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People are JUDGING - Don't be the VICTIM!


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The fear of losing marks doesn't really intimidate our students anymore. We believe the fear of 'JUDGMENT' in this digital age has a far greater force here! This is our way of raising awareness and helping people to improve their communication skills. Let's just hope our judgmental remarks create some positive impact as well.

P.S. It's just an experimental project. Do give us your feedback so that we have a better e-book when we launch it.

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People are JUDGING - Don't be the VICTIM!

  1. 1. PEOPLEARETOLERANT *judgmental
  2. 2. *anyway PEOPLEAREJUDGING I need to go there anyways.
  3. 3. *a lot PEOPLEAREJUDGING I love him alot.
  4. 4. *places PEOPLEAREJUDGING This is one of the best place I have ever visited.
  5. 5. *I PEOPLEAREJUDGING He is taller than me.
  6. 6. *Your PEOPLEAREJUDGING You’re grammar has a lot of mistakes.
  7. 7. *than PEOPLEAREJUDGING You are definitely not smarter then I.
  8. 8. *took PEOPLEAREJUDGING I gave the final exam and got A+.
  9. 9. *dress sense PEOPLEAREJUDGING I hate her dressing sense.
  10. 10. *broadcast PEOPLEAREJUDGING Star Sports has already broadcasted this match a few times.
  11. 11. *affect PEOPLEAREJUDGING I don’t let my anger effect my decisions.
  12. 12. *reply PEOPLEAREJUDGING You really need to reply back soon.
  13. 13. *discussing PEOPLEAREJUDGING What are you guys discussing about.
  14. 14. *lose PEOPLEAREJUDGING Our team can’t loose all the matches.
  15. 15. *years ago PEOPLEAREJUDGING We had a discussion about this 10 years back.
  16. 16. *are PEOPLEAREJUDGING The data is stored in my hard drive.
  17. 17. *play PEOPLEAREJUDGING I love to read, write and playing.
  18. 18. *is PEOPLEAREJUDGING The number of students in the class are high.
  19. 19. *quite PEOPLEAREJUDGING I heard quiet a lot about this movie.
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