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Media literacy


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digital footprints and its consequences to individuals

Published in: Technology
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Media literacy

  1. 1. Media Literacy By Austin Berardi
  2. 2. Media Literacy
  3. 3. Media Literacy
  4. 4. Media Literacy  A digital footprint leaves behind a trail of data where other people can collect information about a person, and their digital presence.  Private information can be copied, can be passed on, passed to anyone, and can become permanent.  Protect yourself by ensuring your privacy settings are restricted.
  5. 5. Media Literacy  Every time a person logs on to a website that they leave a digital footprint that can have serious consequences. In order to protect ones privacy a person should know who their friends are, avoid disclosing their location, don’t share their password, change their password frequently, trust ones instincts, be discreet, think before they click, and be aware of their online reputation.
  6. 6. Media Literacy  You must be aware that what you do can affect other people, and those around you in a hurtful manner. Therefore, a person needs to be careful on the internet, and mindful. Furthermore, everyone should ensure a practice a safe and harassment free digital world.
  7. 7. Media Literacy