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My experience


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My experience

  1. 1. 1998 2003 2007Born Now Primary School Come Primary School Secondary1989 University 1993-1999 to HK 2001-2003 School 2012 2000 2004-2011 1992 1997 1999 2001 2002 2011
  2. 2. Lived in Hometown and Studied in Primary School 1993-1999Born 20001989 1992 1997 1998 1999
  3. 3. Village to 2000年農村走向 香 Hong 港 Kong
  4. 4. Lived in Hong Kong and Studied in Primary School 2000-20032000 2003 小四 小五 小六 2001 2002 2003
  5. 5. 第一次吃McDonald 第一次學英文First time Eat McDonald First time learning English來香港之後的各種新事物,令我大開眼界,甚至改變了我的人生,在農村時,從來沒有想過未來,甚至連成績都不會在意,但是,在香港讓我認識到,知識的重要性及自我的認識!To all kinds of new things after living Hong Kong, it had opened my eyes, even changed my life.In the Village, I had never thought of the future, and even result of study. But, in Hong Kong,It let me know, Knowledge and self-learning is really important.
  6. 6. 沒有電腦台、書檯住在唐樓 No Computer orLiving in Tenement Book Deskbuildings
  7. 7. 2003年搬入寶達村Move to Po Tat Estate in 2003
  8. 8. Since come to Hong Kong, facing to the environment changes and manystrange things which makes me ashamed to express myself, and even darenot go out. Until attending school, I had a friend and accept Hong Kong’severything.Living in Sham Shui Po of tenement building, the bad environment makesme shy and also dare not talk to others about myself. This is because I amafraid of that they will laugh at me. Later, when I realized that they did notthought so. Everything is derived from my inferiority.
  9. 9. Secondary School 2004-20112004 2011 中三 中四 中七 2007 2008 2011
  10. 10. 中四時的好友們 中七時的同學們中五時的兄弟們
  11. 11. Playing in Pui OFarewell to my teacherExchangein Beijing
  12. 12. Organic Day Exploration in Tung Chung Graduated DinnerSport Day
  13. 13. Macau Tour Taiwan Tour Ngong Ping 360 Tour Speech Day
  14. 14. 。The learning of primary school, I learned to accept all which the courage to contact with others forlearning more active and enthusiastic. That let me to have a pleasant and happy memory over theseven years of secondary school in the teacher and classmates.In the process of learning to master their own strengths and weaknesses, so that I understand theadvantages of self, and develop my talents . By the achievement of different goals to build up myown confidence.Because of my characteristic, it determines my attitude to what happens of frustration, failure,even if there are discouraged and frustrated. But when I understand all that was lost is beingunable to retain. We should learn to accept and to improve the error, so I can be Lotte attitude tolife to in front of everything, and make the greatest efforts to learn and grow.
  15. 15. • In the subject overview and experiential learning Lesson, I have learned that I am a Initiative Experimentation and Experience learning model.• Also, in the Johari Window, I knew that I am low level in know by myself and unknown by self, which means that I am blind to myself.• Besides, there are something affecting myself to communicate with others, such as Gender Bias, Habits pattern, Personality and communication style.