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Group choices


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AS Media studies group choices

Published in: Education
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Group choices

  1. 1. Group choices Adam Richards
  2. 2. Grouping choices ▪ Last year, I decided to work in a rather large group that had a total of four people involved in one project. Whilst I felt that the product itself was of a good standard and met our overall expectations and even exceeding them in some areas, I feel like working in such a large group may not have been the best idea as trying to please everyone in the group was difficult. I also began to see that it was difficult to work with a member that was inexperienced in media studies, so I feel I do not want to work with all the same people, rather anyone that I felt had similar ideas and tastes that met what I felt was a good piece of media. One other wish of mine is to work with someone that I did not work with last year but demonstrated excellent work that would be vital to our media product in order to perfect it
  3. 3. The group ▪ The students that I have decided to work with two other people shortening the group. The first is Robyn Collier, of which I previously worked with on the AS media task. This choice was made on the fact that I had already worked with her, so I knew that she was able to provide the group with high level ideas that will be needed to make our product unique and creative. In our previous group, me and Robyn rarely quarrelled over the product and it seemed our ideas worked together, which makes me believe that she will be perfect for this next task. The second choice is Madison Arnold, a student that did not work with me and Robyn last year but instead went alone during this time but wished to work with a group this year. We have seen the work that she previously did in our last task and felt that she did some excellent alone, so I feel she will be a much needed edition to the group, as she has shown she has the determination to get the work complete to the highest standard whilst offering interesting ideas. We also feel that the edition of someone not from our old group will allow us to see a new perspective on the way we deal with challenges and tasks that lay ahead of us