly possible to spend with their Families and friends. As always, we truly appreciate everything you do as the Families of our wonderful Soldiers. You take care of them in ways we cannot, and you give them hope, strength and happiness in challenging times. We thank you all for your support as we prepare for deployment, and look forward to seeing you all soon. SPC San Nicholas of 3rd Platoon rides in the back of a CH-47 during an Air Assault Mission for Gator Scrimmage
  10. 10. Volume 1, Issue 2 Page 10 Seasons Greetings from your FRG Leader! Hope this finds you all doing well! We have been busy these last few months. During October we held our kick-off fundraiser since arriving at Fort Carson. Soldiers and Families enjoyed a BBQ while bidding on the Commander's parking space, and a chance to throw a pie in their leaderships' face! It was a great event and a successful fundraiser for the FRG, raising nearly $900. At November's monthly meeting, company t-shirts were discussed as a fundraiser. Designs were voted on, and we have begun taking orders. We will have our first batch of orders in by late January for you all to have the long-sleeve and/or sweatshirt options during some of the cold months! We will be having a Christmas Party for all our Soldiers and their Families on December 16th at 6:30 p.m. This will be a ca- tered event for our Gator Family! The party will be held in the company area, and our short monthly meeting will be before the event. Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!! Sincerely, Rachel Hostetler acofrg122@yahoo.com Winning Gator Scrimmage Squad receiving their Army Achievement Medals. 2nd Squad, 1st Platoon: SSG William Livengood, SGT Bo Nguyen, SGT Kevin Hudson, PV2 Christopher Campbell, SPC Bob West- brook, PV2 Erik Morisette, SPC John Meeks, SPC John Aycock, and SPC Daniel Fredericks
  11. 11. Volume 1, Issue 2 Page 11 A publication of the Families and Soldiers of Blackhawk Company Volume I, Issue 2 November 2009 range rifle marksmanship, establishing and defending a patrol base, and Platoon small unit tactics and battle drills. They didn't just teach these skills, due to our excellent headquarters, B CO was able to prac- tice with blank ammo, fake bombs, and fake enemy uniforms and weapons. Luckily the weather held to a mild freezing as B CO practiced defending their perimeter throughout the night. From Commander’s Desk In accordance with the FRG Vote held in October we con- ducted the first B CO bowling night for the entire company. Judging by the temperature, I’m glad the FRG outvoted my hayride idea. Thanks Hello Blackhawk Family, guys. The evening went very well and we are looking forward to our Since the last Company Newsletter allot has happened. The biggest next event 11 DEC. We will host a Christmas Dinner at the YMCA from event has probably been the change in our name. A unanimous vote amongst 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm and hopefully see Santa. the company leadership approved the new name and motto: “BLACKHAWK, Last Friday was the 1st Annual Regular Battalion Combatives FEAR NO MAN.” SFC “Task Force” Niles quickly developed the new Company Tournament. B CO was proud to contribute the majority of the warriors Logo pictured above. It won’t be long until we have company T Shirts with our who volunteered to face off in the ring. We are proud of all of our new Company Logo. fighters regardless of the outcome. However, special recognition goes From Commander’s Deskthe lives of Platoon Leaders and Platoon Sergeants A major event in out to SPC Jessmer and SPC Rivera. SPC Jessmer fought to the champi- was the Battalion “Magic Event.” The events consisted of the Special Forces onship bout where he dominated until his opponent somehow applied Obstacle Course, a 12 mile foot march “all uphill” andboth New race “up a Greetings Gator Families and Friends a surprise and Sea- an arm bar and forced him to submit. SPC Rivera was truly in his ele- large mountain.” Throughout the event, teams demonstrated their skill at soned! Much has occurred since our last report from Iraq. We con- ment. He dominated throughout his preliminary bouts submitting ducted a maneuvering, firstredeployment to Ft. Hood, TX, took some shooting, very successful aid, land navigation, setting up communication many Regulars before they knew what was happening. He continued equipment, general weapons mastery, and being hungry and thirsty. All teams his mission to gold as he quickly finished CPT Mike Parks (E CO Com- well deserved post-deployment leave, and thentactical ability. Highlights performed very well displaying superior physical and undertook the ar- mander) in the championship heavyweight bout with a form of choking duous task PLT’s SFC Asberry and 1LT Ladny moving through the obstacle included 3 rd of moving our Families up to Ft. Carson, CO. For the unfamiliar to this writer. Rumor has it he suffered a slight injury to the Families that greeted our arrival to Ft.Asberry being Thank You veryto course like men on a playground, and SFC Carson, we the only Regular ribs but fought through it. Fear No Man Blackhawk…but maybe think muchall ofyour warmat ranges out to 600 meters. However, during the shoot for his targets welcome and gracious hospitality 2nd Platoon’s twice when it comes to SPC Rivera. formation of our new GatorAdrian “Mountain Man” Tilston rose above the SFC “Task Force” Niles and 1LT Family and Family Readiness Group. Congratulations to Wendi Gideon for being Bravo Com- You’ve made us aa close second place that is currently in dispute. We know competition to win better and stronger organization by bringing us on pany’s FRG volunteer of the Quarter. The B CO leadership nominated who really won. board quickly and making our transition very smooth. Wendi for her tireless service to the company, and valuable expertise. Not to leave out the rest of the men, B CO conducted their own B CO’s financial status is solid as always due to her stewardship and From July through August the Gator Soldiers worked tire- “Magic Event” the next Wednesday. It was truly magical to watch our men two productive fundraisers. The first was when the 1SG and I auc- train for this event once they found out that we would affirm one platoon as tioned off our parking spots to SPC “Wade” Boggs. SPC Boggs was en- “the best.” To do this we assessed each platoon’s physical stamina, individual joying bowling night so much he donated $240 to use the spots for 1 skill, and attention to detail. The skills testing focused on first aid, land naviga- week each. To park his bicycle diagonally? Thanks Wade. The 2nd fund tion, call for Artillery Fire, Radio operations, Weapons mastery, range estima- raiser was at the November FRG meeting. Leaders of B CO volunteered tion and point of aim with the ACOG optic, and machine gun theory. All of to receive pies to the face at the discounted price of $20 or $10 de- these are skills that we anticipate using in the future. Each platoon won an pending on seniority. Soldiers and their Families were so eager to raise event. However 1SG and I crowned 3rd Platoon “Outlaws” the victors because money they threw almost 20 pies raising $220! they won the most important event: Individual Skill Mastery. They will be Congratulations to SSG Kinsler and Lauren Davis who gave awarded the Frontier Tomahawk to be displayed prominently in their platoon birth to a baby girl, Mia Isabella. Congratulations to SSG Dobbins who office. Don’t despair Blackhawk, there will be many opportunities to win the was married on 7NOV, and SPC Craven who married Ashley Craven. coveted Tomahawk, and it’s unlikely the “Outlaws” will maintain their status. This month B CO promoted PV1 Palomeque to PV2. Also, the Army saw (2 months, over – under?) The second most important event was speed be- fit to promote our Platoon Leaders: 2LT Adams to 1LT, 2LT Ladney to tween events. Soldiers carried a heavy load across Fort Carson. All did well, but 1LT, and 2LT Tilston to 1LT. New B CO Soldiers are SPC Simmons, PVT some shined above the rest of their peers earning an Army Achievement Muscgrove, PVT Graham, and PVT Lockwood (again). Thanks for all Medal for overall toughness and dedication to the mission. These men were: your continued support to B CO, the Regular battalion and most of all, SPC Vargas, SPC Gebhart, SPC Simmons, PV2 Goodson, PV2 Palomeque, and for your Soldier. PFC Beckman. 21 B CO Soldiers participated in a 7 day Gunnery Rotation where they certified as crews on their Bradley Fighting Vehicles. Throughout the week they practiced their marksmanship with the 240b medium machine gun and Sincerely, the 25mm “Bushmaster” shooting simulated troop and vehicle targets. Typi- Bradley D. Rudy cally this field exercise would have included 43 Soldiers and 10 days and nights CPT, IN but B CO was able to meet the Battalion standard in much less. SSG Avery “FEAR NO MAN” came out of reserve status to borrow another crew (SGT Wegman & PVT Jeffries) and steal Top Gun status from the Commander. Good Job SSG Avery. Those not participating in Gunnery conducted a 4 day field training exercise in order to gain a better mastery of Machine Gun marksmanship, long
  12. 12. Volume 1, Issue 2 Page 12 SPC Rivera wins the heavyweight championship bout during SPC Jessmer pulls his opponent into his guard during Regular Regular Combatives Tournament Combatives Tournament CPT Rudy and 1SG Cutter during the battalion “Magic Event” Soldiers Call for Fire during B CO’s “Magic Event” SFC Asberry moving out during Battalion B CO Photo during Mountaineering training and foot marching in Magic Event Cheyenne Canyon
  13. 13. Volume 1, Issue 2 Page 13 A publication of the Families and Soldiers of Charlie Company Volume I, Issue 2 November 2009 Commander and First Sergeant Update Company Events  Combat Qualification Range November 16th  Battalion Combatives Tournament November 20th  Makeup PT Test November 23rd  FRG Thanksgiving Potluck November 23rd  Thanksgiving Holiday November 26th to 29th  Tank Gunnery November 30th to December 9th  Gunnery Family Day December 9th  FRG Christmas Meeting Captain Watkins: christopher.watkins7@us.army.mil First Sergeant Hise: john.k.hise@us.army.mil WE GOT OUR TANKS! The Holiday Season is already upon us and with it usually comes a ton of stress. We have the stress of by Specialist Donald Hughes and 2nd Lieutenant Hall Wang of 3rd Platoon training, money, Family, etc. I ask you all to put as much of this aside as you can and focus on the good In the midst of blasting winds and shivering temperatures Char- things during the holidays. While we are home with lie Company has not stopped training. Within the slew of ranges we our Families or friends, take a moment to reflect on have become certified on our new tanks, the M1A2 SEP Version 2. These new tanks are the Army’s latest and greatest main battle tank what is truly important to us, and give thanks for those with many new upgrades, all in all making them more lethal and things we have. 1SG and I will worry over the training. reliable on the battlefield. With the completion of New Equipment I challenge each of you to take the time and enjoy what Training (NET) we are preparing our tanks for the upcoming tank life has to offer. Our training will continue to ramp up, gunnery test. and we will persist in the outstanding job that we have All and all, we are having fun, but this is only the beginning of the road to the Joint Readiness Training Center and deployment. been doing. Best wishes to all. Snake 6 Well as 1SG I just want to another month has past and the training is picking up speed. I want to express Known Distance Range my thanks to all of you and your Families during this by 2nd Lieutenant Joshua Brooks, 1st Platoon Leader time of year. I also want everyone to have a warm Thanksgiving Holiday well deserved and needed. On October 16th, 2009, Charlie Company conducted a Known Distance range in which Soldiers engaged targets at distances from Safety is number one on my list and I ask all to put 100 to 300 meters. The purpose of this range was to give Soldiers “Safety First”. As you have time off with Family and greater confidence in their weapons and skills to engage targets out friends remember we go be Tankers right after the to 300 meters with precision. The range not only included a day Holiday! I also welcome the five new Soldiers we just shoot but also a night iteration in which Soldiers engaged targets at received. Continue to work as a team and fight as a 100 meter with their Night Vision Goggles and mounted night sights. team…Coppperheads Job Well Done!! Charlie Company Soldiers gained valuable experience as well as confidence in their ability to successfully engage targets at night.
  14. 14. Volume 1, Issue 2 Page 14 turning, kneeling, standing, and prone. Soldiers moved around so they could get shooting experience as close as 10 meters from the target. After a successful run of day shooting we conducted this range during the night time, true to the Army saying “we own the night”. Soldiers from Charlie Company engaging targets during the Known Distance Range while their spotters help them develop good shooting form “I thought the known distance range was a good opportunity for training,” said Specialist Carl Strachan of 1st Platoon. “I gained confi- Charlie Company Soldiers practicing target dence in my training and equipment.” discrimination and shooting from the kneeling position during the The ability of the US Soldier to accurately engage targets at Close Quarters Marksmanship range night and during other low visibility conditions is what sets them apart from most other military forces and is a skill that Charlie Com- Now, with the CQM range said and done, we have finished the first pany Soldiers will continue to hone during the lead up to deploy- step to mastering combat marksmanship so we will be ready to own ment in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. both day and night. Throwing Lead Down Range by 2nd Lieutenant Tyler Bryant, 2nd Platoon Leader Charlie Company recently completed its first machine gun range since moving to Fort Carson; where select Soldiers were given the opportunity to engage targets with the Army’s M-240 and M- 249 machine guns. “It was an excellent and overall great experience to fire the SAW (M-249) at a great range,” said Private First Class Sanchez of 2nd Platoon. During this range Soldiers were able to fire approximately 1200 3rd Platoon before the Known Distance range rounds each at various targets. They started by zeroing and becom- ing familiar with their weapons while engaging a 10 meter target. Once confident in their weapons, our Soldiers engaged pop-up tar- Close Quarters Marksmanship Training gets ranging from 200 to 800 meters in order to qualify on their weapons. by 2nd Lieutenant Hall Wang, 3rd Platoon Leader “It was a good way to familiarize with the weapons,” said Pri- vate Stone. Once again we have been storming through a battery of ranges “The number of rounds sent downrange was excellent,” said to sharpen our marksmanship for our future operations in Afghani- Specialist Munsey. “It was good that our new Soldiers got experi- stan. Key among them has been the Close Quarters Marksmanship ence firing the M-240 and M-249.” (CQM) range. This is a range set up to train us on the ability to shoot Although the machine gun range sounds like a lot of fun it is short range targets decisively and accurately. In today’s contempo- also extremely important because machine guns are force multipli- rary operating environment, that ability can determine mission suc- ers when we are in theater. Their ability to accurately and quickly cess. These are the skills we need to use to successfully clear rooms engage targets at further distances then our M-4 rifle makes them and engage the enemy in confined terrain. an extremely vital part of the company. The CQM range started with all the shooters lined up 20 me- “I thought the range was very efficient, fun and overall helpful ters away from the targets. From there, everyone worked on put- to becoming better with my weapon” said Private Denver Bell of 1st ting two bullets on their targets using a variety of stances including Platoon.
  15. 15. Volume 1, Issue 2 Page 15 Reenlistment THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE DONALD AND SHANNON HUGHES! Specialist Donald Hughes of 3rd Platoon from Houston, Texas, reenlisted on October 23rd, 2009. His reenlistment added six years to his initial contract of four years. His first duty station was with 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment at Fort Hood, Texas, before moving to Fort Carson and Charlie Company. His wife Shannon Temberlogan Aho-Hughes was present at the ceremony along with members from his platoon and the company. 1st Lieutenant Cary Fitzpatrick was the reenlistment officer that swore Specialist Hughes in during his ceremony. The ceremony was done in the Charlie Company motor pool on top of a M1A2 SEP V2 tank.
  16. 16. Volume 1, Issue 2 Page 16 A publication of the Families and Soldiers of Dealer Company Volume I, Issue 2 November 2009 Dealers wish you a Happy TANKSgiving! From the Commander: Happy Thanksgiving, Dealer Families! My wife jokes around that you can tell what the weather will be by when the Dealers will be out at the range - it always seems to rain or snow (or both) those days! Your Soldiers have done a fantastic job so far in meeting the training requirements. We’re about to start tank gunnery after the Thanksgiving holiday and finally let our Soldiers do what they came in the Army to do! To top off a training-filled month, the company participated in the battalion “magic” event, the combatives tournament and all three platoon leaders were promoted to first lieutenant! There are lots of opportunities to volunteer (and all volunteer hours count towards special events/recognition from both the battalion and the post) - check out our Upcoming Events. Home, home on the range Have a safe and happy holiday, Dealer company takes the tanks CPT Brandon Chapman, Dealer 6 out for a spin to get them boresighted and ready for gunnery
  17. 17. Volume 1, Issue 2 Page 17 1ST PLATOON, DELTA COMPANY, 1-22 INFANTRY This month 1st Platoon Soldiers com- pleted New Equipment Training (NET) on the M1A2 SEP tanks with a grand finale of Live Fire Accuracy Screening Test (LFAST). It was great to fire main gun rounds from the tanks to cap off the month long training. We also com- pleted several more small arms ranges to give us practice at rapidly engaging close targets and some Soldiers even were able to hit targets out to 600 me- ters! 2LT Lee and SSG Rodriguez com- Above: 1SG Jones peted in the battalion’s “magic event” (warrior skills competition) and joins in the “Magic Event” fun placed 8th overall. The platoon wel- comes two new members to our pla- toon; PVT Kimbrough from Texas and PVT Hoover from Oklahoma. 2LT Lee’s wife Wendy won her female figure competition allowing her compete against nationally ranked competitors. - 1LT Devan Lee
  18. 18. Volume 1, Issue 2 Page 18 2ND PLATOON, DELTA COMPANY, 1-22 INFANTRY The month of November has brought two newcomers to 2nd Pla- toon, SGT O’Hara and PVT Ruiz. We have welcomed them to the Family and already transformed their tanker attitudes into the infantry mentality. This month is full of training for 2nd Platoon. Our Soldiers will be engaged in tank gunnery, machine gun train- ing, and as always multiple ranges to improve our small arms marksmanship. Also we will be working on our cardio fitness to increase our ability to perform rigorous dismounted operations. The upcoming holiday break will be a great time for our Soldiers and their Families to catch up on what the great state of Colorado and the football season has to offer. -1LT Kyle West Dealers represent at the “Magic Event”
  19. 19. Volume 1, Issue 2 Page 19 SEEN & HEARD 1LT Denn & SGT Roberts in the “magic” event 3RD PLATOON, DELTA COMPANY, 1-22 IN- FANTRY 3rd Platoon "Diablo" has maintained a demanding schedule throughout November as we prepare for Tank Gunnery and next quarter's infantry-focused training. M1A2SEP NET comes to an end this month after four and a half weeks. NET training included instruction and testing of each tank crew station and culminated with LFAST to verify the accuracy of the gun prior to shooting gunnery in early December. Diablo platoon also attended several rifle and machine gun ranges to build our confidence and competence in accurate rifle and machine gun marksmanship. We continue to push our physical training to include recent combatives practices in preparation for the 1-22IN Combatives Tournament on November 20th. Diablo Platoon welcomes PVT Cantu to our ranks. PVT Cantu arrived from AIT at Fort Knox, KY and hails from Houston, TX. Lastly, we are all looking forward to spending the Thanksgiving holiday with our friends and Family and get a well deserved rest from training. While some of Diablo will be flying or driving to their hometowns, the rest will stay local and share Thanksgiving dinner together. -1LT Daniel Denn Top: CPT Chapman participates in the “Magic Event” ruck march Middle & Bottom: 1-22IN at the recent In- stallation Run
  20. 20. Volume 1, Issue 2 Page 20 A publication of the Families and Soldiers of Echo Company Volume I, Issue 2 NOVEMBER 2009 From the Command Group: CPT Michael Parks, Commander 1SG Bobby Simmons, First Sergeant Thank you to all the Families for their support in this past month. This is our second newsletter to the Families and we hope to be as informative as possi- ble. This will be the last Echo 1-22 IN BN newsletter issued. With change comes transition. The Company will be merging with E/1-66 AR and will become Charlie Company Special Troops Battalion. We had a great showing at this months FRG Meeting on 17 NOV 09 at 6pm. Thank you for attending and the next FRG Meeting will be on Echo Company representing during the 16 DEC 09 at 6pm in the BDE Headquarters Building, Room 140. Battalion Combatives Tournament on 20 NOV 09 As we transition into the Holiday Season we will do our best to en- sure that all Soldiers have ample time with their loved ones. Al- Headquarters Platoon Update: By: 1LT Chris Denning, Executive Officer though training is important, we will do our best to make sure the & SFC Tijerina, Operations Sergeant Families have a great holiday season. Headquarters Platoon has been heavily involved in running the In closing, we would like to let you know that any com- Engineer Qualification Tables and running ranges for the BN Magic ments are greatly appreciated. Feel free to contact the myself or Event. The challenge of running two ranges simultaneously was a the 1SG anytime. Thank you all! good test for Headquarters Platoon. Both ranges were ran success- fully and the Battalion Magic event ran smoothly. Headquarters would like to congratulate PV2 Volynets for his Past Company Events efforts in the 1-22IN Combatives tournament. He was one of 5 Sol-  Combat Life Saver Course, OCT-DEC 09 diers in the company to participate in the tournament. He lost a  Advanced Rifle Marksmanship, OCT-NOV 09 hard fought match but represented the Sappers with his courage  Machine Gun Ranges, 26-29 OCT 09 and effort.  JIEDDO Conference, 26-29 OCT 09 During the combatives tournament some Soldiers were se-  Halloween Bake Sale/ Costume Day: 30 OCT 09 lected to participate in an M203 grenade launcher range. The M203  Engineer Qualification Tables, 2-5 NOV 09 is a difficult weapon to master but SPC Falcon showed his expertise receiving high scores in the event.  Junior Leaders Retreat, 6-8 NOV 09 In closing, Headquarters Platoon would like to wish all the  Veterans Day Holiday, 11 NOV 09 Families a safe and fun holiday season.  Battalion Magic Event, 13 NOV 09  BN Combatives Tournament, 20 NOV 09  Thanksgiving Holiday, 26-30 NOV 09 Upcoming Company Events  Next FRG Meeting: 16 DEC 09, 6pm at BDE Classroom  Route Clearance Course at Fort Leonardwood, 30 NOV –11 DEC 09  Holiday Block Leave, 19 DEC 09 - 6 JAN 10 Family News  18 NOV 09: Congratulations to PFC Mata and his wife who welcome a new baby boy (Miguel), 7 lbs, 10 ounces, 22 inches long.  24 NOV 09: Congratulations to SGT Harris and his wife Ashley who welcome a new baby boy (Jason), 8lbs, 1 SFC Tijerina relieves stress on a junkyard car prior to the final event ounce. during the Engineer Qualification Tables at Range 121A
  21. 21. Volume 1, Issue 2 Page 21 1st Platoon Update: SFC Jubinville on the move By: 2LT Schlesinger, 1st Platoon Leader during the 10+ mile Road march & SFC Tate, 1st Platoon Sergeant during the BN Magic Event . Another exciting month has come and gone for 1st Platoon. This passed month was packed with excellent training. We are proud to present SSG Martinez as a recent graduate from the Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization course. The knowledge that he can bring to the team will be pivotal to our up- coming training and deployment. We also completed our Engineer Qualification Range where Soldiers were able to get excellent hands on training with Modern Demolition Initiators and different military grade explosives. LTC Padgett promotes 2LT This month we have three new additions to the Reaper’s Team. Chung on 20 NOV 09. SGT McCormack, SGT Harvin, and SPC Ramage are all new members to the team. We are excited to have them and know that they will A & O Platoon Update: be an excellent addition to our platoon. By: 2LT Jason Kim, A&O PLT Leader & SSG Minor, PLT Sergeant Finally, we would like to congratulate 2nd LT Schlesinger and SFC Tate for the outstanding performance in the Magic Event. A&O Platoon has had an exciting past month. We started the month off with an awesome Demolitions Range where Soldiers were able to test their knowledge and get real hands on experience with Modern Army Demolitions and Explosives. Some of the differ- ent things that A&O were able to work with was Composition-4 (c-4) Explosives and different Urban Breaching Charges. A&O’s SGT Roberts also successfully completed the Special Forces Advanced Urban Combat Training with the 10th Group Spe- cial Forces Soldiers. We congratulate him and the company expects much from SGT Roberts to teach us some of the things that he learned. SSG Minor and 2nd LT Kim also competed in the BN Magic Event and was able to place 5th in the Battalion. Congratulations to them on a great job. A&O expects and hopes for another great month! SFC Tate showing off his CLS skills on 2LT Schlesinger during the medical phase of the BN Magic Event . SSG Minor providing 2nd Platoon Update: cover for his Platoon By: 2LT Chung, 2nd PLT Leader & SFC Jubinville, 2nd PLT Sergeant Leader during the CQM range. Second Platoon would first like to welcome the new additions to the “Outlaw” Family: PFC Battig who just graduated from AIT and SGT Starks, coming from Ft. Hood. We would also like to welcome SSG Reed to the Platoon. He has taken over as one of our new Squad Leaders and we look forward to his future contributions. Second Platoon would also like to congratulate SSG Reed for gradu- ating the Joint IED Defeat Organization this month. 2LT Kim dominates his The “Outlaw” Family will like to wish good luck and farewell to opponent during the SSG Doyle. He will be moving to 25th ID in Alaska. We know he will BN Combatives do great things out there. His leadership and initiative will be Tournament. missed. Second Platoon continues to be excited and motivated in training and will continue to work hard for months to come! The Platoon spent a week out in the field and has done a great Command Team Points of Contact: job qualifying for the EQT, which consisted of Urban Breaches, han- CDR: CPT Michael Parks: michael.andrew.parks@us.army.mil dling mines, Bangalores, C-4, and other explosives. The Platoon also 1SG: 1SG Bobby Simmons: bobby.r.simmons@us.army.mil conducted a Long Range Marksmanship and familiarized themselves with Long Range Targets. SFC Jubinville and 2LT Chung competed in FRG Points of Contact: the BN Magic Event and placed 4th in the Battalion. Good Job! We would also like to recognize SPC Duncan for competing in the BN Leader: Brandi Royer, brandiroyer@yahoo.com Combatives Tournament. He will be representing the Platoon and Co-Leader: Mariann Parks, mair7582@aol.com the Company in the 140 lbs Category. Good Luck! Treasurer: Brittany Moore (Manley), britt741@yahoo.com Secretary: Krista Robertson, kristadawn918@yahoo.com
  22. 22. Volume 1, Issue 2 Page 22 A publication of the Families and Soldiers of FSC Volume I, Issue II November 2009 Forward Support Company Training Events:  M1 Abrams Gunnery NOV30-9DEC  CCTT Digital Convoy Training 30NOV, 17-18DEC  CLS Certification  Distribution, DFAC, and Maintenance Support  LOGPAC Training From Commander’s Desk  2LT Craver Challenge 7-10DEC  M4 Zero/Qual Range 14-15DEC CPT Rossol’s Commander Notes The holiday season is upon us once again. Your Soldiers have hit training hard this last month and everyone is looking for- Re-enlistments: ward to time with Family over the holidays. During October SGT Juarez, David and November we have provided essential logistical support SGT Turnipseed, Henry Lee to our 1-22 Infantry “Regular” brothers during Bradley and Tank gunnery and numerous small arms ranges. We con- tinue to train on Warrior tasks such as life saving skills, November Birthdays: weapons proficiency, and physical fitness. The Eliminator  SSG Christopher Trejo– 23NOV team will continue supporting Tank gunnery through Decem-  SGT Travis Artman– 1NOV ber 9th and we will also conduct personal weapon qualifica-  SPC Jewel Endsley– 30NOV tion December 14th and 15th. A couple events to look for-  SPC Pack Jackson– 20NOV ward to for Families are our next FRG meeting on December  PV2 Frisco Weaver– 12NOV 7th and the “Regular” Battalion Organizational Day coming in the Spring. The Organizational Day event will include food and festivities for all ages. Leaning into next quarter, the Promotions: training cycle will be fast and furious. We will be building  PV2 Mark Weber our platoon proficiency leading up to our JRTC rotation in Louisiana in April. Family Events and Fundraising: Block leave will take place between December 19th and Janu-  Future FRG events: CO FRG Meeting- 7DEC09 @ 1800 ary 10th. Be safe in your travels to and from Ft. Carson dur- (Suicide Prevention/Awareness & Family Advocacy ing the next month. Weather can always influence driving and flying conditions out of Colorado Springs and Denver. on FT. Carson) Take this holiday season and spend it with those closest to  Block Leave- 19DEC-10JAN you, and remember to thank that Soldier for their selfless  Past Events and Fundraisers: Pumpkin Carving service and duty to country. My greatest appreciation goes  Pie-in-the-face out to all of you who support those who fight for our free- doms.  Army vs. Airforce Tailgate  Company Turkey Fry Again, I want to thank all of you for your dedication to your Soldier and to the 1-22 Infantry, Forward Support Company Thanks to everyone who participated in the Pumpkin team. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions or Carving, Pie-in-the-face, and Co. Turkey Fry. All these concerns. Happy Holidays! events were a success and everyone had a great time. All in all the company has raised almost $500. The Elimi- nators appreciate everyone’s support.
  23. 23. Volume 1, Issue 2 Page 23 SGT Juarez leads his squad (PV2 Clingmon-left FSC Turkey Fry. Great food, great people, and a & SPC Martinez-right) up commo hill in order great time to perform MEDEVAC training SGT Phipps showing his Soldier how to operate a SGT Phipps leads his Soldiers in some D & C mop Here are some areas to get information: Points of Contact:  CPT Bryson Rossol (work phone) 719-503-1511 (cell phone) 719-362-6607  Kayla Leever (FRG Leader) kaylaleever@gmail.com  Ana Rossol (FRG Co-Leader) armypumba@yahoo.com  Facebook- 1st Battalion, 22nd Infantry Regiment or Regu- lars By God  Facebook- 1st BCT, 4th Infantry Division or RaiderBrigade *The FSC FRG Facebook site is currently under construction 1SG Calvert cooking up a monster turkey and will be emailed to all FRG participants as soon as it is com- plete. These Facebook accounts are open to ALL Family mem- bers.
  24. 24. Volume 1, Issue 2 Page 24 “In everything give thanks, for this is the will of God.” 1 Thessalonians 5:18 Chaplain’s Corner: By Chaplain (CPT) Chip Satterlee Friends and Family Members, Well, another month has came and went, where does all the time go? I guess time flies when you’re having fun! Now I know I’m being silly here, because let us face it, life is filled with many good days and a few “tough” ones, to say the least. Yet here we are in December with Christmas leave just around the corner. Just a few weeks ago we celebrated the wonderful holiday of Thanksgiving; a holiday that has been celebrated in our blessed nation for almost 400 years dating back to that first meager and humble one with the Native Americans and Pilgrims. Despite the challenges that sometimes come our way, we 1-22 IN Regulars do have much to be thankful for. We should be thankful that we live in a nation where we are free to agree, or disagree, with each other about really anything and everything without fear of imprisonment or even death. We should be thankful that we are free to worship God however we see fit. We should be thankful that we all have jobs, or at least that someone in our house has a job (a spouse or a parent) that provides us the shelter, food, all of our needs, and even some of the wants that we can have in this life. Having these things truly make us more privileged and blessed then over 90% of humans around the globe who aren’t as fortunate as we are in this nation. So this holiday season make an effort to join me in not focusing on what we do not have. Rather, let us be men and women who are thankful for what we do have. This spirit of thanksgiving, to God first and foremost but also to others, is one that is not limited to just one day a year. We should be thankful every day of our life…for every day we get on this earth truly is a gift from God. May God continue to bless each and every one of you! Be sure to have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Regulars by God Deeds not Words CH (CPT) Chip Satterlee (719) 330-5765