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April 2011 Potomac Air Monthly


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Published in: News & Politics
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April 2011 Potomac Air Monthly

  2. 2. Strength NewsPOTOMAC AIR MONTHLYEditorial StaffBrig. Gen. Jeffrey R. Johnson113th Wing CommanderCol. George M. Degnon113th Wing Vice CommanderChief Master Sgt. Chris Acostar113th Wing Command ChiefCapt. Byron B. CowardEditorThe Potomac Air Monthly is the officialmagazine published by and for the 113th We’re sorry. ThisWing, District of Columbia Air NationalGuard. The contents of the Potomac AirMonthly are not necessarily the officialviews of, or endorsed by the U.S. govern- page is only availablement, Department of Defense, Air Force,Air National Guard, National Guard Bureauor the D.C. Air National Guard. To submit articles or photography to the via the 113WGPotomac Air Monthly, send them or contact the 113WG Public Affairs office at(240) 857-2810. intranet or theThe Public Affairs Office address is:113th Wing, DCANG Public Affairs3222 Annapolis StreetJoint Base Andrews, MD 20762 AF PortalFRONT COVERMaster Phillip Taylor, 201 Airlift SquadronFirst Sergeant participates in the flag pres-entation ceremony during the WashingtonNationals home opener. (Photo by Tech.Sgt. Tyrell Heaton) Commander’s Action Line The Commander’s Action Line gives all Airmen a direct link to the 113th Wing Commander for any questions or suggestions regarding the 113th Wing. The action line can be used to express constructive points of view on the policies and procedures of the wing, as well as discuss safety and security issues. The goal is to provide you with an accurate, timely response. Airmen should use this tool after coordinating problems or concerns with supervi- sors, first sergeants or commanders. If you’re not satisfied with the response or are Brig. Gen. unable to resolve the issue, e-mail the action line at Chief Master Sgt. APRIL IS SEXUAL ASSAULT AWARENESS MONTH Jeff Johnson, Chris Acostar, 2 113th Wing 113th Wing Command Commander Chief Master Sergeant
  3. 3. This UTA We’re sorry. This page is only available via the 113WG intranet or the AF Portal OPSEC APRIL IS SEXUAL ASSAULT AWARENESS MONTH3 THIS PAGE IS SPONSORED BY OPSEC: PRACTICE IT EVERYDAY!!!
  4. 4. Air Force NewsGuard leaders to HouseSubcommittee: NationalGuard should remain op-erational reserveby By Air Force Tech. Sgt. John OrrellNational Guard BureauWASHINGTON -- As part of theTotal Force, the National Guardhas successfully transformed to anoperational Reserve and must notbe put back on the shelf as a strate-gic Reserve, the chief of the Na-tional Guard Bureau said lastweek. "We must continue to be util-ized as part of the operationalforce ... and must maintain readi- Maj. Brian Chamness, 332nd Expeditionary Fighter Squardon, climbs aboard his F-16ness and continue to be a part of before a combat mission June 14. The 332 EFS is part of the 332 nd Air Expeditionarythe national security framework," Wing, which represents a total force unit with Reservists, Air National Guardsmen andGen. Craig McKinley said while Active Duty Air Force Airmen. U.S. Air Force photo by Tech. Sgt. Tick Sforzatestifying to the House Appropria-tions Subcommittee on Defense onMarch 30. "From a strategic vantage point, Wyatt said the Air Guard pro- McKinley - along with Lt. Gen. we in the National Guard believe vides a high percentage of AirHarry Wyatt, director of the Air that care must be taken not to Force mission capability relative toNational Guard; Army Maj. Gen. break this magnificent force that the total budget the Air Force pro-Raymond Carpenter, acting direc- has been there when needed these vides to the Air Guard.tor of the Army National Guard last 10 years," McKinley said. "The Air National Guard pro-and Army Lt. Gen. Jack Stultz, "We have proven that this Re- vides about 34 percent of the totalcommanding general, U.S. Army serve component can be an opera- capability of the Air Force onReserve - spoke about the impor- tional force. We have demon- about 7 percent of the budget,"tant role the National Guard and strated the capabilities," Stultz Wyatt said. "Thats probably theReserve have served over the last said. "We have demonstrated the most cost-effective arm of the Airdecade. fact that we are a good return on Force that we have." McKinley said remaining a investment." Wyatt said one of the biggestfully operational force relies on the That return on investment can issues the Air National Guardservice components willingness to be seen in all three Reserve com- faces in remaining a relevant op-keep the Air and Army National ponent branches. erational force is the recapitaliza-Guard operational. "We have created an Army that tion of older aircraft. "I believe very strongly that has to have an operational Re- "Thats the same problem that[Chief of Staff of the Air Force serve," Stultz said. "Just in raw the United States Air Force has,"Gen.] Norton Schwartz and [Chief numbers, 75 percent of your engi- he said.of Staff of the Army Gen.] George neering capabilities ... 80 percent "Our goal is to continue to be anCasey believe that access and of your logistics capability ... 75 equal partner through the Airavailability to call on the Guard is percent of your medical capabil- Forces recapitalization and mod-vital to their future, especially in ity ... and 85 of your civil affairs ernization era of persistent conflict," he capability, which is in high de- "The proper way to do that,said. mand, is in the Reserve or Guard." when recapitalizing the Air Force, APRIL IS SEXUAL ASSAULT AWARENESS MONTH4
  5. 5. Air Force Newsis to embark upon recapitalizing support civil authorities through Forces."the Air National Guard at the same prudent investments and dual use Carpenter said Soldier resil-time that we do our active compo- capabilities." iency is also vital to the continua-nent proportionately and balanced McKinley broke down some of tion of the operational force andacross all three of the components the fiscal year 2012 requirements the Army National Guard looks toso that the Air National Guard can the Guard is looking for. achieve this through comprehen-remain relevant and remain an op- Overall we can say that the sive Soldier mental health initia-erational force." budget request for fiscal year 12 tives and Soldier and family out- Preparing for the future, the Air meets the critical needs of the reach programs.National Guard must build upon Army and the Air National Guard Carpenter emphasized the im-the lessons of the past, he said. in the era of persistent conflict portance of keeping the Guard and "Todays Air National Guard overseas and on-going threats to Reserve operational.integrates seamlessly into the Air American lives and property here "General Casey has made theForce global operations because in the homeland," he said. statements, Weve served together,we have the same equipment with "As the FY12 budget was de- weve bled together and we cantsimilar capabilities and Air Guard veloped, we worked closely with go back," Carpenter said.Airmen maintain the same stan- [the office of the secretary of de- "We have to be ready, we can-dards of training and education as fense] to ensure adequate funding not sit back and wait for somethingour active duty brothers and sis- for the entire [Chemical, Biologi- and then respond, so from thatters," Wyatt said. cal, Radiological, Nuclear and standpoint the operational Reserve "With continued support from high-yield Explosives] enterprise, is critical for this nation," he said.Congress, we will continue to im- including standing up the remain-prove and enhance our ability to ing eight new Homeland ResponsePresident Signs Continuing 2001 and Sept. 30, 2009. fiscal 2011 defense budget, and Obama said he wants negotia- will preclude many contract starts.Resolution Extension tions between the executive and The president wants to avoidBy Jim Garamone legislative branches to continue. continuing two-week extensions,American Forces Press Service He called on Democratic and Re- and wants a long-term deal withWASHINGTON – President publican leaders of Congress to Congress, Carney said.Barack Obama signed legislation begin meeting as soon as possible ―We look forward to negotia-last night that will keep the gov- with the vice president, the White tions on a long-term deal, throughernment funded and running House chief of staff and the budget the end of the fiscal year, so thatthrough March 18. director. we can do the country’s business The new continuing resolution ―We believe and hope that … an efficiently and effectively; becausecuts $4 billion from the previous initial meeting will take place very it is no way to run a business or acontinuing resolution funding. soon,‖ White House Press Secre- government to … wonder everyNone of the $4 billion is taken tary Jay Carney said yesterday, two weeks if we’re going to befrom Defense Department pro- adding that there is room for com- able to keep in operation the fol-grams. Extending the continuing promise. lowing week,‖ he said. ―So theresolution also means that service DOD officials have been warn- president very much looks forwardmembers and veterans have until ing for weeks of the effects a year- to these negotiations beginning toMarch 18 to file for stop-loss long continuing resolution would take place towards a long-termfunds if their service was involun- have on the department. It would deal, and he believes that commontarily extended between Sept. 11, mean a $23 billion shortfall in the ground can be found.‖ National Guard News now has an App for that The National Guard News Mobile App – available for free download at – keeps readers connected with up-to-the-minute updates and enables the National Guard’s 22,000 Facebook fans and 12,000 Twitter followers to share their favorite stories with their friends on popular social media platforms. APRIL IS SEXUAL ASSAULT AWARENESS MONTH5
  6. 6. Capital Guardian NewsD.C. Guard Members un-furl Super-Flag on openingday for the Washington Na-tionalsTechnical Sgt. Tyrell Heaton113th Wing Public AffairsWASHINGTON – More than 150Airmen and Soldiers from the Dis-trict of Columbia National Guardincluding some volunteer Soldiersfrom the National Capitol Region,including Ft. Meyer, teamed to-gether to unfurl an American super-flag on opening day at NationalsField. The National’s organization hasincorporated the D.C. National Members of the D.C. National Guard hold a football-field sized American flag on theGuard in their opening day, pre- outfield during pre-game ceremonies for Opening Day at Nationals Park in Washington,game ceremonies for the past five D.C. March 31, 2011. U.S. Air Force Photo by Technical Sgt. Tyrell Heatonyears. Additionally, the organiza-tion allowed the Joint Force Head- ment in Iraq. for the Nationals.quarters, commanding general to ―It’s an honor to be recognized ―Its a privilege,‖ said Sgt.throw out the first pitch. in front of such a big crowd,‖ said McKenna. "Theres a tremendous The flag unfurling was just one Sgt. Hall. ―There are a lot of other sense of pride being on the field."of the many events the National guardsmen who have done a lot of As the volunteers made theirCapital Region servicemembers impressive things and I feel proud way to the stands after the openingparticipated in as a tribute to the to serve with them.‖ ceremonies, many encounteredAmerican military. Children of ―Being able to cover the field grateful fans. Soldiers and Airmenservicemembers were allowed on with a flag at an event like this is a continually heard ―thank you forthe field to greet the starters as great way to showcase the D.C. your service‖ from fans and Na-they ran onto the field and the National Guard,‖ said Lt. Col. tionals employees as they walkedNavy Band performed America the Dewey Wiseman, Joint Force through the concourse and sta-Beautiful prior to the game and the Headquarters, D.C. National dium.National Anthem in conjunction Guard. ―I felt a lot of pride when thewith the flag unfurling. The Airmen and Soldiers who crowd roared as the flag opened,‖ Two members of the National volunteered met at Nationals Field said Tech. Sgt. Stephen Zakszeki,Guard were individually recog- eight hours before the game for a 113 MXS, Aircraft Electrician.nized prior to the start of the game. 15 minute run-through for the 121st Fighter Squadron, F-16Staff Sgt. Jenna Hall, Unit Train- opening ceremony. During this aircraft were scheduled to fly overing Manager with the 113 Mainte- time, each Airman and Soldier but low clouds prevented thenance Group, and Bronze Star Re- were given a specific job to ensure flight.cipient, Army Staff Sgt. Timothy the massive flag could be opened ―Hearing the roar of the fansHuggins, 58th Infantry Brigade without touching the ground. The after the National Anthem is reallyCombat Team, Maryland Army flag was large enough to cover the heartfelt,‖ said Staff Sgt. JohnNational Guard. length of a football field. Griffin, 113 MXS Jet Engine Me- Sgt. Hall was recognized for Tech. Sgt. Mike McKenna of chanic. ―It makes me proud toher service during Operation Iraqi the 113th Maintenance Squadron’s wear the uniform.‖Freedom and volunteering to serve Avionics shop, has participated inadditional time beyond her deploy- the past five opening ceremonies APRIL IS SEXUAL ASSAULT AWARENESS MONTH6
  7. 7. Capital Guardian News 113th FSS FSRT recieves “Outstanding” rating at Virginia’s Collective ExerciseBy 1st Lt. Daniel Keffer Force (Virginia Task Force 2) Region 3.113th Force Support Squadron based in Virginia Beach, a Disaster Base camp was established at The 113th Facility Search and Medical Assistance Team, a Met- Camp Pendleton (State MilitaryRescue Team participated in a col- ropolitan Medical Response Sys- Reservation) and the training waslective exercise in Virginia on tem from York County, VA Army conducted at the VA Beach FireMarch, 19. National Guard, and Joint Inter Training Center to include an all FSRT responded with its parent agency Training Education Center day, the Virginia Chemical inspectors. The 113 FSRT team effectivelyChemical, Biological, Radiologi- The mission was to conduct conducted awareness level trainingcal/Nuclear and Explosive En- emergency response operations in in a CBRNE level environment tohanced Response Force Package support of civilian authorities to safely enter and operate within ateam to a simulated domestic op- include the tasks of incident sup- collapsed structure rendered safeeration. port, mass decontamination, search by S&E element. Mission success Partner units included a Federal and extraction, and/or medical was accomplished through the VAEmergency Management Agency treatment and triage operations at CERFP to include outstanding rat-Urban Search and Rescue Task any time within Virginia, FEMA ings for the 113 FSRT team.Members of the 113th Facility Search and Rescue Team pose for a celebratory picture after completing the collective exercise. Cour-tesy photo SHELTER IN PLACE Do you know where to go? Check your Wing Bulletin Board and/or Facility Monitor APRIL IS SEXUAL ASSAULT AWARENESS MONTH7
  8. 8. Capital Guardian NewsAirmen from the 113 Wing runners from the 113 WG‖ saidprepare for Lincoln National Sgt. Heaton. ―Last year we were able to fill a team for Maryland butGuard Marathon had to use an Airman from the 113By Tech. Sgt. Gareth Buckland WG (Master Sgt. Tamayo) to com-113WG Public Affairs plete the roster.‖ Four Airmen from the 113th Sgt. Heaton has run the eventWing, D.C. National Guard have 12 times. This will be his firstbeen busy this spring logging a lot wearing the D. C. National Guardof miles in preparation for the 34th running singlet.Annual Lincoln National Guard Last year, 265 GuardsmembersMarathon in Lincoln, Neb., May 1, participated in the 2010 Lincoln2011. National Guard Marathon. The Master Sgt. Irma Tamayo, event displays community excel-113th Communications Flight and lence through partnership with theTech. Sgt. Tyrell Heaton, 113 WG Lincoln Track Club by marketingPublic Affairs are joined by new- and hosting the sold out Lincolncomers Lt. Col. Reno Zisa, 113 National Guard Marathon whichWG Comm. Flt. and Master Sgt. reached it’s capacity of 10,000Sterlin Wilson, 113th Civil Engi- Tech. Sgt. Tyrell Heaton, 113 Wing Public runners earlier this year. It hasneering Squadron. Affairs and member of the D.C. National earned the reputation as a premier Guard’s marathon team, runs past the Together they represented the "military" event ranked with the U.S. Capitol during the Sun Trust NationalDistrict of Columbia National Marathon in Washington D.C. March 26, USAF Marathon, USMC Mara-Guard at the Sun Trust National 2011. Courtesy Photo thon, and the Army Ten-Miler.Marathon and the Credit Union Soldiers and Airmen who com-Cherry Blossom 10 Miler. Retention workshop for runners pete at this event serve as mentors ―These races are good distances perform five recruiting and reten- to fellow National Guard Soldiers/at the appropriate time, (about a tion duties which enhance the re- Airmen and civilians on physicalmonth out from the Lincoln Na- cruiting and retention force by pre- fitness by utilizing All-Guardtional Guard Marathon),‖ said Sgt. senting the image of a fit and Marathon Team athletesHeaton, Coordinator for the D. C. healthy National Guard. and Guard Fit Challenge to in-and Maryland National Guard ―Several runners exceeded five crease unit readiness levelMarathon Teams. ―They serve as a events last year,‖ said Seargeant and provide a valuable lead-tune-up for a full-marathon and Hagen. ―Based on last years at- generating tool for local area Re-give us a gauge of our fitness and tendance, direct National Guard cruiters to utilize.endurance.‖ lead generation exposure tops ―The All-Guard team runners The Lincoln National Guard 1,325 events in local communities generated more than 500 recruitingMarathon in conjunction with the across the country.‖ leads generated in FY10,‖ saidNational Guard Bureau’s Recruit- Last October, Sgt. Tamayo and Sergeant First Class Mike Hagen,ing/Retention workshop for run- Sgt. Heaton competed in the Army Marathon Director for the Nationalners has been held annually for Ten-Miler with the Maryland Na- Guard Bureau. ―Additionally, thenearly thirty years. Here, Guard- tional Guard Marathon Team All-Guard team improvesmembers from around the country where their contributions helped the image of the National Guardcompete for their state team and the team earn second place in both by educating the public at two-daycompete for a spot on the All- the Men and Women’s National marathon health and fitness expo-Guard Marathon Team. Guard Division. sitions.‖ ―This year is particularly excit- At the local level, all Soldiersing as D.C. is fielding a team and and Airmen who attend the Na-the entire team is composed of tional Guard Bureau’s Recruiting/ APRIL IS SEXUAL ASSAULT AWARENESS MONTH8
  9. 9. Capital Guardian NewsSNCOA Class 11-5 begins at attend the classes after work. will be running this place. Thisthe 113WG Classes begin at 6:00 p.m. and end will be a huge tool in your toolkit at 10:00 p.m. if you want to be successful. IBy Capt. Byron Coward ―At around the half-way point, want all of you to strive to make it113WG Public Affairs you will hit the wall,‖ said CMSgt to that level.‖ The 113th Wing kicked off Sat- Reginald Edwards, D.C. National ―The class will be whatever youellite NCO Academy Class 11-5 Guard Senior Enlisted Leader. make it,‖ said CMSgt RuthelmaMarch 8 in Room 201. ―That is when teamwork will be Pitts, 113 WG command post su- For 16 weeks, NCOs from the important.‖ perintendant and SNCOA lead site113th Wing, the Readiness Center CMSgt. Ronald Anderson, facilitator.and the Maryland Air National 113WG Command Chief Select, CMSgt Pitts also added thatGuard will attend their NCO acad- explained that going away to a there are benefits to attending theemy via satellite feed from NCOA had its benefits versus SNCOA course. In contrast to theMcGhee Tyson ANGB, Tenn. completing CDCs. He acknowl- solitary studying of CDCs, stu- The first class was kicked off edged that completing SNCOA dents can interact with studentsby an icebreaker that was attended would be tough, and that it was from across the country. Uponby senior leadership and well each students’ responsibility to completion, students may havewishers from the 113 WG, the encourage one another and be a opportunities that would not beBrig Gen Jeff Johnson, 113WG Commander talks Master Sgt. Lorene Kitzmiller, 113MSG First Ser- Master Sgt. Linton Wilson or the 113th Communica-to students and guest during the SNCOA Class 11- geant baked a special cake for the SNOCA Class tions Flt., connects to the conference phone bridge5 icebreaker 11-5 icebreaker in preparation for the evening’s SNCOA broadcastMaryland ANG and Readiness source of energy thorough the afforded to them without NCOA.Center. weeks. ―We want to see you succeed ―We were the first unit to stand CMSgt Edwards also encour- and become senior NCOs,‖ saidup the Satellite NCOA course,‖ aged the class attendees that they Chief Pitts.Said Chief Master Sgt. Acostar, were not here just to get promoted, The final two weeks ofcurrent 113 WG Command Chief. but rather to obtain the skills nec- SNCOA consist of an in-residenceThis is an example of the wing’s essary to become successful and a modules at McGhee-Tyson.journey to greatness.‖ better leader. CMSgt. Acostar compared the ―Our leaders, today, need us,course to a typical college course (enlisted force)‖ said Chief Ed-in the fact that it would be rigor- wards. ―It is our job and responsi-ous, but you have great instructors bility to lead and take care of theand facilitators that want to see enlisted personnel.‖you succeed.‖ ―This shows a big step up for Students are not given work you in your careers,‖ said Brigpasses or leave to attend the satel- Gen Jeff Johnson, 113th Winglite NCOA course. They must ful- Commander. ―By the time I retire,fill their duties during the day and Members of SNCOA class 11-5 after completing an the Top 3 (students in attendance) open ranks inspection APRIL IS SEXUAL ASSAULT AWARENESS MONTH9
  10. 10. Four-ship on the FamilyFirst lady, Dr. Biden to launchmilitary family awareness cam-paignby Air Force Tech. Sgt. John OrrellNational Guard BureauWASHINGTON -- Dr. Jill Bidenand First Lady Michelle Obamawill campaign to raise awarenessof military families, the vice presi-dents wife told spouses of Na-tional Guard adjutants general heretoday. "In the coming weeks, we aregoing to be launching a formalcampaign," said Biden, whohosted the spouses for breakfast atthe vice presidents residence here. "Were going to reach out to all Dr. Jill Biden, the wife of Vice President Joe Biden, met with the spouses of NationalAmericans," she said. "Michelle Guard adjutants general at the vice presidents residence, Feb. 28, 2011. Biden said she and First Lady Michelle Obama will launch a formal campaign to raise awarenessand I are going to go on a tour for military families. (photo by Tech. Sgt. John Orrell)around the country to create thismass-media awareness, so that the feel like were all family, all of us our son was deployed."99 percent of Americans that are together. We share the same con- Biden told the spouses about anot serving can now serve the one cerns, anxieties and sense of duty prayer his wife received from Janepercent who are." and pride that comes along with Vavala, wife of Delawares adju- Biden and the first lady will being military family." tant general, Army Maj. the country encouraging With thousands of Citizen- Frank Vavala, during Beaus de-Americans to join these efforts, Soldiers and -Airmen serving in ployment ceremony.she said. Iraq, Afghanistan and other re- "I would walk in every morn- "Over the last couple of years, gions of the world and almost half ing ... into the kitchen, and I wouldMichelle and I have been traveling the nations military strength resid- see Jill mouthing this prayer," heall around the country talking to ing in the National Guard and Re- said. "Its truly a personal gift offamilies," she said. "Weve brought serve it is almost impossible to kindness."our stories back to the White overstate the importance they both Dr. Biden recalled that prayer -House, and now the president and have, she said. and what she has done with it.the cabinet ... are going to act on "In this era, when so much is "When Jane sat beside me andit." being asked of the Guard and Re- handed me that prayer, that prayer Biden, whose son Beau just re- serve, you all have been a source meant so much to me, it was suchturned from a year-long deploy- of strength, relieving some of the a wonderful gesture of kindness,"ment to Iraq with the Delaware burden of stress on loved ones left she said.National Guard, has dedicated her- behind," Biden told the spouses. "When I meet families who areself to bring awareness to "military Vice President Joe Biden made being deployed, ... I try to pass thatfamilies strength and courage, as a surprise stop at the breakfast to along, that act of kindness, be-well as the challenges that they share his feelings on how state cause I know as a military momface," she said. senior leaders make a difference how much that meant to me." "I am a Blue Star mom. for families during deployments. Dr. Biden encouraged people to "I will always remember the "Dont underestimate the im- visit or contact hermixture of pride and concern that I pact that you all have," he said. "I office and share how theyre sup-felt about [Beaus] deployment. I watched the impact on Jill when porting those who serve. APRIL IS SEXUAL ASSAULT AWARENESS MONTH10
  11. 11. Four-ship on the FamilyWhat is the new TRS? How do I sign up?  Members/families disenrolled 1 October 2007, TRS is Step 1 –Log on to the Guard and from TRS (voluntarily or in- changed from a three tiered Reserve Web Portal at voluntarily) will be locked out system to a single tier of TRS for one year (any back Enroll during any month; cov- ReservePortal and complete the due premiums must also be erage effective the first day of TRICARE Reserve Select (TRS) paid) the next month Request Form (DD Form 2896-1).  For more information contact Print and sign your TRICARE Regional Con-Do I qualify? Step 2 – Submit form with pre- tractor at (see slide three for a To qualify, you must be an ac- mium payment to regional contrac- list of regional contractors) tive drilling Guard member tor You do not qualify if you are eligible to enroll in the Federal Other Points Employees Health Benefits  IRR/ING are not eligible for (FEHB) program TRS  Drilling Selected ReserveWhat will it cost me? members are eligible for TRS Monthly premium of $53.16 with the exception of those eli- North Region for individual and $197.76 for gible for FEHB Health Net a Guard member/family  There is no service commit- 1-800-555-2605 Payment must be made directly ment to your TRICARE Regional  DEERS accuracy is critical South Region Contractor  When a Guard member is in Humana Military A missed payment will result TRS and is placed on active 1-800-444-5445 in loss of coverage duty orders for greater than Standard TRICARE deducti- 30 days, they are dropped West Region bles and co-pays also apply from TRS and must reenroll within 60 days to continue TriWest 1-888-TRIWEST coverage (1-888-874-9378) Know the Indicators Know what to do Know where to go for help APRIL IS SEXUAL ASSAULT AWARENESS MONTH11
  12. 12. SAPR NewsSexual Assault AwarenessMonth encourages bystanderinterventionby Tech. Sgt. Jess HarveySecretary of the Air Force Public Af-fairsWASHINGTON -- The Air Forceis observing Sexual AssaultAwareness Month, starting April1. The Defense Department themefor the month is "Hurts one. Af-fects all," which is designed topoint out how sexual assault af-fects not only the victim, but thedepartment as well. The AirForces slogan supporting theDDD theme is "Real WingmenAct!" emphasizing the duty of allAirmen to intervene wheneverthey see questionable behavior. "If all wingmen intervene whensomeone is starting to cross theline with another wingman, theywill play a vital role in creating anAir Force culture in which sexualassault is not tolerated," said Lt.Col. Craig McCuin, the deputyprogram manager for the SexualAssault Prevention and ResponseProgram. "Perpetrators of sexualassault rely on bystander inactionin the hopes they can commit thiscrime and not get caught." rectly to an individual, but can in- around them." The idea is one of bystander directly affect everyone in a unit, Some of the mission-relatedintervention, McCuin said. as well as the victims family and damages sexual assault incurs can "Bystander intervention is an friends," McCuin said. include a loss of trust in the unitall-out effort to get its people to Sexual assaults diminish the members or leaders, McCuin said.engage in preventing sexual as- Air Forces ability to function pro- There is also the possibility thatsault," the colonel said. Not only ficiently at all levels. the victim and subjects may bewill bystander intervention prevent "The mention of mission readi- temporarily, or permanently, un-the physical and psychological in- ness together with the toll sexual able to fulfill their obligation to thejuries that occur when an assault assault takes on the victim is not military due to physical condition,happens, but it will also prevent meant to be callous," the colonel mental state or incarceration.damage done to the unit as a said. "Its just that we all need to "Regardless of the extent of thewhole. understand the far- reaching im- assault or the situation in which it Thats where "Hurts one. Af- pact a sexual assault can have on happened, both the victim and thefects All." comes in. the victim and everyone else Air Force will be greatly im- "Sexual assault happens di- APRIL IS SEXUAL ASSAULT AWARENESS MONTH12
  13. 13. The “One Situation” In a 2008 survey on sexual assault in the Reserve components, female respondents who were victims of unwanted sexual contact revealed information about the “one situation that affected them most” - information that may help determine risk factors that in- crease the likelihood of sexual assault (Defense Manpower Data Center, 2008, pg. 7): Note: Results from males are not reportable due to small numbers or un- stable estimates – but given men’s common reluctance to report being victims of sexual assault, these factors may still apply.  40% said it happened at their military or civilian work  4% indicated the unwanted sexual contact occurred in their home/living quarters, 16% indicated it occurred in the home/ living quarters of someone else, and 41% indicated it oc- curred at some other location  68% said it happened at a military installation  33% said it happened while activated, and 24% said it hap- pened during deployment  34% indicated their experience included the use of alcohol and/or drugs, either by them or by the alleged subject (ie. perpetrator)  49% said the alleged subject used force and/or threats to make them consent, and 28% indicated the alleged subject their authority improperly to coerce them to consent  34% indicated the alleged subject sexually harassed them before the incident, 2% indicated the alleged subject stalked them before the incident, and 22% indicated the alleged sub- ject both sexually harassed and stalked them before the inci-pacted," McCuin said. But, if dent.every Airman acted to stop sexualassault, we could nearly eliminateevery case of it. The respondents who experienced unwanted sexual contact were "The Real Wingmen Act slo- also asked to describe the alleged subject in their situation. Thegan means that wingmen always majority of them described the alleged subject as a male who actedact, on or off duty, in the certain alone. An astonishing 96% of respondents indicated their al-knowledge that all persons possess leged subjects were part of the military community, includingfundamental worth as human be- Service Members who used their higher rank or position to intimi-ings," McCuin said. "The key is to date victims to consent to the unwanted sexual contact.change perceptions and help Air-men understand that their actions Remember: Men can be victims, too. The same common factorson behalf of another are not med- may apply, and for that reason, the same response and resourcesdling, but instead are helping to are available for men who have been sexually assaulted.keep a fellow Airman safe." APRIL IS SEXUAL ASSAULT AWARENESS MONTH13
  14. 14. Government Travel Card NewsThe Controlled SpendAccountA Mission-Driven Government TravelCharge Card — What CardholdersNeed to KnowU.S. Army Spc. Earnest Menifee, with the 101st Airborne Divisions 101st Combat Aviation Brigade (CAB), waves to loved ones afterarriving at Fort Campbell, Ky., March 3, 2011. The 101st CAB returned from a yearlong deployment to eastern Afghanistan. (U.S.Army photo by Sam Shore/Released)The Controlled Spend Account the mission. Essentially the CSA there aren’t any approved travel(CSA) is a unique government functions like electronic cash — orders then there is no value on theTravel & Expense card designed to go, conquer (accomplish the mis- card. If you have multiple trips themanage costs of travel — mission sion) and come home safely. spend limit is the aggregate ofby mission. Unlike the Govern- your estimated trip amounts. Like-ment travel card, the CSA’s spend What are the goals of the CSA wise if you have a trip canceledlimit adjusts to meet the needs of program? The CSA must: the spend limit is decreased by theeach particular mission. 1. Meet all travel requirements for amount of the canceled order. The all types of missions. CSA is a mission-driven travelWhy make the change? 2. Decrease workload on all func- card.In 2009, we identified the opportu- tional areas.nity to create significant efficien- 3. Allow all Air Force travelers to The CSA will be used for all TDYcies by reengineering the tradi- have a CSA and use it for all travel and PCS travel expenses. All set-tional GTC and automating most expenses tlement payments go directly toprocesses. The resultant solution, Citi so they can reconcile the ac-the CSA, was developed based on What are the highlights? count and identify any residualfeedback from airmen over the All travelers will have a CSA and funds remaining at the end of thepast ten plus years. In the past, air- no credit check is necessary. were able to go to Financeprior to a trip and receive cash for Spend limits on the CSA are based The CSA now is accepted at virtu-their TDY. No one monitored how on approved travel authorizations ally all merchants. This is to ac-they spent the money but simply — the spend limit on the card is commodate use of the card forexpected the airman to accomplish enough to cover the mission. If PCS moves and for spending re- APRIL IS SEXUAL ASSAULT AWARENESS MONTH14
  15. 15. Government Travel Card Newssidual balances after a trip is com- Million Merchants Worldwide: DERS MUST BE INPUT TO PRE-plete. Expanded acceptance enables use VENT GTC CLOSURE! of the CSA for all types of travelHow is the CSA being rolled (including PCS) or use of the card Card Issuance Timeline:out? to spend residual funds. 1. Government Travel Card closedExisting GTC cardholders will be – Day 1auto-enrolled into the CSA pro- Residual Funds After the Trip: The 2. Controlled Spend Account is-gram beginning in December and CSA offers increased traveler sued – Day 2 & 3continuing through March. Two flexibility since the card can be 3. CSA mailed and email notifica-conditions must be met to qualify used to spend residual funds after tion sent to Traveler – Day 5for auto-enrollment: zero or credit the trip is complete or the traveler 4. Traveler Receives CSA in thebalance on their GTC and no ap- can simply transfer the funds to mail Day 12 – 19proved travel orders in the travel another personal account. Eithersystems. All other accounts will way, travelers have immediate ac- Required Training: Introduc-require the use of an application cess to any personal funds remain- tory Video, Why CSA, What’sinitiated by their base-level ing at the end of a trip. Changing, CSA 101 & 201Agency Program Coordinator 1. Air Force Portal: via Virtual Fi-(APC). GTCs will be closed once Cardholder Brief nance at: Life and Career: Moneyauto-enrollment is initiated or the – Welcome to virtualapplication is received by Citi. The CSA will be distributed Air Finance! (click ―Tools‖ tab forCardholders will receive an e-mail Force wide beginning December ―Controlled Spend Account Train-notification once the CSA is issued 2010 ing icon)to alert them the CSA was mailed. The following groups will be 2. Citi website:Therefore, make sure Citi has your given priority for CSA issuance: www.airforcetravelcard.transactioaccurate mailing and e-mail ad- Cardholders with a GTC that is expiring within the next three 3. Air Force Knowledge Now: months CSA Community of PracticeWhat are the key differences? Cardholders identified as infre-Automated Interface to adjust quent travelers (3 trips or less Additional training modules areSpend Limits: The CSA’s spend over past 12 months) also available for specific topicslimit automatically adjusts without Travelers assigned to the Air Staff (see training sites)any additional intervention by the (National Capital Region – Upon Card Receipt:traveler. Travelers simply input Pentagon) 1. Verify your card is received bytheir orders (as they do today) and following the directions on thetheir CSA’s spend limit adjusts CSA Auto-enrollment Eligibil- stickeraccordingly. ity: 2. Call customer service to create a 1. Must be an existing GTC card- PIN for ATM useIncreased Traveler Flexibility: The holder 3. Check DTS to ensure accountCSA offers the traveler increased 2. GTC account must be open and number is updated in systemflexibility since they can now call have a zero or credit balance 4. Ensure timely input of travelCiti if they require assistance 3. No current or upcoming orders – at least 5 days prior to(versus the GTC process requiring travel orders (next three travelthe traveler to contact their APC weeks)who then would call Citi on theirbehalf). Automated e-mail mes- IMPORTANT NOTE:sages are sent to the traveler and YOUR GTC WILL BE CLOSEDtheir APC to confirm the increase. IMMEDIATELY UPON ELIGI- BILITY SO IF YOU HAVEExpanded Acceptance by over 20 UPCOMING TRAVEL YOUR OR- APRIL IS SEXUAL ASSAULT AWARENESS MONTH15
  16. 16. How you can prevent an incident from hap- pening to you: 1. Avoid alcohol and drugs, as they can impair your judg- ment and make sexual assault easier for an of- fender. 2. Have your wing- man/battle buddy nearby, and plan to arrive and leave with that person. 3. Trust your gut - if you think it’s an unsafe situation, it probably is! 4. Clearly communi- cate your desires/ limits and don’t be afraid to assert yourself! 5. Have an emer- gency contact you can call if you’re in a dangerous situation. Capt. Byron Coward (301) IF YOU WANT TO REPORT A SEXUAL ASSAULT 301-981-SARC (7272) APRIL IS SEXUAL ASSAULT AWARENESS MONTH 16