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Scoop it


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Introduction to for teachers

Published in: Education, Technology

Scoop it

  1. 1. isa web 2.0 tool for curating content
  2. 2. Thousands of people are already curating You can follow their topics Suggest new sites
  3. 3. Discover new content for your scoops
  4. 4. Daily email Statistics New posts on scoops you follow
  5. 5. Connect and share through Twitter, Facebook and other social media
  6. 6. How I use scoop.itAs a professionallearning resource
  7. 7. How I use• As a professional learning resource
  8. 8. How I use• To collect and share resources for students
  9. 9. How I use• To collect and share resources for students
  10. 10. My scoopsVCE Legal • The UltranetStudies • Study skillsOf mice and men • The kite runnerMost wanted
  11. 11. Some scoops I follow • Libraries as sites of enchantment, participatDigital citizenship in ory culture, and learningschools • QR Codes in K-12Infographics for schools educationiPads in education • Social Networking for information professionals
  12. 12. Interested?Go to www.scoop.itFree account = 1 curator + 5 topicsEducator account $7/month = 30 curators + 20topics