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Remote Student Engagement At Scale | 10to8 Class Scheduling Software


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What is student engagement and how to improve it in a remote environment? What are the pitfalls of engaging students online and what are the solutions?

Just a few of the questions we dove into during our webinar. To watch the webinar hosted by 10to8 Class Scheduling Software, visit:

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Remote Student Engagement At Scale | 10to8 Class Scheduling Software

  1. 1. Remote Student Engagement At Scale
  2. 2. What is Student Engagement & why is it important? The state of Student Engagement Remote Student Engagement challenges How to easily improve Student Engagement Tips & best practices Tools Case Study: The College of William & Mary Case Study: Lakehead University Q&A We’ll cover...
  3. 3. Student Engagement What is it & why is it important?
  4. 4. Student Engagement is... When we talk about Student Engagement… We mean how engaged the student is with the institution and the idea of studying rather than the level of engagement with the learning material. Student Engagement appointments are... All types of appointments that help achieve high student engagement and excellent experience for pupils.
  5. 5. Student Engagement helps with... Successfully finishing the student journey Student retention Turning students into promoters
  6. 6. The State of Student Engagement* The rate of virtual appointments increased from 9% to above 50% in less than a month. Despite in-person bookings decreasing by over 60% due to the pandemic, the Education sector was able to retain its bookings volume. Universities are moving online fast Moving to virtual appointments didn’t result in more no-shows in the Education sector. No-show rates fluctuate between 5% and 6%. The most popular appointment types in the Education sector are: ● Online Lessons 41% ● Student Engagement 30% ● HR & Interview Scheduling 8% Virtual appointment no-shows Types of appointments in Education *According to anonymized 10to8 data, gathered from our customers.
  7. 7. New challenges For institutions & their staff Skill gaps Unfamiliar technology Adapting to new situation Accessibility For students More distractions Unsuitable technology Lack of communication Less social pressure
  8. 8. How to easily improve Student Engagement? Best practices & tools
  9. 9. Skill gaps & technology challenges There’s no one-size fit all answer to fill skill gaps and address challenges caused by either unfamiliar or unsuitable technology, but there are things that can help. Try this: Build knowledge bases and troubleshooting guides Make these articles and tutorials available and accessible Actively distribute them
  10. 10. Adapting instead of translating
  11. 11. Fixing accessibility Taking care of accessibility issues can easily fix problems related to the technology that students use, help with communication, and ultimately, increase student engagement. 4 things to implement 1. Online bookable services 2. Platform-independent software 3. Be present at the right places 4. Communicate clearly Let’s dive in...
  12. 12. Online bookable services Services that can be booked online are… ● easily discoverable ● quick & automated ● convenient And therefore… ● more accessible ● save time for staff & take some pressure off ● more appealing for students
  13. 13. Convenient booking platform for the students Calendar with customizable calendar views for staff Fewer emails & phone calls = less admin
  14. 14. Other contact options Information about COVID-19 Remote services
  15. 15. Devices & platforms Both students and staff members will have different devices, so when researching tools, aim for flexible solutions: ● platform-independent ● cloud-based ● accessible from anywhere ● scalable ● communicates with other tools
  16. 16. Be where students are Build a social media presence... Facebook Business Page: post regular update to achieve clear communication and helps students access your services. Facebook Groups: form online communities or be in touch with the admins of self- organized groups. Instagram: display your booking page link in your profiles bio. TikTok: discover how to use TikTok for student recruitment.
  17. 17. Analyze Where do your students find you? How engaged are they? What services need improving?
  18. 18. Something to compare performance* with... 58% online/phone 94.2% attendance 55% open rate *According to anonymized 10to8 data, gathered from our customers.
  19. 19. Case Studies How 10to8 improves student engagement
  20. 20. Case Study: The College of William & Mary Background: ● The College of William & Mary utilizes 10to8 to assist with enrollment, student counseling, and increase student engagement with tutors and support staff. Result: ● Their employees now spend their time more productively and deliver better experience for their students. “10to8 has helped us become more efficient with our time and allows us to spend more time putting the student first” – Kathleen Smith, Business Services Manager 10to8’s effect on no-shows
  21. 21. Case Study: Lakehead University Background: ● Lakehead University uses 10to8 for national and global student recruitment Solution: ● They use 10to8 to allow prospective students to book appointments at their convenience based on the staff members’ availability Result: ● Lakehead University is now connecting with students more effectively ● They currently have a 6.2% no-show rate (the industry average is 15%) 10to8’s effect on no-shows
  22. 22. 10to8 in Higher Education... 10to8 is trusted by Universities, Collages, and other higher education institutes worldwide. Visit our G2 reference page to see what tutors and administrative staff members have to say about 10to8. See more case studies
  23. 23. Helpful resources How to create an online booking platform How to communicate clearly during a crisis How universities can move student engagement online How to run virtual appointments effectively How to host engaging virtual events and webinars How to set up 10to8 for virtual appointments
  24. 24. Questions?
  25. 25. Icons