Biology Powerpoint Coral Reef


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Biology Powerpoint Coral Reef

  1. 1. CORAL REEF Temperature- Between 25 and 26 By: Kyle Kendall degrees Celsius.
  2. 2. The Great Barrier Reef In Australia Known to many different species of animals and plants.
  3. 3. A Trip To The Coral Reef  If anyone Is planning on going on a trip to the Coral Reef in Australia they should pack the following supplies: Snorkels, Air tanks, Goggles, Flippers and any other supplies they make think they need.  The adventure would be one in a lifetime chance to see the reef. A person would see many different kinds of species of animals and plants. But, they would have to look at for sharks that invade the reef for food.
  4. 4. The Nurse rest on the sandy ocean floor waiting  The Nurse Shark Shark for its prey to swim by. They are nocturnal animals that only hunt at night. You can find these creatures in tropical and subtropical waters. They mostly feed on crustaceans. mollusks, tunicates, sea snakes and fish.
  5. 5. Sea Turtles  Sea Turtles swim around the coral reef in search of food. They usually eat Box Jellyfish and plants in the reef. They help keep the beaches safe for humans by eating the jellyfish. Most of the sea turtles are endangered species though. Its predators are sharks and whales which can usually eat them in one bite. So they usually take cover in the reef.
  6. 6. Zooxanthellae  Zooxanthellae is a flagellate protozoa that are golden brown intracellular endosymbionts of various marine animals and protozoa especially anthozoans such as the scleractinian corals and the tropical sea anemone. They live in other protozoa. Most are autotrophs that provide the host with high levels of energy. Hermatypic which is a coral that relies on the zooanthellae to help build up the reef.
  7. 7. Seaweed  Seaweed is a loose term encompassing multicelluar benthic marine algae.Weeds that are on the sandy ocean floor and on the reefs. Seaweed is a food source for people and animals. Many of the reefs fish hide in the seaweed from their predators.
  8. 8. Caulerpa  Caulerpa- is seaweed in the family of caulerpa ( among the green algae). They consist of only one cell with numerous nuclei. They are the biggest singled celled group in the world. If a human consumed this kind of seaweed they can possibly be poisoned.
  9. 9. Zooplankton  ZOOPLANKTON ARE HETEROTROPHIC AND SOMETIMES DETRITIVOROUS. Many zooplankton are to small to be seen with the human eye. They use phytoplankton as its food source. And they are found on the coral and the rocks at the bottom and top of the ocean.
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