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Audience research[1]

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Audience research[1]

  1. 1.
  2. 2.
  3. 3. <ul><li>What would encourage you to buy a music magazine?
  4. 4. Freebies -II
  5. 5. Competitions -
  6. 6. Price -I
  7. 7. Keep up to Date - IIII
  8. 8. Entertainment - IIIIII
  9. 9. OtherI
  10. 10. What genre of music are you interested in? You may choose more than one option.
  11. 11. Indie – IIIIIIII
  12. 12. Rock - IIIIIIII
  13. 13. RnB - II
  14. 14. Metal -
  15. 15. Hip Hop -I
  16. 16. Pop -III
  17. 17. Urban -I
  18. 18. Classical -
  19. 19. Soul -
  20. 20. Other - IIII
  21. 21. What magazine would you prefer to read?
  22. 22. Vibe - III
  23. 23. Kerrang -I
  24. 24. Metal Hammer -II
  25. 25. NME - IIIIIII
  26. 26. Blender -I
  27. 27. Rolling Stone -
  28. 28. What would you expect from a music magazine? You may choose more than one option.
  29. 29. Interviews - IIIIIIIIII
  30. 30. Backstage coverage - IIII
  31. 31. Coverage of festivals/gigs -IIIIII
  32. 32. New releases/reviews - IIIIIII
  33. 33. Exclusive news -III
  34. 34. Posters –II
  35. 35. What would you expect/prefer to read on a double page spread?
  36. 36. interviews - IIIIIIIII
  37. 37. new bands and artists - IIIIII
  38. 38. exclusive news page -I
  39. 39. other -
  40. 40. How much would you spend on a music magazine?
  41. 41. Less than £1.00 - I
  42. 42. £1.00-£2.00 -IIII
  43. 43. £3.00-£4.00 - IIIIIII
  44. 44. £5.00 or more – I
  45. 45. Where do you most likely read magazines?
  46. 46. Work/school/college III
  47. 47. At home - IIIIIIII
  48. 48. Travelling -IIII
  49. 49. Waiting Places/Appointments -III
  50. 50. Anywhere - II
  51. 51. What bands/artists are you into?</li></ul>D&B, Folk<br />Lady GagaI - BeyonceI – Rihanna III – Katy Perry I, Example, Nicki Minaj I, Kings of leon, fiddlers green , ParamoreI, The Who, Two door cinema clubI, Flux Pavilion, paramour, mcr, fall out boy, lost prophets, bmth , muse, jls, the wanted, boys like girls , forever the sickest kids, 3OH!3, taylor swift,<br />
  52. 52.
  53. 53. My results from question one shows that NME was the most popular magazine and rolling stones was the least. The results show me that NME being a multi platform company have used their magazine and resources to their full extent and have worked a reputation in the magazine business unlike rolling stone which hasn’t this could be because of the target market but this shows NME is popular with teenagers and young adults which is the target audience I am also aiming for. <br />
  54. 54. From my results of question two it shows that the audience would expect to find interviews mostly in their magazine this shows that they are at popular demand. Other in high demand also included coverage of festivals and gigs and new releases/reviews. This shows the audience is looking for new information constantly and updated information on their favourite bands/artists or gigs/festivals. <br />
  55. 55. The same answer for question 2 is similar here. It shows that most people would expect/prefer to find interviews or new bands and artists within the double page spread. This backs up my previous point of showing that the audience is hungry for new information about their favourite bands/artists and interviews shows us something behind the artist/band which the audience is interested in finding out.<br />
  56. 56. From my questionnaire it shows that most people would spend roughly £3.00-£4.00 on a music magazine and most people wouldn’t spend £5.00 or more or £1.00 or less. This evidence shows the average payment made by young adults/students and what they are willing to pay for there music magazine. The price is one of the main objects and is important to represent the magazine and support the content inside. This helps me to understand the average budget a student would usually pay for a quality music magazine.<br />
  57. 57. My results for this question shows that most people use their magazines while travelling or at home, it also shows a small proportion of students/young adults that use them anywhere, waiting places or in a work environment. This could help me to distinguish the size and shape of the magazine, for example by making it travel size could be an improvement to lifestyle of young adults/students.<br />
  58. 58. The results for this question shows there is a huge variety of different artists/bands which demonstrates again the fast paced movement of changing from one artist to the next. Young adults/teenagers are a very demanding audience all of have many different acquiring tastes of music.<br />
  59. 59. My question results showed that the price was no main concern for the young adults/teenage audience and that the most thing that attracted them to the magazine was entertainment and to keep up to date once again showing new information and new entertainment of different music bands/artists. The most shocking part of this questionnaire is that freebies were not considered main encouragement to buy a magazine it was mostly due to the content within the magazine itself<br />
  60. 60. From my results for the final question it shows that Indie and Rock were the most popular by far out of all the other genre’s of music. This shows that young adults are mostly interested in the stereotypical indie/rock music that has been inflicted and recently hit a storm with young adults and teenagers. By showing these results are massively high compared to the other genre’s shows that this is definitely the most popular type of music that young people are interested in at the moment which is going to help the influence of my target audience for my magazine design.<br />
  61. 61. By targeting the clubber is one of the main target audiences for this magazine. The fact clubbers are looking for events, gigs, new music and any sort of organisation creates a huge bond between magazine and audience. It also gives an opportunity for the audience to become prosumers by contributing to the magazine and creating unique selling points to the audiences by keeping up to date and in line with the fast pace moving lifestyle of the clubbers. By targeting clubbers also gives my magazine an opportunity to show different bands and gigs and influence the magazine to introduce new music and the must see and be places for the clubbers and other target audiences.<br />
  62. 62. Indie kid is a target audience which I was categorized under in the ‘find your tribe’ questionnaire. Targeting the audience of an Indie Kid is perfect for the type of magazine theme and genre I’m looking into. The fact that everything revolves around music mainly the guitar! and being prosumers through e-zines would make the magazine go main stream and a huge hit! The fact Indie Kids as a target audience constantly looking for new bands and telling friends about the latest new and greatest, makes this a bigger advantage if the magazine revolves around this target audience by keeping up with all the new bands and including the audience more within the magazine creates a connection between the magazine and the audience. <br />
  63. 63. Indie scenester’s are scene setters for the magazine. By using indie scenester’s as one of the target audiences would introduce my magazine to a new unique side which is different to other magazines. By creating new music trends and the exclusive new artists/bands creates a scene beyond all other magazines. Making my magazine stand out from the crowd is the most important thing and the indie scenester’s are the perfect inspiration and target audience by using their quick thinking taste and moving on from one thing to the next keeps my magazine up with the new and constant demands of young adults and teenagers. <br />
  64. 64. Trendies would be a great target audience for my magazine, they are always up to date and idolise celebrities. Targeting the Trendies would comply my magazine to be up to date with all the new fashion and music. By targeting audiences that are ahead of the music and fashion industry makes the magazine look band new and with all the new in information to the other audiences. By targeting Trendies and introducing them to new bands and gigs can make them join in with the magazine and become involved online by blogging and commenting on new videos and shows. Targeting an audience like Trendies will keep the magazine fresh and up to date ahead of other magazines.<br />
  65. 65.
  66. 66. From looking at many different types of magazine cover’s all with different genre’s there are many techniques that are used by all magazine front cover designs to create eye catching features to draw in the audience. The main feature used is the main image that creates the main laid background for the front cover the image shows usually a mid shot image of a person looking directly into the camera this connects with the audience by creating eye contact with the audience. The picture has to be unique and show a famous person or new band to increase its selling for example ‘Lady Gaga’ because she got the number one album sold 4 weeks running; these little features all draw in the audience into the magazine by introducing them to something brand new or well known. Buzz words and Freebies have also become a particular feature on most music magazine covers, the buzz words such as exclusive, shock and new in all appeal more to the reader and these magazines stand out from the crowd showing they have something different from all magazines giving them their own unique purpose. The freebies also create an exclusive original purpose although most magazines offer them by choosing the right freebie product helps maximise your audience range and drawing in people who love free things with their magazine by offering something free draws in a brand new target audience all on its own! The masthead of the magazine is the main and most important thing on the magazine. I have come to discover that the masthead is also a logo and on every page in the magazine it has to be unique but also simple, bold and recognisable by doing this you are creating the logo to stay logged within the audience so they come back and can recognise the magazine on either TV, radio, internet, blogs and more creating a reputation for the magazine. Sky lines are another rare feature used within magazines that create an advertisement of what's inside the magazine, but there are two types of ways in which magazines portray what's inside their magazine on the cover. Some magazines don’t reveal much at all which makes the reader egger to look inside or they reveal lots of different things but shows the reader if the magazine is right for them, I found that both equally are good but revealing less makes the audience want more and creates a page turner for the audience. The colour of the text and font is one of the last most important features. Harsh contrasts of e.g. black against white or the opposite way round are huge ways to make the text jump off the page but also creating a themed colour to go with it for e.g. red which creates a feel to the whole magazine issue. By using bold and simple symbolic fonts also grabs readers attention making it clear to read from far away for e.g. if people are scanning magazine covers in a shop. The last remaining feature I felt helped make the magazine was its visual advertising. By using a few pictures on the front of the magazine helped reveal and show visual imagination on what's inside the magazine without revealing to much this creates visual response into the audiences mind, this is a unique selling point. Overall I think simple bold and symbolic colours and themes make a magazine. The much more clear and symbolic it is the more it stands out but with its simple original hints within the magazine creates a quality bound magazine that’s creates a professional (grown up) look increasing its advertisement in the main target market ‘young adults’ 18-24.<br />
  67. 67. From my research at looking into contents pages I have figured out the features magazines have used to entrance the reader with all the magazine has to offer. The contents page has to be the second big impression and show in a creative way what’s inside the magazine in just one simple page. One of the features mainly used for this is the Masthead of the contents page the masthead usually shows the name of the magazine or has ‘contents page’ it has to be a fully unique headline but clear what the page indicates; the title has to be bold and iconic to make a wow factor impression. I found that the best contents pages are the simple and symbolic ones the ones that are sharp and full of quality. By best example is the ‘vibe’ contents page it shows simple square pictures and has the contents spread over three pages each put into different categories separating certain parts to the reader. Although I find three contents pages a bit to much and think that one keeps everything together and makes it much more grouped. The photographs I feel best used for the contents pages are quality taken pictures either within movement e.g. singing on stage or close ups e.g. guitar strings; by using these different camera shots makes the pictures much more interesting and up to a sophisticated standard. The contents page show also show other features as well to make a big impression on the reader; such as subscriptions are very important to the magazine this advertisements keeps their readers loyal and gives the new readers a chance to become loyal to the magazine by placing it on the contents page demonstrates to the audience how much the magazine appreciates them and how they are including them within the magazine. Magazines are also connected through the internet through e –zines not only that but through television, radio and social websites. I feel that magazines that have used these other process’s and advertising them has opened up their magazine audience and I feel this is also very important on the contents page as it shows other ways in which you can become involved in the magazine other than through print opening them up to a completely new audience. Font is a very important part played in the contents page and once again I feel bold symbolic fonts are needed and with emphasising page numbers and using pull out quotes draws the readers in more to the contents within the magazine, portraying contents in to categories also helps navigate the reader clearly through the magazine. The colours used on the contents page similar to the front cover also should use symbolic contrasting colours such as black and white with a similar themed colour e.g. green the whole way through the magazine so if rock was being represented in black and red they would be shown as the boarders and title colours throughout most of the magazine. I feel these points all emphasise the key features of the magazine and not only support the magazines content but the magazine itself by advertising themselves in different ways of connecting to them through the updated use of technology. <br />
  68. 68. Through my double spread research I've come to discover the basic techniques but they all mainly revolve around your target audience. The target audience is one of the main features as of the use of colours, content, pictures etc but there are basic techniques that all magazines seem to use as their guide lines. The pictures used for double page spreads seem to make more of an impression when they are spread across both pages or graphically match (integrated) together into the text; by blending the picture and body text makes the double page spread seem fuller and much more eye catching to the audience. The picture is the key feature as it needs to be the first thing to make the main impression on the magazine it needs to jump off the page and grab the audience because the body text cannot be read instantly; by making the picture unique by using photo edit or camera angle immediately creates an instant impression for the magazine. Pull quotes I feel are another main feature that is critical to use in the magazine double page spread; by using pull out quotes it that are extreme or shocking pulls the reader into the body of text selling the article before its even been read, by making these pull quotes bold and a different colour from the body of text makes it stand out from the rest of the text creating an eye catching feature. The title of the double page spread is one of the upper most importance, this needs to provide a catchy, unique and short title that grabs the reader instantly it also needs to have a original font to stand out and create an atmosphere through the text; I found that the title can make or break the article page and should instantly portray a question or thought to the audience about the article. The leading text is also an important feature that is used to summarise the article and is a critical part of the double page spread without it the article would not create any impression. There are lots of different key features the double page spread needs to offer in order to grab its readers but by using advertising methods and simple sectioned of parts of the double page spread showing similar pages that maybe of interest relating to the article helps move the reader through the magazine and slowly guides them through it. Doing this shows the reader through the whole magazine and gives them new interests and opens them to new ideas.; this is a major selling point and the most important thing in the double page spreads which is to keep the reader intrigued with the magazine and what it has to offer. This can lead them to become much more involved with the magazine itself. <br />
  69. 69. From my audience research I have discovered a variety of similar information from young adults and teenagers which are my target audience for my magazine. From the questionnaire I submitted to my class mates I have the following results which helped demonstrate the incredible fast paced movement of our generation of music and how people are hungry for updated and the newest information. My results showed that young people are interested in what events are coming up including festivals/gigs and want the most out of their magazine. My research also showed that the target genre is mainly rock and indie which were massively high compared to the other choices of genre which establishes the most popular genre of music at this time. I also investigated what people wanted out of their magazines and was surprised to mind freebies was not one of the main contenders but it was in fact entertainment and up to date information. One of my other questions was their favourite artists/bands and there was a few that were repeated such as lady gaga but most of them were all completely different this again shows how fast paced and demanding the audience has become from magazines and how the magazines need to be constantly up to date or even ahead with new information for these young people. <br />From my Find your Tribe investigation I looked at my target audience of Indie/Rock and the Popular Find your tribe categories which were: clubber, Indie Kid, Indie scenester and Trendie From analysing and looking at these four different types it shows similar results to my questionnaire. The main part of the Find your tribe information I discovered in the linked connection young people have with technology, everything to do with mobile apps, e-zines, blogging and social networks all help and continue the movement of the magazine. This just shows how technology has taken over and the audience have become prosumers of the magazine industry connecting the audience and the magazine in more ways than ever before. I feel it is very important for the magazine to keep up to date with the new technology and the demands it acquires, this could improve the magazine and draw in a wider audience altogether. Other information I found were their desire for events/gigs/festivals and again demand for new artists and bands; young people are constantly on the look out for new things and talent and are way ahead of us in time, it’s the magazines responsibility to keep up with these needs and draw in new audiences with it.<br />

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