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Top 10 Essential Secrets to Speaking English Fluently


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This PDF talks about the Top 10 Ways to Improve your English. To Learn more go to for FREE Online English Learning that Improves English Listening & English Speaking.

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Top 10 Essential Secrets to Speaking English Fluently

  1. 1. The Top 10Essential Secretsto SpeakingEnglish Fluently
  2. 2. 1. Motivation Attitude Persistence (MAP) Without knowing where you’re going, how will you get there? That’s why you need a good map and realistic goals. Why are you motivated to study English? The best motivation for studying English is for the purpose of interacting with the world. What’s your attitude toward studying English? You need to believe you will succeed & have no fear doing so. Will you be persistent enough to keep working hard until you reach your goal? You must be! If you want to achieve excellence in English you have to make a habit of studying English daily. And remember to be patient. At we have motivational videos for studying English to keep you motivated.2. Listen to English Daily The more you listen to English the better. At a minimum spend 1 hour per day listening to English preferably just before going to bed & just as you wake up. At we have up to 4X normal speed to improve your English listening.3. Think & Feel in English If you think more in English you will feel more in English. If you feel more in English your English speaking will be more natural and fluent. Write stories in English; think in English when doing chores, errands, ordering in stores & at restaurants, etc. You can also keep an English diary. At we have examples of diary entries for you to study and get you started on writing your own.4. Study, Memorize & Review Phrases You NEED to Study English Phrases NOT individual words. After you learn/study a new phrase memorize it. Next, write in down right away so you can review it at a later time. DON’T study or translate grammar or words (if you can) as this will get you thinking in your Native Language not English. At we have a lot of phrases, idioms & phrasal verbs you can use to Study English Phrases.
  3. 3. 5. Daily English Speaking Practice The more you speak in English the better. At a minimum spend 1 hour per day speaking English preferably just before going to bed & just as you wake up. At we have many ways to get you speaking English. Here are 3 of them: 1) Read Aloud 2&3) Practice Speaking English (Repeat what you Hear & Role Play).6. Speaking English Confidently This is an extension of Secret #5 but quite important. The ONLY WAY you can improve your English speaking is through practice, practice, practice. Practice gives you confidence; confidence gives you the power to speak English easily. You NEED to be confident speaking English in ANY situation. At we have a Search Bar (at the Top Right of every page) so you can practice any English situation you may encounter.7. Study Real English Real English is NOT what you learn in school or in textbooks. Real English is what you NEED to improve English listening & become fluent speaking English. Real English is listening to English at regular speeds, & using real materials that native speakers use like music videos, movies, idioms, phrasal verbs, phrases, interviews, speeches, quotes, etc. At we have many ways to help you learn Real English. Here are 3 of them: 1) All the materials above 2) Up to 4X Listening Speed 3) Advanced Real English.8. Learn Whole English Whole English is Listening, Writing, Reading & Speaking. It WILL save you a lot of time because you practice all these skills at the same time so it will maximize the time you spend studying English. At we have all the tools to help you learn Whole English: Listening (up to 4X speed), Writing (taking Dictation), Reading (reading out loud what you wrote taking dictation), & Speaking (repeating what you hear & role playing what you listened to). Taking Dictation is a major feature of our site.
  4. 4. 9. Review, Review, Review Always review daily, weekly & monthly what you’ve learned. Most make the mistake of cramming for a test in school & once passed/ failed forget what they have learned. If you want to be fluent speaking English you can’t forget. You must REPEAT & REVIEW everything you study. You’re NOT finished an English lesson unless you can SPEAK IT. At we have lots of review in each lesson. Please see our How to Use page for details.10. Learn like Children (Easier) And the last & most important secret is to learn English like children do: 1) Motivation is to understand the world (around them) 2) Listen to English Daily (listening to parents) 3)Think & Feel in English Naturally (involve senses & emotions in learning) 4) Learn through Phrases NOT individual words (parents teach them phrases naturally) 5) Daily Speaking (mimic & repeat what they hear from parents) 6) Speak Confidently (not worried about making mistakes) 7) Learn Real English (read books, watch TV & movies, listen to parents) 8) Learn Whole English (listen then speak; read then write) 9) Review (all their learning daily). So if you want to Learn Like Children you MUST use all the 9 previous Secrets. At 119ENG.comwe have combined all these Secrets in our Online English Lessons. [We even have a Section called “English for Kids” where you can teach your kids English.] At 119ENG.COM we WILL help you SUCCEED IN ENGLIGH where you once failed. If you have any questions, comments or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact us.