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MySQL in the Enterprise
Use Cases & Case Studies

APAC Extended Horizons
Summit 2008 Sydney
Workshops 25 May 2008
Summit 26-27 May 2008

Ralph Szulerowski
MySQL Senior Account Manager
Sun Microsystems (Australia) Pty Ltd
Nesh Mijailovic
Chief Technology Officer
Konak Solutions Pty Ltd

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My sql in_enterprise

  1. 1. START,RUN &GROWwith Sun SoftwareAPAC Extended HorizonsSummit 2008 SydneyWorkshops 25 May 2008Summit 26-27 May 2008 1
  2. 2. MySQL in the EnterpriseUse Cases & Case StudiesRalph SzulerowskiMySQL Senior Account ManagerSun Microsystems (Australia) Pty LtdNesh MijailovicChief Technology OfficerKonak Solutions Pty Ltd 2
  3. 3. Agenda1. Why bother?2. The TCO Opportunity3. Who/What/Why?4. MySQL/Sun Business Partner – Konak Solutions 3
  4. 4. Why Bother?• “IT organizations that don’t include open source software into offered solutions risk becoming uncompetitive” Gartner Group 2006• “Acceptance of Open Source Software is inevitable while interest is shifting from which systems are used to what value the systems create” JP Rangaswami, CIO – BT Global Services 4
  5. 5. Total Cost of Ownership LoweringReducing database hardware licensing costs by expenditure over 90%1 by 70%1 Cutting Reducing systems 1 TCO percentages by IDC administration, downtime by engineering and 60%1 support costs by up to 50%1 5
  6. 6. The Long Term Value PropositionToday’s Typical Desired IT IT Spend Spend 30% New Capability 45% New Capability 70% Sustaining & 55% Running Sustaining & Existing Running Capability Existing Capability Source: Accenture IT Spending Survey 6
  7. 7. Who uses MySQL? 7
  8. 8. What do they use MySQL forEnterprise Segments How They Use MySQL MySQL SolutionOnline Applications eCommerce, Gaming & Wagering MySQL Enterprise Web 2.0 & Content Management Applications MySQL Cluster Social Networking Professional Services User Profile, Authentication & Session Mgmt Training Online Store & Product CatalogsCustom Built Business 5 nines (99.999%) HA systems MySQL Classic, ProApplications Call Center Applications MySQL Enterprise Trouble Ticket Applications MySQL Cluster Documentation & Testing Professional Services Billing, Booking, Ordering Applications Training Financial/ERP ApplicationsOperational Reporting Reporting MySQL EnterpriseData Warehouse Inventory/data management & tracking (operational data) Partner solutions for Archiving systems (historical data) Analytics and ETL Sales & Order Data Customer Data Professional Services Real Time Data Warehousing Training 8
  9. 9. Why Lycos uses MySQL Leading Internet destination operating websites in 9 languages offering a broad spectrum of e-commerce & community services and more then 3B page views and 25M visitors/month “With MySQL we were able to reduce our annual database costs by more than 90%. MySQL significantly reduce our license support and maintenance fees” Per Larsson Team Lead► Business Value ► MySQL Value  90% TCO savings  Migrated largest database (25GB) in  Automated failover without any service less than 1 day disruption  25,000 concurrent users delivering 1GB data/sec  1 TB of data running on a total of 100 commodity Dell servers 9
  10. 10. Why Yahoo uses MySQL World’s largest online network of integrated services with more than 500 Million users worldwide “We chose MySQL because it is fast, and it has turned out to be a great bet Mark Lester Head of JAKE Development► Business Value ► MySQL Value  Enabling platform for Yahoo’s  Ability to handle high record volumes sophisticated publishing service - 260,000,000 row tables and JAKE (Jointly Administered 250,000,000,000 queries/month Knowledge Environment)  Ability to scale – data doubling every few months  Cost-effective & easy to use  Reliability in demanding high volume traffic sites 10
  11. 11. Why eBay uses MySQL Application MySQL Memory Engine Servers Cache Tier 5 min Batched Write Back Replication Read/Write MySQL Enterprise had a very Cache Miss Read Persistent attractive cost structure Database MySQL’s ability to offer enterprise  276 Million registered users class support  2 Billion URL requests per day MySQL’s combined throughput and  6,000 appl servers &12,000 Java processes cost structure provided a low cost  40 Billion database requests per day system for the scale of eBay  300 different DBs (over 700 instances) Power and flexibility of using SQL for different needs  9 PB of data storage 11
  12. 12. Why Alcatel-Lucent uses MySQL  Leading provider of fixed, mobile & converged broadband IP products and services “We have successfully implemented MySQL carrier grade edition for our highly mission critical XDMS application which will enable the next generation of converged services” Francois Leygues Software Architect► Business Value ► MySQL Value  Core IMS infrastructure providing the  Supporting 50 million users and up to contact and presence management 1,000 transactions per second configuration functionality  Extremely fast replication for real-time  Supports new high growth services such subscriber information availability as VoIP, Push to Talk, Content sharing  Low transaction latency demanded by service providers  Geographic redundacy  Lowest TCO 12
  13. 13. Why M1 uses MySQL A Leading mobile communications provider in Singapore over a 2G/3G/3.5G network with more than 1 million subscribers “We rely on MySQL Cluster as the key technology behind RewardsPlus which helps us increase the ARU and improve customer loyalty ” Mr. Tan TiongHeng General Manager, Core Network Planning► Business Value ► MySQL Value  Increasing the Average Revenue per  99.999% Availability with automated User sub-second failover  Reduce customer churn  Millions of Call Detail Records (CDRs) processed every day  Time To Value – rapid implementation of promotional campaigns and loyalty  2 Terabytes of information stored programs 13
  14. 14. What makes MySQL Different? 14
  15. 15. Native Storage EnginesStorage Engine Usage SummaryMyISAM File system replacement, Web, Data WarehousingFalcon (alpha) Transactional, high-speed/concurrency applicationsMemory Often-referenced data for high-speed lookupsArchive Historical, audit data that needs efficient storageCluster Transactional, high-available, session/telco appsCSV Reference flat file data with SQLMerge Partitioning-like ability before MySQL 5.1Federated Allows distributed data access between serversCustom Roll your own…Blackhole Provides replication hub without data storage 15
  16. 16. 3rd Party Storage EnginesStorage Engine Usage SummaryInnoDB Standard transactional applicationssolidDB Standard transactional applications/Multi-CPUInfoBright Large scale analytic data warehousing applicationsPBXT (beta) Community developed; transactional applicationsNitro (in dev) Large Scale Data Warehousing applications… All handled through MySQL Alliances Certified Storage Engine Program. 16
  17. 17. MySQL Storage Engines Storage Engines are unique in the industry Storage Engines allow the Community, Software Partners, and internal MySQL engineering to rapidly move the MySQL database server forward. Storage Engines providegreat flexibility and customization potential to perfectly address your needs. Storage Engines can deliver large performance increases. Storage Engines are easy to understand and use. 17
  18. 18. And what is MySQL Enterprise?Spend time to save money or Spend money to save time?Open SourceBenefits from testing by worldwide CommunityExtensive internal/external (Coverity, KLOCwork)testingBenchmarked with 2,000+ connectionsFeature Releases Mature MatureMySQL Enterprise Monitor and AdvisorsRapid Update Service Pack ProgramQuarterly Service Pack ProgramHot Fix ProgramBug Escalation PrivilegeAutomated Software Update and Alert ServiceOnline Knowledge Base24x7 Production SupportExtended End-of-Life PolicyLegal indemnification 18
  19. 19. Introducing Konak Solutions• Australian company started in 2006, based in Sydney• Long experience in Telecommunication Industry• Provider of large scale software solutions: > NICE2Billing ( > iNumb (• Using MySQL since year 2000 in large scale deployments 19
  20. 20. Why Konak Solutions chose MySQL (and Sun)• Low TCO• Reliability (0, Yes, Zero Software Faults since we started using MySQL in 2000)• Flexible Plug-In database engine(s) architecture optimised for: > Speed / Transactions / Fault Tolerance• Speed (over 750 Transactions per second)• Low-Latency Replication enabling: > Very High Volume OLTP > Scale-Out > Disaster Recovery (Geographically dispersed backups) 20
  21. 21. TCO – Konak Solutions Customersand Previous Experiences• Per Server Instance License rather than Per-CPU or even Per-Core License• License Cost itself is 90% less than other major competing products• Hardware Requirements, in our experience are in order of magnitude less than other products• Administration / Staff Training considerably easier and less costly (in addition has Tools that greatly reduce Maintenance/Recovery costs)• Open Source Magic – widely accepted and used database 21
  22. 22. Why “Scale-Out” is Important• Scale-Out is a modern computing architecture that enables our customers to improve application performance and scalability on an incremental, as-needed basis by adding multiple replicated database servers on low-cost commodity hardware• This is in contrast to a Scale-Up approach, which requires our customers to make a large up-front investment in more expensive, complex server hardware and database licenses in order to add capacity• Konak Solutions has found that Scale-Out approach enabled by MySQL is THE way for our Customer’s to start with a small investment and be very comfortable that the system will scale as their business grows without having to fork out huge amounts of money! 22
  23. 23. How Konak Solutions Customersuse MySQL 1. All write operations on the DB access MASTER DB – means that all MASTER DATABASE the SLAVEs have the same WEB SERVER(used by operators) + NICE2Billing data almost instantly RE REPL N PL IO 2. All read operations on the IC AT AT LI C IO ICATI P RE N ON SLAVE DBs – e.g. account validations etc. SLAVE DATABASE + NICE2Billing SLAVE DATABASE + NICE2Billing SLAVE DATABASE + NICE2Billing 3. Operators access the MASTER DB to update accounts (e.g. credit card PSTN VoIP payments etc) Clouds 23
  24. 24. Thank YouRalph SzulerowskiRalph.szulerowski@sun.comNesh 24