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Ih ace (1p312+1p326)


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Ih ace (1p312+1p326)

  1. 1. Nigel Tan(26)Li Jing Bo(12)
  2. 2.  As a country like Singapore, which is small in size, starts to develop, land is scarce . Hence, very few space is allocated to the likes of monuments and places of heritage, as shown with the Bukit Brown situation. Even though the building may be very significant, Singapore may not be able to support it as there is insufficient place for other buildings, and thus, making preservation of such places difficult.
  3. 3.  As Singapore develops economically, more foreigners may come to Singapore to expand their business. The lack of space in Singapore may be a factor in the challenges that Singapore face in preserving our heritage, as Singapore government has to choose between profit or heritage.
  4. 4.  As a country develops, more modern buildings will emerge and many old, not as well maintained buildings must be demolished to make space for the more space saving skyscapers. Furthermore, if Singapore preserves too many buildings, the resources required to keep the buildings well maintained will be substantial.
  5. 5.
  6. 6.  Building must ne at least 35 years old. Has it yielded or may be likely to yield information important to history? Is the structure of the building save?
  7. 7.  Many building satisfy the 30 year old criteria, and this idea further distinguishes national monuments from other buildings. The building should contain history that is suitable and beneficial for the public to learn about. The building must be safe so that collapeses should not happen in order to ensure the safty of the visitors.
  8. 8.  Fullerton hotel - the building, named after Robert Fullerton, is over 90 years old. Commissioned by the British centennial celebration. It went through world war II, and served as hospital. Meeting all the criterias to be a monument.
  9. 9.  Sri Manmatha karunesh ravor temple – it was built in 1888 and was established by the straits settlements and it is a place of worship, where many people go to. Changi prison - the prison was built in 1936 to serve as a civilian prison by the British. It later went through world war II and was used by the Japanese. It holds a lot of of educational value as we can learn a lot about the Japanese and world war II from it.
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