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How can goods marketers improve customer support services ?


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This presentation is based on the 12th chapter (Designing and Managing Services) of the book Marketing Management by Kotler and Keller

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How can goods marketers improve customer support services ?

  1. 1. How can goods marketers improve customer support services ??
  2. 2. Identifying & Satisfying Customer Needs •
  3. 3. Downtime: Longer the downtime, higher the cost borne by customer Out-of-pocket loss: Amount incurred on regular maintenance and repair
  4. 4. To provide best support, manufacturers must identify the relative importance customer assigns to each service. • Facilitating services: installation, staff training, maintenance and repair services. • Value-augmenting services: those that extend beyond the functioning of the product. • Service-contracts: extended warranties at a contract price.
  5. 5. Post Sale Service Strategy Quality of customer service departments varies greatly. Some just forward the call dispassionately while others proactively contact customers to provide service.
  6. 6. Customer Service Evolution Manufacturers usually run their own parts and service department. They earn profits by selling parts and services at premium prices. Independent service firms also emerge and offer a low price or faster service.
  7. 7. Customer Service Imperative Customer-service choices are rapidly increasing. Manufacturers find it difficult to sell their parts owing to an increase in never-fail equipment. Larger companies find it convenient to have own service people on-site.
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