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Question 3 evaluation


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Question 3 evaluation

  1. 1. +What kind of media institutionmight distribute your mediaproduct and why? By Josh Ward
  2. 2. + What institution would distribute my magazine?  Itwould make sense for an institution that distributes music magazines of a similar genre. Bauer media ( publish Q magazine, Kerrang! And Mojo magazine, which are all similar to the genre of my magazine.  Bauer is one of the biggest distributors in Europe, this would mean my magazine could be distributed to some of the biggest shops and this will hopefully lead to more sales.
  3. 3. + Bauer Media  Bauer are a German company based in Hamburg.  Founded in 1875.  Employs over 6,400 people.  First two big magazines that they distributed were Angling times and Motorcycle news, which are both still big sellers.
  4. 4. + What Bauer distribute  Q magazine – similar genre to Converse  Kerrang! – Similar genre to Converse  Mojo – well established music magazine  The Box – Music TV channel, could be used for advertising, special features on Converse magazines, new artists etc.
  5. 5. + Distribution  Bauer can name many top brands that they are associated with, so if Bauer distributed Converse, it could be a big step to getting the magazine out to the maximum amount of the target audience.
  6. 6. + Cross media  Theirassociation with numerous TV music channels and radio stations could be beneficial to the magazine as they could feature artists that are featured in Converse magazine, or it could be used for advertising as the people watching music channels and listening to the radio are most likely to buy a music magazine.
  7. 7. + What products would be advertised in my magazine  It would make sense to advertise products and services that would appeal to the people who will read my magazine, for Converse I think this could include indie clothes, new albums from indie artists, and technologies that could be used to read the magazine on, such as the iPad, tablet computers, Apps for android or the app store. Businesses such as Topman who sell ‘indie’ clothes might want to advertise in Converse, as the target audience is similar to Topman’s target audience.
  8. 8. + Advertising in my magazine  Products that are associated with the style of my magazine could be:  Gaming/games consoles – Xbox, Ps3.  Musical instruments – guitars, drums, amplifiers.  Technology – Tablet computers, TV’s, iPod’s.  Male grooming – fragrances, shaving equipment.
  9. 9. + Online presence  Having an online version of the magazine can be beneficial as some people may not be able to purchase/read the physical copy of a magazine, so they will want to be able to purchase/read it online. This could be useful for people who are busy and do not have time to go to the shops.  There could also be an audio version for people who are blind or cannot read. This could be a cheap way of publishing the magazine as there would not be any costs for printing and paper and delivering the magazine out to shops.
  10. 10. + Apps  Having an app for the magazine could be useful in a number of different ways. The app could be used for reading the magazine, so it could be read on the go, and could be downloaded straight the device. It also could be used to access the website to get news, videos and gossip about the music they are interested in.  I think it would be a good investment to make an app for some of the popular devices such as the Android and the Apple app store, this could be a good way to get the magazine out to more people.
  11. 11. + Changing technology  As technology develops new opportunities arise to use to these devices. The newest trend in technology being the tablet computer, and more commonly the iPad. Tablet computers can be used to read books, newspapers and magazines. The touch screen devices can give an ‘interactive’ feel to reading, you swipe across to turn pages, and can make text bigger to make it easier to read.  This can be used to use with a magazine, and make it more interactive for the user. This could include putting hyperlinks in the magazine, so the reader can click on links to lead to extra stories and information, or add videos of interviews or music samples of a new album.