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  2. 2. This is my calendar that I used to plan the days of work that needed to be done. I planned the date of photo shoot and the deadline so I could visually see what needed to be done. I also applied the times to remind me which lesson I needed to complete the work in. <br />
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  4. 4. When planning to look for models I first made an announcement on facebook to see if anyone was interested in participating. I had a lot of feed back but then decided I needed more of a band rather than single models on their own and due to the times that people could get together on short notice I e-mailed a friend of mine (Leon sketcher) who is the head of a band called ‘Little stereo’. I sent an e-mail on Monday night and spoke to him over a two day period of asking questions and organizing if they wanted to participate. All agreed and I was set to meet them at West Wycombe pub (studio) at 6pm till 9 pm for the photography shoot. I rang them the night before just to confirm that all were willing to participate in the modelling and on costumes and photo shots. All agreed and was set to go ahead with the plan.<br />
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  6. 6. Contact List of Models<br />Name: Leon Sketcher (guitarist/singer)<br />Mobile Number: 07600213484<br />Name: Ollie Murry (guitarist/singer)<br />Mobile Number: 07434872122<br />Name: Tom Carbridge (dummer)<br />Mobile Number: 07837662203<br />Name: Harry Giona (guitarist/singer)<br />Mobile Number: 07582744291<br />
  7. 7. This is my updated version of my calendar after changing the day of the photoshoot and having to move around different aspects of work due to lesson plans. <br />
  8. 8. When organising the costumes and props for the models I rang the head of the band Leon Sketcher to discuss props such as :<br /><ul><li>Electric Guitar
  9. 9. Drum kit
  10. 10. Microphones
  11. 11. Speakers
  12. 12. Staging area</li></ul>After the conversation he explained he would bring all of the equipment as they were rehearsing and would be practicing as if it was the real gig. He explained there would be three guitars three to four microphones, several large speakers, a drum set and staging level area in a single room. After organizing the props that would be set up there ready at 5-6pm to all the props would be set up and ready to be ordered when I arrived at the studio. I then continued to discuss costumes as I wanted the models to be indie/rock themed outfits I asked for specific clothing and if it would appropriate for them. I asked for a certain type of mixed dress sense. <br /><ul><li>Converse shoes / black shoes / boots
  13. 13. Black/dark blue jeans or trousers. Not baggy! Specifically either ‘skinny jeans’ or ‘well fitted’.
  14. 14. Leather or cardigan also in dark colours
  15. 15. the t-shirts I wanted to be bright and colourful to add colour to the picture I said I wanted any colour t-shirt that blended with the indie/rock theme for the photograph. Such as red, blue, green. </li></li></ul><li>I wanted to create a certain effect and by looking through NME magazine and on Google at the different types of Indie/Rock fashion I came up with ideas of how I wanted the four models to dress. The main ideas came from places like Top shop clothing and River island. So after researching the different types of outfits I came up with the main basic categories of costumes that models should wear for an indie/rock photograph. <br />Different types of jeans and trousers symbolise different meaning skinny jeans or well fitted jeans are used in allot of clothing stores and not only are they in fashion all rock and indie bands e.g. From NME magazine are all wearing them such as Pete Doherty. The jeans also suggest a casual but not over dressed feel to the costume (outfit). By using stereotypical jeans enhances the target audience. <br />Converse shoes have always been a stereotypical item of shoe wear for rock/indie clothing by using these shoes and there style will help implicate the genre and style of the magazine and enhance the style of clothing for the band/models on the front cover. Converses are the basis of rock shoe wear by giving a casual look to the rest of the outfit. These type of shoes are very symbolic and recognised by a large audience. <br />By wearing t-shirts/tops which pictures such as recognised rock bands e.g. ACDC or Sex Pistols creates an immediate image to the rock band and also advertises the band e.g. ACDC itself. If the models are wearing known bands shows they are influenced by these bands representing music. But i also suggested brightly coloured t-shirts giving everyone an individual look and person approach to the magazine by using different colours<br />The black leather jacket was one of the main stereotypes of rock and indie wear so I wanted to portray another feature demonstrating the magazine genre was rock/indie. I wanted to use mainly a leather jacket because of the texture that also goes with the stereotype of mainly rock clothing. By using these features opens you to a wide audience by keeping the clothing simple and symbolic. <br />The props I’m using for the models are mainly to react the equipment and create a realistic sound stage for the band giving the effect of watching the band playing (live) but using a mixture of equipment and instruments gives a creative realistic effect of a rehearsing studio. This gives the magazine an inside effect on the band in their personal time or an exclusive on the band live by using real instruments and equipment.<br />Use of microphone is to symbolise the use of equipment making the visual singing in the photography seem more realistic and emphasises the realism of it being a studio. By doing this your making it look like a much more professional photograph by using professional microphones that the models can use as props. <br />The drum kit is used for the model to use as a way of demonstrating them in motion making it much more realistic by using a real drum kit and that the photograph is being taken live at a studio. It makes the photo and the models look like their in a action and playing the songs. <br />
  16. 16. The use of the guitar makes a realistic approach to the photograph, by using an electric guitar symbolises not only the rock/indie genre of the magazine but the realism. It shows the demonstration of mention by making the picture look like a in movement shot. This could used to demonstrate live or rehearsing for the band. By using real guitars gives a full professional look to magazine <br />Using large professional speakers and by using about 5-6 of them really pushes to show the realistic side of the photograph it makes the band look really professional and gives my music magazine a loud expensive image. The stereo's also demonstrate the loudness of the rock/indie music creating imagery. <br />Example of staging area for photoshoot<br />Door <br />speakers<br />stage<br />microphone<br />
  17. 17. Mid shot Long shot over shoulder close up extreme close up <br />High Angle Shot Low angle shot two person shot establishing shot point of view <br />
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  20. 20. For the location, I chose a rehearsing studio in West Wycombe. The studio room has a small stage and since its a actual rehearsing studio all the safety checks were already in place. The location was best for my photo shoot because it was already set up to be a rehearsing studio. The studio was already prepared and had sockets, plugs and area for the equipment to be placed and used with maximum safety. The studio offered me a realistic setting for my photoshoot which concluded that i didn't have to set up the location to seem professional. As I wanted to studio look to the photoshoot it was perfect as I wanted pictures of a live rehearsing studio look to support my interview double page spread in the magazine. <br />
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  22. 22. Image not available<br />Image not available<br />The Location for this photoshoot is at 3 Healey Avenue High Wycombe. This is a house where i am planning on taking a variety of photos in different locations within the house. These photo’s will be used for the contents page of my magazine. The photo shoot will be in one of the bed rooms, the garden and drive way, depending on whether. My house offers me an environment to take a number of pictures from the interior and exterior this gives me an opportunity to choose a variety of different images to match my genre for the magazine. As the photoshoot is at my house its a good environment to spend a lot of time collecting the correct pictures and reshooting them in a number of different ways. <br />
  23. 23. 1<br />3<br />2<br />4<br />5<br />9<br />8<br />7<br />6<br />10<br />11<br />15<br />13<br />12<br />19<br />18<br />17<br />16<br />22<br />20<br />21<br />23<br />14<br />30<br />33<br />24<br />25<br />26<br />27<br />28<br />29<br />31<br />35<br />34<br />32<br />45<br />44<br />41<br />40<br />38<br />37<br />36<br />39<br />47<br />46<br />43<br />42<br />54<br />53<br />52<br />51<br />50<br />49<br />48<br />55<br />56<br />57<br />Sky Line<br />Main title<br />Double page spread <br />Double page spread <br />image<br />The Duffer of St George Devlin advert<br />image<br />Canon Advert<br />text<br />Body text<br />Main Image<br />Title<br />Main image<br />image<br />image<br />image<br />Pull quote<br />Main image<br />Double page....... <br />Main image<br />article<br />interview<br />Body of text<br />image<br />Body text<br />Body text<br />image<br />title<br />image<br />image<br />Body text<br />Body text<br />advert<br />heading<br />Advert for bob<br />heading<br />heading<br />Body of text<br />image<br />Subscription offer <br />Body of text<br />Main image<br />Body of text<br />image<br />Body of text<br />Body of text<br />Main image<br />Body of text<br />image<br />Body of text<br />advert<br />Body of text<br />image<br />sky line double page spread<br />Body of text<br />Heading title<br />Main image<br />Heading title<br />Heading title<br />Heading title<br />image<br />Heading title<br />image<br />Body of text<br />image<br />Body of text<br />Body of text<br />Body of text<br />Body of text<br />Body of text<br />image<br />Body of text<br />image<br />image<br />image<br />Body of text<br />Body of text<br />Body of text<br />Body of text<br />Body of text<br />Body of text<br />image<br />Head line double page spread<br />image<br />image<br />Head line<br />image<br />image<br />image<br />image<br />Body of text<br />image<br />Advert lacoste<br />Body of text<br />Body of text<br />Body of text<br />image<br />Body of text<br />Head line<br />Body of text<br />Body of text<br />Body of text<br />Body of text<br />image<br />Head line<br />Body of text<br />Body of text<br />image<br />Body of text<br />Body of text<br />pic<br />pic<br />Body of text<br />Body of text<br />
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  25. 25. 1<br />3<br />2<br />4<br />5<br />9<br />8<br />7<br />6<br />10<br />11<br />15<br />19<br />18<br />17<br />16<br />20<br />21<br />14<br />13<br />12<br />22<br />23<br />25<br />26<br />27<br />28<br />29<br />30<br />58<br />image<br />masthead<br />Body<br />image<br />Headline Masthead<br />image<br />title<br />I pad advert<br />title<br />Body text<br />Subscription page<br />title<br />image<br />puff<br />Body text<br />Body text<br />image<br />title<br />puff<br />text<br />Body text<br />Body text<br />Body text<br />Body text<br />puff<br />title<br />text<br />pic<br />pic<br />puff<br />Sky line <br />image<br />image<br />title<br />image<br />image<br />advert<br />skyline<br />title<br />image<br />pic<br />Body text<br />Body text<br />text<br />pic<br />title<br />text<br />title<br />pic<br />Body text<br />text<br />Body text<br />Body text<br />Body text<br />Body text<br />Body text<br />pic<br />Body text<br />Body text<br />Body text<br />Body text<br />title<br />Body text<br />image<br />title<br />Body text<br />text<br />title<br />text<br />text<br />pic<br />pic<br />image<br />image<br />title<br />pic<br />pic<br />image<br />Body text<br />title<br />text<br />pic<br />title<br />pic<br />image<br />pic<br />text<br />pic<br />Body text<br />Body text<br />pic<br />title<br />pic<br />pic<br />Body text<br />Body text<br />advert<br />Body text<br />Body text<br />events<br />title<br />image<br />image<br />poster<br />Body text<br />image<br />events<br />Body text<br />title<br />pic<br />pic<br />pic<br />image<br />Body text<br />events<br />Body text<br />Body text<br />text<br />image<br />pic<br />title<br />title<br />events<br />pic<br />image<br />image<br />pic<br />events<br />events<br />events<br />pic<br />events<br />pic<br />pic<br />pic<br />Body text<br />text<br />text<br />text<br />image<br />advert<br />image<br />image<br />text<br />text<br />advert<br />image<br />title<br />pic<br />title<br />title<br />Body text<br />title<br />title<br />title<br />text<br />title<br />pic<br />text<br />pic<br />pic<br />text<br />pic<br />pic<br />text<br />pic<br />pic<br />Body text<br />pic<br />pic<br />
  26. 26.
  27. 27. MASTHEAD<br />Music Magazine:<br />Genre: Indie/Rock<br />Target Audience: Male/Female Age 18-24<br />Mode of Address: Personal <br />Colour Scheme: Black, white and Grey<br />Country: UK<br />Main image<br />puff<br />puff<br />title<br />puff<br />image<br />puff<br />image<br />image<br />Puff with image<br />barcode<br />
  28. 28. Genre magazine decision and design own masthead<br />
  29. 29. In the beginning of my planning I first started my organizing my dates into a calendar with the detailed time and date so I was focused on what my deadlines were and appointments, although i had to change the dates around at one point due to lesson times and other interferences. I then started my organizing my models where I contacted a friend who was in a band and organised a photoshoot after my attempt of Facebook social network announcement failed to give me the results needed. I made a date and organised the place after confirmation with the manager and the band. i then concluded to look into the costumes and props i decided i wanted to make the studio seem very realistic similar to a live show or rehearsal with the band; so i decided i was going to need mainly a variety of props such as guitar’s, drum kit, microphones and speakers. I then organized for all the equipment to be set up to the stage plan i had created. The costumes I wanted to give also a realistic feel but also stereotypical for the genre of the magazine, i went into research online looking at the different types of fashion for indie and rock and came up with costumes rules for the four boys to follow. I then went to look at camera angles for the different photo’s shots i decided to choose many to create a unique effect for the magazine as i couldn't decide on a permanent one yet. The photoshoot went very successfully and i completed the recce form’s for both locations which gave positive feedback. Furthermore i looked into the flat plans of magazines designs, NME and Q and they gave me a range of ideas and a much more focussed objective on designing my flat plan for my magazine which I carried out to make a unique opening statement through out each page. After designing my flat plan for my magazine and creating a mock up of the front page, I looked into detail at masthead designs, looking into a variety of different fonts that matched the rock/indie specification genre. Through this planning iv discovered a clearer perspective on my magazine and gone into more details about the genre, colours, mock ups, and plans for its future design. Through this it has enlightened my design for the magazine and symbolic simple effect the magazine will have it has opened up the clear target audience and its mode of address. Through this I can continue to develop my magazine with the photoshoot pictures and planning ahead. <br />