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SW week11 SectionA


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SW week11 SectionA

  1. 1. Section A1、・5 Key Words - Firefox - Mozilla - brower - explanation - Explorer
  2. 2. 2 <3 sentences from the article that are     very important for understanding the c   oncept described in the article.>● 1-The easiest way to learn about Firefox is to go ahead and download it (its free).● 2 -Where Internet Explorer uses security zones, which can sometimes be confused by malicious software, Firefox does not rely on zones.
  3. 3. ・3-As Firefox grows in popularity,Microsoft feels more pressure tocompete with added features of its own.They are 3sentences which it isimportant.
  4. 4. 3、<Why are these sentences important?>In● order to people isdownroad is safety.Firefox need to strong the security ofWeb browsers.Firefox is against Internet Explorer.Web browsers ofFirefox is more storong it of Inter netExplorer.
  5. 5. ・Firefox using to security differentlyfrom Internet plorer.In breif ,Firefox doesnot realy security sone.It is very sefetyand useful.If you happen on theInternet, Firefox chooses security overfunctionality to sefety.You can use internet on firefox.・Firefox is Web browser which is verysefety.But,hacker is increase.Thehacker may happen the internetsecurity.
  6. 6. It is very danger and awful.Firefow has a healthy share of thebrowser market now.There is publicityone of them.There is all banner pulicity ofthe pulicity.It is danger and all bannerpulicity sould delete.But,They are notremoving all banner ads on Web pagesdoesnt come built into Firefox.So ,I think that thier sentences areimportant.