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BUET Admission Test - The Most Talked About Exam of the Country


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Design credit: Ziaus Shams (Pixel Crafter,10 Minute School)

As far as admission tests are concerned, knowing the exam structure is as important as the subject knowledge! So, here's an infographics presenting the BUET Admission Test in a nutshell. Cheers to acing one of the most important engineering entrance exams in the country!

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BUET Admission Test - The Most Talked About Exam of the Country

  1. 1. BUETBUET aDMISSION TESTaDMISSION TEST Bengali MediumBengali Medium SSC Minimum GPA 4.0 HSC Minimum GPA 5.0 Physics 5 Chemistry 5 Math 5 English 9/10+ Bangla 24out of 25 Grade Points English MediumEnglish Medium A-Level Minimum Grade A Math Chemistry Physics O-Level Minimum Grade B Math Chemistry Physics English Other 3Compulsory Subjects 5 Compulsory Subjects APPLICANT ELIGIBILITYAPPLICANT ELIGIBILITY Subject to change as per authority’s decision 9,000+ Applicants sit for the admission test 1,000 Get Selected 915 Engineering Students 30 URP Students 55 Architecture Students CSE (120) EEE (195) IPE (30) ChE (60) WRE (30) ME (180) CE (195) MME (50) Archi. (55)* URP (30) NAME (55) Subject Priority *Seperate ranking for Architecture students Subject priority changes according to demand THE COMPETITIONTHE COMPETITION THE EXAMTHE EXAM N0 MCQ 3 HOURS 600 MARKS 60 QUESTIONS 20 20 20 PHYSICS CHEMISTRY MATH According to the admission structure provided in 2014 What if BUET doesn’t happen? Alternatives with the same preparation Public Engineering institutes KUET, RUET, CUET, etc. IUT, AUST Similar Subjects Few Private Universities Similar subjects with variable pattern Science Units of Universities DU, RU, KU, etc. Additional English/Bangla/Bio section 2 1 3 Exam Date: Around November/December Venue: BUET Campus For More Information: Calculator allowed No negative marking 10 marks per question 10 10 10 8 - 12 lines space provided per solution 8-12 For Architecture applicants: Extra 2-hour long exam Free hand drawing 5 Questions 80 Marks Each Students up to 1100~1150 merit position get called for admission 1100 A waiting list of 540 students is published Applicants can sit for the exam only one time